19 December, 2007

“Bush’s New Spin Master a Lame Duck?”

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If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Glassman will become Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs [1]:


[1] Glassman mentioned as being Jewish: [Here]. (White House chief-of-staff Joshua Bolten is also Jewish)

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  7. 6 Responses to ““Bush’s New Spin Master a Lame Duck?””

    1. honkey tonk man Says:

      “You want it back white man?
      ………Then your going to have to kill for it!”

      ….Every race,…every non-white tribe…. every street gang… has their own gang or mafia except you white man.
      … You get zero power or respect in the real world until you are feared!
      The future belongs to the fanatics……!!!
      …..Pray for this mother-fucker to come down because economic chaous is the white mans way out……

      ……The cops are just another gang in the “New America”

    2. Stan Says:

      Gee really? Another kike appointed by brown-nose Bush?

      I agree with you Honkey Tonk Man. Until Whites form a merc army and press the White agenda through whatever it takes, we will just be sitting ducks to the sea of browns, kikes and gooks.

      I have been feeling that the time for talk is well past. I want to make a difference in this battle but I also feel like why should I bother when 9 out of 10 Whites don’t even deserve the sacrifice.

    3. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Healthy, correct attitudes showing here! Let suck-butt Bush resort to another kosher cue-card holder for him! The greater the gulf between the jew government and Aryan Folk on this continent, then the easier it will be for our Folk to organize our much needed death squads to start exterminating the jew government stooges, and their whores, AND THEIR LITTLE GENETIC DICKWEEDS AND VAGINAL DISCHARGES!!!! WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST! DEATH TO UNCLE SCHMUEL!!!! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!


      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris
      ARYAN! NOT milksop “white”
      HUMAN! not suck jew-weenie american

    4. MB Says:

      Hopefully the beautiful but clueless little blonde will come to work for the Paul administration.

    5. Final Soultion NWO Says:

      Bi-sexual silver spoon lying murderer Bush is a carpetbagger yankee Lincolnite Marxist and we know Lincoln was the original neocon who premeptively attacked the real America created by for and in the south before it was stole by the northern scalawags run by jews. Bush is the only known real immaculate conception being farted from either daddys or mommys asshole after anal sex procreated a sperm and turd into this piece of shit in the WH although noone really seems to know who has the real cock here as they both resemble a male and a female.
      The real problem here is the south was conned into jew brokered slavery that was the biggest mistake ever since jews used their fiction book to justify servants with the cursed nigger race of Ham as the jews wrote. This opened the door for the bacteria germ jungled race to enter the chosen European white race in a seemingly harmless innocent way but the truth is this is how evil with satans children always begins since wasnt it the dead jew peasant messiah who called his own leaders liars murderers and children of satan who do the work of their father in hell? So what the hell has changed?
      Using the jew books I and II that spun off xianity and sand nigger religion islam thus all the world problems we clearly see the stage set for the conquest of the planet once they hiacked the supreme superior white European race over the next 2000 yrs eventually returning to their little shithole of bee honey eaters and goat milk drinkers they got from being slaves to the sand nigger Egyptians who technically as a borderline part of the white race.
      Anyone who believes all the fucking bullshit in those 2 books since amazingly these 2 books have the incredible capacity to inspire super bullshit to occur as has been seen for the past 2000 yrs and mainly the past 500 yrs after the original jewed xian church of Rome split off with German jewed Luther and they sailed to the new world of the west to procreate the current new bullshit protesters who were good only in the south as segregationists to a point until recent times when jews and niggers took over it too thanks to some cunthead 150 yrs ago inspired by Marx.
      The new cunthead in the WH shows his true colors of red and shit brown after being directed to keep quiet so 911 could occur in order to use to attack all the sand niggers and the conclude the jewnig final conquest of the planet after taking over the Africanized Amerikwa.
      Southerners were always the true party of conservatism and antiniggerism but became duped again in the 60s and moved the cunthead GOP thinking they were escaping the nigger but in fact falling into the neojew party of cuntheads trap and the rest has been history although we know democrackheads are no better since we the jew always operated from a position of winning and losing and profits on both like he does as a wall st broker making money selling and buying.
      Jews aka satans childrens using their own terminoglogy that have duped 2 billion worldwide including the islamic idiot sand niggers who are also duped with their spinoff, are in the drivers seat owning all nations now including the shithole called Kwa where misegenation is rampant reverting to a one human shit race again that jews wrote had failed and was destroyed in a big flood as a new world order with 3 new races was created never to remix according the the jew books they dont even believe.
      In the end the white race is being taken down and eradicated using the weaker whites under the influence brainwash of the jew poison lethal injection than includes the mixing of nigger blood as cunthead to turn them into animals who kill rob burn loot and rape white females causing scientists to declare any white with 1% nigger blood a bonified nigger and unworthy of the white race.
      Today after 150 yrs of cuntheadism aka neoconism aka GOPism we clearly the detriction of the white race worldwide as the Lincoln war as used as a catalyst for the coming 20th century and eradication 50% of the white race using the jew Hitler con trickery and theft of Palestine to direct the atheism of Amerikwa in everything from jewnigged schools to jewnigged sports etc.
      Southern pure bred whites must therefore unite to solve the problem and eradicate the imposters posing as southerners like the carpetbagger yank Bush Crime Family since we know the jew snake infiltrate as a spy and then destroys from the inside out.
      We know the 50 million yanks who have moved south to infiltrate are all jewnig tools.
      In the end the southern pure whites of the real America and their counterparts in southern Europe all numbering only 500 million with 100 million being the pure bred white elite rulers and the 400 million the 60% worker proletariat subordinates will have to wipe out 7 billion inferiors to make earth a 100% white chosen race only. Included in the 7 billion dead with be all non-white jews nigs spics yellows reds chinks and fags pagans and jew atheists among other oddities. The new earth will be 100% white.
      The new world order of 500 million will be split with the ruling white elite 100 million and divided evenly on all 4 major continents where 25 million elite and 100 million workers will live and become self sustaining. The 4 continents are Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. These will be 100% white as the creator fucked up 2 times so he cannot be allowed a 3rd strike. This is where the white race must take control of the world situation since it is always darkest before the dawn.
      There can be no misegenation between the upper white elite and lower 60% white underclass but both will live sucessfully in their white world aka heaven as directed eternally and incredible advancements will be made including space travel at interdimensional speeds of a trillion mph to connect to the millions of other earth out there far advanced and ahead having solved their race problems the same way millions of yrs ago.
      This is the only way. There are no alternatives. The neocon creator fucked up a 2nd time and the superior supreme white elite but correct this problem once and for all. While it was agreed the oroginal mixed one single human race was a mistake and being wiped out was the correct solution the creator fucked up by not making the new species of humans 100% white and now we see the terrible results. This is why the new pure clean race will be overseeing the new world order and destroying the 2nd big mistake and making the world 100% white as it should be with the elite upper and lower white classes for ruling and working society puposes.
      Those in the elite 100 million white know who they are. Those in the lower 60% white of 400 million know who they are.
      The time has come to reversal and the final new world order of whiteness only and the true Master Race elite to take over for eternity not this fake lie of jew Hitler degrading the white race with his false bogus war that killed 60 million whites and allowed the satanic children to rule with the GOP demon cuntheads.

    6. Anti Hate Says:

      Wow what hate you people spew. Take a long hateful look in the mirror and then tell me whats wrong with this country.