18 November, 2007

“The West’s Deal With the Devil”

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Margolis says what other writers should have been saying decades ago [1]:


[1] according to the Zundelsite, Margolis is half-Jewish: [Here]

  • 5 Responses to ““The West’s Deal With the Devil””

    1. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      Stalin and his Jewish executioners mostly killed Christians and Whites, obviously these are not nearly as important of remembrance as when Jews and assorted Darfur denizens are terminated.

    2. sgruber Says:

      The jew religious book, the Talmud, says only jews are human. The rest of us are animals (goyim) to be used. Our deaths don’t matter. Click HERE on the Talmud. HERE is the Zundlesite. HERE a funny Anne Frank cartoon.

    3. Hengest Says:

      “He who defines, controls”.
      The mass media defines both what the news is, and what the herd thinks about it. That includes any commentary upon historical events.
      This is a no-brainer, for we all know who controls the mass media.
      Genocide in communist Russia? Down the memory hole with that. There is only the holocaust, holocaust, holocaust. Sleep, obey, consume.
      There’s niggerball on tv, beer in the fridge and plenty of easy women at the local bar. So sleep, obey, consume.

    4. John Smith Says:

      Easy women? Easy they might well be but alas, they are also as fat as fuck.

    5. Stronza Says:

      An interesting debate between the pro-Margolis crowd and “hyperbolus”. Doesn’t anyone there notice, though, that in Canada you are free to publicly discuss the Ukr. Starvation till the cows come home – but just try mentioning that maybe only, 5,900,000 of our Betters died in their holocaust…

      See you at the Tribunal!