20 November, 2007

The Next Important Supreme Court Case

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The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the city of Washington, D.C. can ban handguns. Make no mistake: this case, known as Heller v. District of Columbia, is an extremely important one. It will probably settle the question of whether the 2nd Amendment applies to individual citizens or only to militias. (Of course, most gun owners already know that it applies to both, since the words “militia” and “people” are both used in that amendment, and, the “people” were the militia in the founders’ era). How will the court rule in this case? If this was 1975, it would uphold the gun ban. But thankfully, the current court is slightly more conservative than liberal. Judging by how the court voted in the school diversity case in June 2007, it’s a good guess that the court will rule 5-4 against the gun ban. How would such a ruling affect America’s federal gun control laws, many of which were birthed by Jews? It would probably depend on the exact wording of such a decision [1][2]:


[1] about the school diversity case: [Here]

[2] more about American gun control laws: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “The Next Important Supreme Court Case”

    1. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      Guns … you can’t overthrow a corrupt government without them.

      I wonder why jews want to take them away?

    2. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      If the court rules against the ban, then we get a small respite. Unfortunately, kahnservativism as formulated in amerikwa today often serves the jew urge to disarm the Folk even without overt, categorical gun bans. Any time some kahnservative starts Oynking about “crime” and the need to prosecute some “spit on the sidewalk” offense as a felony, then the new category of felons have joined the growing ranks of the permanently disarmed here in the jewnited States. The smarter kikes themselves have taken to this kind of selective attack mode, as it allows THEM to KEEP GUNS while assuring that Folks who lack those vital kosher konnection will be found guilty as felons, and remain felonized once so tagged. And of all the bullshit witch hunt laws to disarm Aryan-american inmates today, none rob us of our weapons, disarm and rape us more effectively than the Puritan-pud-puller “War on Drugz.” Even those Aryans who haven’t been tagged as dopers here in Gulag Talmudistan almost certainly have at least one close relative who has been. All but the most trivial dope offenses, thanks to the kahnservatives, now include stiff, long term provisions to disarm the “offenders,” the vast majority of whom, NEVER commit any crime other than possession of contraband substance, including firearms, which are contraband for convicted dopers.

      My point here is that we should be extremely leery of using the “conservative=good” equivocation, or its converse “liberal=bad.” So long as the judeo-puritan theocracy status quo persists, it remains incumbent upon us as responsible Aryans to overthrow and exterminate this entire regime!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    3. jimbo Says:

      correct me if i’m wrong, but, from memory, the 2nd Amendment to the US constitution makes no mention what-so-ever of ‘felons’ being precluded from the owner-ship of fire-arms; as such: how can laws be enacted prohibiting ‘convicted felons’ from owning them?

      surely this would also be a valid point-of-constitutional law for the US Supreme Court to rule on?