13 December, 2007

Book “Sex and Power in History”

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Why does feminism exist in Western society? Sure, our Jewed media culture promotes it as “legitimate,” but the sad fact is that White men allow feminism to exist within their personal relationships. For example, “career women” are indeed feminists – especially the ones who married well and therefore don’t need to work outside of the home. Their anti-family agenda is just as harmful to White culture as the Jews and the Blacks are. Yet few White men utter a word of complaint as their wives trot off to work every day. “Sex and Power in History” seems like a good read, and it can still be found despite its out-of-print status [1]:


[1] more about feminism: [Here]

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    1. leeluttrel Says:

      Men who support feminism are “Pre-OP Transexuals” Their balls are completely worthless, so they are just hanging around until somebody cuts them off.