14 November, 2007

The “Achievement Gap Summit”

Posted by Socrates in egalitarianism, race, race science, Socrates at 4:46 pm | Permanent Link

Notice the mention of “regression to the mean”: [Article].

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  7. 3 Responses to “The “Achievement Gap Summit””

    1. sailer fan Says:

      “regression to the mean” may be a statistical artifact. Put another way, take a person and measure their IQ. If they measure 2 sd above the mean, the next time you measure their IQ the IQ score will tend to regression to the mean. Why?

      IQ has measurement error. A reported extreme value could reflect an actual value or an actual value + measurement error. See Lion de griffe for a more thorough description:

      My other objection concerns the nature of gene expression and dominance. Regression to the mean assumes that the expressed genes are recessive.

      Taylor may yet be right. To do so, recessive genes for intelligence would need to be found.

    2. Mark Says:

      The important aspect to regression to the mean is that the African or black mean is at least one standard deviation less than the white mean. Mr. Taylor does an excellent summation of why blacks will continue to fall short of whites, and Asians. Even successful blacks will have children that regress back to the ghetto. God is racist.

    3. sgruber Says:

      Some years ago during my racial education, a Carol on the Web statement struck me. No matter how smart Thomas Sowell is, she said, you still wouldn’t want him as a neighbor. Why not? Because no man is an island. Sowell or his equivalent has parents, he has children, he has cousins, he has other relatives – inevitably, because we are social animals, not isolated individuals. And those relatives (cousins and kids etc.) have friends, who are likely black. And they have “cousins” and friends, and so on.

      Note that every nigger prominent for being “good” (White acting) – like Bill Cosby, or Michael Jordan, for example – either nigs out, or has a relative or close associate who nigs out. The ghetto touches them all, and they bring the ghetto with them wherever they go.

      If a nigger saint moves in next to you, his kids ain’t saints. You can take that to the bank.

      “Regression to the mean”? How about just calling it TNB?