22 November, 2007

The Annapolis Meeting

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The meeting will be held on November 27, 2007. The world will then see whether Israel wants peace or not. Of course, Israel’s behavior during the past 50 years has shown that it doesn’t want peace but instead wants to be an entirely Jewish state, free of any Palestinians (who comprise 20% of Israel’s population) [1]:


[1] a mention of Israel rejecting peace opportunities with the Arab world (scroll about 1/3 down the page): [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Annapolis Meeting”

    1. Typical Holohoax Jew Criminal Says:

      Holocaust Hero Accused Of Scam

      By BRIAN SKOLOFF, The Associated Press

      Published: November 23, 2007

      PALM BEACH – In Eastern Europe during World War II, young Aron Bielski and his three older brothers mounted what was, by most accounts, the biggest armed rescue of Jews by Jews during the Holocaust.

      The Bielski brothers were acclaimed as heroes, and their exploits were chronicled in books, a documentary and a Hollywood movie coming out next year.

      Now, the sole surviving Bielski brother is being called something far different: a con man.

      Now 80 and known as Aron Bell, he has been arrested on charges of swindling a 93-year-old woman, a Catholic survivor of the Holocaust. Bell and his wife, Henryka, 58, are accused of tricking the old woman into giving them control of more than $250,000 in various bank accounts.

      According to police, the couple then convinced the woman they were taking her on a vacation to her native Poland, and instead put her in a nursing home there, returned to Palm Beach and spent her money, nearly every penny.

      The charges against the couple carry up to 90 years in prison…

    2. Tim Harris Says:

      Well Socrates, Ask yourself: why are these peace talks not held by the Swiss, in Zurich say? Or under UN auspices? Why is the USA always in the middle?

      I submit that the semites on both sides of the table want something much more than peace: a huge dole “to facilitate the path to peace bla bla” funded by the American taxpayer. For $10B they will shake hands, and for $40B they will gladly give each other a big juicy smack on the cheek.