16 November, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – ***November 16th 2007***

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Friday FTL 11/16: “Into The Blue Bell Knoll” with Bud White and co-host Cygnet

Join me your co-host Bud White and first time co-host for Friday night Cygnet. Joining us later on in the program will be Mark in Cali aka Mishko Novosel.
We’ll be covering all things TJB including a Brooklyn Jew caught cheating at a Connecticut casino, a New York Jew who sued over his picture being taken, an 87 y/o former Nazi police officer ordered to be deported, a New York Jew busted in a $8 million investment fraud scam, plus a ton more of tjb reporting
Tunes start at 6:30 est
Talk starts at 7:30 est
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  • 14 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – ***November 16th 2007***”

    1. Truthteller Says:

      Cygnet is annoying – get that faggot off VNN Radio!

    2. GT Says:

      I’m not set up with skype to ask questions. Is there a telephone number?

    3. Pony Says:

      I’m with Mishko I’m not going anywhere. I love California

    4. cygnet Says:

      I wonder if Bud could be conditioned to evolve (just a little bit) whenever he hears a bell ring.

    5. saltriver Says:

      Keep this cygnet off your broadcast forever. He is a know- nothing asshole . I agree with mark from cali–2000 year old history is not the cure=all for today’s problems.Don’t listen to this would be philosopher. He reminds me of Nero quoting philosophy while Rome burns.

    6. Summer Says:

      cygnet – Do you own a pair of pom poms?

    7. Summer Says:

      cygnet – You say you wish you would’ve woken up a long time ago because it’s too late now. Too late to go back into the closet?

    8. Tim Harris Says:

      I think cygnet being a faggot would explain his lilting tone and self-worship; however, absent specific evidence I would never assume someone was one.

      However, if you listen carefully, there is very little that would contradict that he is an infiltrating jew. Not just the whiny voice and self-adjulation, but also the Lip, the pseudo-intellectualism, the creation of mindless rabbit-trails, changing the subject without warning, the obviously fake anti-Christ story, etc etc…

    9. StuGavin Says:

      Cygnet is not a faggot, yes he’s a little nerdy but does it matter? White Nationalism is open to a variety of people, not simply the captain of the football team.

    10. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:


      s/b self-adjewlation

      These misspellings will be the end of us yet. . .

    11. Der Arbeiter Says:

      Cygnet sounds exactly like Soren Renner.

      Mark in Cali gibbered lots of nonsense today (re: Pavlov and Darwin) and too loosely flung the FUCK word in Renner’s general direction. That’s a bad combo, being wrong and cursing the other guy out.

    12. tennyson Says:

      can’t you get a more seasoned co-host?
      where the hell is geoff beck? or alex linder?

      they have to deal with cygnet alot in this episode.
      he is gumming up the works and it reflects in bud whites
      i could do alot better then this guy(cygnet). I am a specialist on the glories of the multicult and diversity…

    13. Ernest Says:

      Cygnet made some good points, but talking over and insulting other hosts, constantly getting off point, and either being very immature or having insecurity issues is inexcusable. Cygnet said that he wanted to find intellectual people to stand up for our Race; I say that’s a great idea. Find them, and ask them to come on VNN. But, at this time I would ask you not to go on yourself because you do more harm than good.

      I’m no expert on history, but I think that before every successful revolution people had to do three things. Talk, plan, and prepare. When I say plan I don’t mean plan violence, I mean how best to win over the hearts and minds of the people. Right now we are trying to win over the most courageous, and responsible members of our Race, later it will be all the rest.
      Because of the power of the government I don’t think that patriots will shoot first. I think the first shots that will be fired will be by our oppressive and tyrannical regime. Criminal governments always have, and always will take the first shot. What happens after that will depend upon the patriot’s response.

    14. Not Sure Says:

      Just listened to this today. Cygnet had no business on the show. Honestly, he sounded like a jew anti putting us all on. It could be he’s just a retard, but I will no longer trust this man. His pleas for attention were not worthy of a White man.

      James was fantastic and Bud White was solid. They make a good team.