9 November, 2007

Spain Abolishes Holocaust-Denial Law

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Great news. Of course, most “Holocaust deniers” aren’t deniers but questioners of Jewish nonsense [1][2]:


[1] the Leuchter Report about the Holocaust: [Here]

[2] examples of Holocaust nonsense: [Here]

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  7. 7 Responses to “Spain Abolishes Holocaust-Denial Law”

    1. Walter Ring Says:

      Spain has finally come to its senses again. Let us hope another Nationalist/Fascist regime follows. Hail Francisco Franco!

    2. Lutjens Says:

      Next step is throw those rat fink hooked noses the fuck out of their country and call upon every Euro leader to do the same – see how they react then :)

    3. Lutjens Says:

      Wonder what Jew Sarkozy and his crooked nose wifey next door is thinking about this right now…

    4. George De Vaus Says:

      Looks like Spain just became the new leader of the free world in the west. Lets hope that Europeans use their new freedom RESPONSIBLY and not recklessly.

    5. jimbo Says:

      ‘abolishing’ jooz would be better!…preferably ‘utilising’ very-fast-moving hunks of lead weighing apprxmtly 250grns each!

    6. robert williams Says:

      Now that they used this law to arrest Gerd Honsik (q.v.) just as Canada used a now overturned law to get Ernst Zundel (q.v.) I suppose that Spaniards want to look as normal as the bankers will let them.
      The important thing to learn from all this is how far the Jews are willing and able to go in obtaining even the smallest advantage. Many years ago there was some concern that the Soviet Union was making diamonds artificially by heating & compressing carbon. Experts from South Africa even went there to investigate (the gems allegedly produced in this way had a pale green tinge which only an expert could percieve, and they had peculiar edges). The general consensus however, was that nobody would be so wasteful as to dedicate such tremendous resources to such small end (though the technical feasability was acknowledged). I’m not truly concerned about the diamond story, but even so the reasoning used to make the story disappear was ludicrous. The Soviet Union was a Jewish country as most people now realize. The fall of Communism there in 1991 (19th August) was described by the Jewish editor of US News and World Report (Zuckerman, I think) as ‘the end of the promised land’. And in their planned Jewish economy normal market considerations, e.g. wastefullness, had no relevance. The same is true of this now overturned Spanish law. To the jews, and in their strategic planning, it makes perfect sense to oblige a nation’s legislature to waste its time & the citizens’ money on a law whose real scope may only be the elimination of a single persona non grata through a jurisprudentially sanctioned kidnapping. Then they add insult to injury by permitting the law’s revocation. Let’s hope though that we can still persuade our own highjacked congress to draft a law precluding in perpetuity all such repressive measures as this now discredited Spanish law. For make no mistake about it: “hate speech” is any statement that Jews don’t like.

    7. sgruber Says:

      Every jew is pure hatred in humanoid form. Jews ARE hate.