27 November, 2007

Update on the Irving, Griffin Speeches at Oxford

Posted by Socrates in England, revisionism, Socrates, speeches, White leaders, White thought at 4:01 pm | Permanent Link

As usual, leftists disrupted a peaceful gathering: [Article].

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  7. 9 Responses to “Update on the Irving, Griffin Speeches at Oxford”

    1. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Notice in the article it says “denier” or “denial” of the holocaust instead of an unbiased word like “claims” there was no holocaust.

      Besides, where is the 6 million proof that all were gassed? Where are the autopsy reports to factually back this?

      But yet, the fantasy makers would rather tell tall tales that are quite contrary to the census reporting the amount of jews worldwide at the time and factual records that report that jews recklessly spouted the same number of jews died in WWI. Us non-jews can continue to feel guilty and look ignorant since we just only want to verbally rely what the jews say a holocaust existed even if it is widely a myth built upon lies and exaggerations. Even the most educated, instead of researching, will go along with verbal rants by jews who know nothing else but to deceive just to get their way and rule the world with their filthy supremacy, resulting in destruction and chaos for all non-jews.

    2. Aryan Awakening Says:

      A smelly, dirty, stinking assortment of freaks, weirdos, wannabe revolutionaires, marxist mob failed in itz. attempt to bully the Oxford Union into cancelling the debates with historian David Irving and British National Party leader Nick Griffin.

      One had to hold ones nose at the skanky nature of these ‘pillars of tolerance’, as they showed for all the world to see, the useless garbage that infects the British body politic.

      See history on how to deal with a Red mob!

      The Marxist parties saw the meeting as a declaration of war, and they were right. The NSDAP was about to invade their strongest districts. As Dr. Goebbels entered the hall, it has been closed for an hour by the police and was two-thirds filled with Red fighters. A Red rabble-rouser making provocative remarks in the hall was hauled out of the mob of his fellow believers by several SS men and brought to the stage. That was the sign for the Red mob to attack. What happened next was identical to what had happened more than five years earlier as the first Storm Troop unit earned its fame. Here too a tiny minority of fanatic National Socialists began what seemed a hopeless battle against a brutal Red force that shrank at nothing. They won in the end, enabling the further growth of the movement.

    3. sgruber Says:

      Dr Evan Harris, the Liberal Democrat MP due to join the debate, criticised Thames Valley Police for “failing to put a cordon around the Union”, allowing the protestors to barge through.

      “The failure of the police is outrageous,” he said[…] “The police have failed to provide for the safety of this event[…]The police imply that they don’t have enough resources to move people away from the perimeter or that it is not their job.”

      The elites sanction violence against political speakers with whom they disagree. Earlier the university et al. had warned students who wished to attend the event that their safety “could not be guaranteed” – an obvious threat that little or no police protection would obtain. They wanted and intended violence, they guaranteed a violent event. Remarkable how cops everywhere are nowhere to be found when certain people – WHITE PEOPLE – are victims.

    4. Stan Says:

      Some day those that would try to disrupt a White Man will find an equal number of folks willing to beat them to death the moment they open their foul commie mouths. Cops or no cops. I guarantee you that one or two times of those anti-racist freaks getting their asses whipped permenantly would turn them away from any future events.

    5. Sandor Says:

      “They wanted and intended violence, they guaranteed a violent event. ” – against whites – as is always the case.

      I’ve had this thought for awhile… They ensure that you will not have a gun at most events, and if you do, you’ll suffer financially and otherwise if you use it. At the same time, they are working day and night to ban guns. What happens when you take options away from millions of thinking, creative white people? They come up with an alternative. There will come a day when they’ll wish for the ‘good old days’ of guns, and that they never forced the creation of a much more deadly and less controllable alternative. What is it? What was the internet in 1985?

    6. no mercy Says:

      How about this for a title, hate crazed do gooding assholes who don’t know shit from a babyruth storm building to act like animals.

    7. sgruber Says:

      What interests me is the catch-22s Whites get caught by, such as

      1. Shut out of the professions by jews and diversity, then damned as no good because absent from the professions

      2. Forbidden to self-protect, then denied police protection

      3. Punished for being race-conscious, then punished for not promoting diversity well enough. (“There is no such thing as race, but we must have affirmative action.”)

      It’s a war of destruction – both cultural and otherwise – against White people. For the causes of it, go HERE (a link to Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s book The Culture of Critique in pdf).

    8. Marwinsing Says:

      Embrace your hate as you would love. What would day be without night? Blinding, tiring.

    9. Coup d'Etat Says:

      What would the world be without jews? There would be no oppression, no darkness for Whites. Nothing but freedom, away from the people who worship the low order; People of the low order who will no longer exist.