9 November, 2007

VNNB Free Talk Live – ***November 9th 2007***

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Join me your co-host Bud White and our special guest caller Alex Linder. Alex will be discussing Nicholas Stix and his coverage of the knoxville murders as well as fake swazis at GWU. We’ll be covering all things TJB including Hilary Clinton’s unpublicized trip to Lakewood New Jersey, a $155 million dollar aid package approved for Israel by congress, Polish “nazi” harassed by NY jew assembleyman, Orthodox Jew Mukasey named as US attorney general, plus a ton more of tjb reporting.

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Talk starts at 7:30 est
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  • 4 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – ***November 9th 2007***”

    1. Casual Visitor Says:

      Nicholas Strakon has this to say in his latest emailing:

      — At VDare, Nicholas Stix offers an extensive
      assessment of a certain black-on-white atrocity that
      Minitrue has smudged out: “The Knoxville Horror:
      Crime, Race, the Media, and ‘Anti-Racism.'” Stix
      takes a little detour into Jewish matters, but it’s
      probably necessary, given the awkward involvement, in
      the protests, of Alex (“No Jews, just right”) Linder.


    2. krrpt Says:

      (I posted in the forum as well)

      I had an unpleasant experience last night trying to join in on the Skype chat for FTL. I’ve listened to the show for a while now and though it might be fun to interact with the folks doing it. Well, within seconds of popping in I was called an antifa and banned from the chat. After contacting one of the folks in there to explain I was an infrequent poster to the forums (Mark in Cali, who I confused with Mark Faust at first), I got some cryptic message “OH SHIT I REMEMBER YOU – BYE”. I tried to follow up with a PM to figure out what that was about, but to no avail. This sure as hell mystified me since I have never had any interaction with him ever.

      I understand the concern with keeping people out who are bent on coming in to screw up the chat but you folks sure seem excessively paranoid. I walked away confused and somewhat disheartened by this treatment. What about fostering a sense of community? If the goal here is to grow the WN community then that sort of insular cliquishness might turn some folks away. I suggest either using a bit more restraint before booting folks out or don’t publicize the chat at all since that is an open invitation to participate.

      A+ on the show. D- on community building.

    3. Rick Says:

      …about 15 min’s into the show. What’s so funny to you people? It amazes me how you can giggle and hi-five each other.
      The only reason I’m listening is because you advertised Alex Linder coming on. He’s not here, yet, and I can’t stand listening to you anymore.

      The FTL days off Geoff Beck were golden, indeed.

    4. Kike Herder Says:

      Does it say “Cars for Kikes? No, it doesn’t”. – Classic.

      I miss Geoff Beck as well, however, Bud White, even solo, is nothing to sneeze at. Bud is carrying the flag further down the field. You can still hear Geoff on his blog, Stateline Star.