10 December, 2007

Feed (12/10/07)

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Thank you, blacks and women. Without you protecting us from imaginary terrorists 8,000 miles away, where would we be? Notice the similarity between this army video commercial and college commercials: both make special points of not featuring White males, even though it is White males who do the vast, vast, vast bulk of the intellectual and military heavy lifting. Note also that army recruitment ads are the one set of commercials — apart from those devoted to solutions for embarrassing physical problems like ‘ED’ or incontinence — in which White males are the stars to the exclusion of the ‘traditionally excluded.’ All the work, none of the credit. How’s that working out for ya, Whitea AmeriKwan? Do you realize that the world stop running when you sit down? GOOD FOR JEWS, BAD FOR YOU. Jews delight in writing White males out of the equation. Take Disney’s plot to supersede the character of Christopher Robin on My Friends Tigger & Pooh. They decided to replace him gradually with a six-year-old girl named Darby. A White man writes the story, creates the character, creates the company, creates the technology – the jew steals them all and turns them to perverse profit, commericial and political.

Central Bank

WN should pay attention to and learn from Deep Woodsy, who now does to Alexander Hamilton what he did to Dishonest Abe. Central banking serves as a way to steal from the people via inflation. The process is lied about or simply not covered by the mass media, which are themselves regulated and tied by interest to the same class that set up the Fed. As always the claim is the opposite of the truth. The Fed does not stabilize money, it destabilizes it. Printing money at whim, it dilutes the purchasing power of the currency. Pretty soon you need a wheelbarrow for your bread-money. Central banking, like central media, is another aspect of centralized political power, which is necessary for a tiny elite to control a large mass. Hence, jews favor central banking. And predictably, they will search back through history to elevate figures pushing their line. Hamilton becomes a good guy because he favored central banking, just as Lincoln becomes a good guy because he destroyed federalism.

Ideas for Whites

LewRockwell.com is the main libertarian site on the ‘Net. It has initiated a series of letters in which people write group-specific appeals on behalf of Ron Paul, who affects to scorn groupism as collectivism, and racialism as an especially nasty branch thereof. Nevertheless, letters have been written by LRC writers to Arabs, Muslims, Catholics, jews, Protestants, and Mormons. But no one has written an Open Letter to Whites. This presents a perfect opportunity for White nationists to take advantage of. Ron Paul’s true and main appeal IS to Whites – whether he acknowledges this fact or not. American Whites have sought a voice for fifty years, but always before they’ve been put off by the Republicans, who have tricked and seduced them. In the age of the Internet, liars and frauds and shills can be seen for what they are. That is what’s driving the Paul Phenomenon. If Paul were treated fairly by the mass media, he’d win by a landslide. The mass media being handmaidens of the central government, or Zionist Occupied Government, they’ll do everything they can to defeat him. After all, the free association he advocates would destroy their holy of holies, the forced integration that results in 40,000 White women being raped by blacks each year. And his foreign policy of minding our own business, so American-American that it traces right back to the father of our country, would put paid to the Israel-first warmongering favored by the jews currently occupying our government. Join the fray, White writers! Why speak in codes when we are free men? The basis of liberty is racial. Racism is merely a judeo-communist smear for White pride and self-defense. It is interesting, is it not, that the self-styled friends of freedom have no interest in the uses to which their individualist charges put that freedom. Whites want to live with Whites. This is recognized by our enemies; they coined ‘white flight’ to stigmatize it. Again, why speak in codes? We want a White nation. We demand a White nation. We do not need parasites and savages – they need us.

Serbia Says FU to EU

No deals on Kosovo.

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  7. 18 Responses to “Feed (12/10/07)”

    1. saltriver Says:

      It’s great to see Alex back. You were sorely missed. Stay white and give “em Hell.

    2. Newe Dutch Says:

      Central banking, like central media, is another aspect of centralized political power, which is necessary for a tiny elite to control a large mass. Hence, jews favor central banking.


    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      Alex—Good to see you back in action.

      Some trivia: Albert Gallatin’s real name was Galatini. Italian Swiss, with banking connections to the same.

      Our Federal Reserve System was setup to be a decentralized national banking system. You can make a good case for the original Federal Reserve being a creation of hardcore Jeffersonian democrats & Ku Klux Klansmen.

      The problem we have today is that the jews in the Fed are skewing the decision making process. Part of this is being caused by the destruction of the Glass-Stegal in the late 1990’s. Destroying Glass-Steagal permitted banks to sell equities. Now it is in the banks direct interest to pump up the equities. So the the Glass Stegal brake on the jews has been removed. Now it is lower rates and pump up the equity (stock) markets.

      I’m pretty convinced that the jews can screw up anything—Fed or No Fed.

      Btw, I hope everyone remembers to send you a few dollars for VNN—your service is vital.

    4. Kaltenbrunner Says:

      The “Soldiers” ad was nauseating, isn’t “reality” perfect on the Talmud Vision. If only the jUS army had consisted of these Simians and Dykes at Normandy ! There would still be a First World in Europe ! (Not to exaggerate the quality of the US troops in 44, they were clearly not as well trained or motivated, and without the Red hordes would have lost they butts anyway, but they could submit to a reasonable degree of deprivation and discipline – unlike the muli cult wimps and thugs in today’s Imperial Army).

    5. Newe Dutch Says:

      Our Federal Reserve System was setup to be a decentralized national banking system. You can make a good case for the original Federal Reserve being a creation of hardcore Jeffersonian democrats & Ku Klux Klansmen.

      More disinformation from the dipshit.

    6. sgruber Says:

      Hey, why is the title “Feed”? What are we, chickens?


      But seriously, this comment is especially thought-provoking:

      It is interesting, is it not, that the self-styled friends of freedom have no interest in the uses to which their individualist charges put that freedom. Whites want to live with Whites.

      Be careful messing with Libertarianism. The mental stain of jew Alissa Rosenbaum (“Ayn Rand”) often does not come out quickly, and that stain is anti-White and forms the basis of much of modern Libertarianism. Of course, if much of the LP platform were put into place, the black jelly beans would sink back to the bottom of the bag (remember that?) – which is terrific – but immigration would explode – and jewish anti-national economics (billionaire oligarchs sucking blood from a vast populace of rooked investors) would prevail…

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    7. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      What Rand could say was limited by Her jew publishers- Her 1963 RACISM article was pure PC. However, Little Kike Peikoff got ahold of all of Rand’s unpublished material, and decided to publish. This includes material that was never intended to be published, such as the journals of ayn rand.

      Here is the unvarnished opinion of ayn rand on inferior beings:

      from Journals of Ayn Rand, paperback, 1999. pp 466-467)

      “Man’s intellectual capacities have always been so unequal that to the thinkers the majority of their brothers have always seemed sub-human. And some men may still be, for all the evidence of rationality, or lack of it, that they give. We may still be in evolution, as a species, and living side by side with some “missing links.”
      [. . .]

      We do not know to what extent the majority of men are now rational. (They are certainly far from the perfect rational being, and all the teachings they absorb push them still further back to the pre-human stage.) But we do know that mankind as a whole and each man as an individual has a chance to survive abd succeed only to the degree of their general and individual intelligence. That is all a rational man can deal with, count on or be concerned with. Let him, without wondering about actual numbers or percentages of intelligence in others, act on the basis of “addressing himself to intelligence”- and he will win. And he will find that he does not have to fear stupidity. (Most men are now rational beings, even if not too smart; they are not pre-humans incapable of rstional thinking; they can be dealt with only on the basis of free, rational consent.)

      If it’s asked; what about those who are still pre-human, or near enough to it, and incapable of rationality as a method to guide their lives? What if such do exist among us? The answer is: nothing. Their way of living is not ours; in fact, they have no way of living, no method or means of survival- except through imitating us, who have acquired the human method and means. Leave us to our way of living, man’s way- freedom, individual independence- and we’ll carry them along by providing them an example and a world of safety and comfort such as they can never quite grasp, let alone achieve.

      We do this- but even if we didn’t, so what? If those creatures incapable of rational existence are sub-human, are we to sacrifice ourselves or be sacrificed to them? Are we to descend to their level? Are we to make them the goal of our existence, and service to them our only purpose? If these pre-humans are incapable of rational thinking and of independence, and therefore need an enslaved, controlled, regimented, “protective” society in order to survive- we cannot survive in such a society. By definition, we are then two different species. Their requiremments are different than ours. they’ll perish without us, anyway. But we will not be sacrificed to them. We will live in freedom whether or not others will or can live that way.

    8. Alex Linder Says:

      If the first thing people do with their all-important freedom is race to set up race-exclusive communities, and if racism is the ugliest form of collectivism, then… wtf would anyone want to waste time with libertarianianism. “I want everybody to be free…so they can do bad things I don’t like.” Huh? But that is precisely Ron Paul’s position.

    9. Alex Linder Says:

      I call it feed cuz it has to be called something, and to use spintros would be self-conscious and pretentious. Spintros is the name I coined for this type of writing, but the rawness is lost if everything has to become formal and staid. The whole point of this stuff is to spark ideas and make new associations. No encrustations of regularity!

    10. sgruber Says:

      By “pre-human” jew Rosenbaum meant “irrational,” and by “irrational” she meant anyone who thought differently from her on a given subject. You are probably assuming she meant niggers. How do you know she didn’t mean White goyim?

      In the same Journals, and around the same time, she reports on (very probably White) students uttering such things as “I’m motivated by my feelings” and damns them as incorrigibly irrational and (given the tone) “pre-human” as well. Since she doesn’t refer to race in any of this material, though, it’s impossible to tease out what she really meant, other than what she plainly said about “irrational” vs. “rational.”

      Everything she wrote specifically on race (immigration, jews, niggers, “proposition nation,” etc.) is 100% out of the mouths of her fellow jews whom Dr. Kevin MacDonald quotes in The Culture of Critique. Since I threw out her books years ago, I don’t have her most telling quotes to hand; but with effort, I could recall and cite them here. It’s simply not worth the effort. The one I recall without effort is her claim in a Q&A that anyone can boost his IQ by 150 points, if he wills it.

      The poison of jew gurus (on the “right” or “left”) is their alien ways of thinking and their intrinsic malice for our ways. With which jew Rosenbaum’s Scientology-level bullshit is replete. Individualism is simply divide and conquer to the kike.

    11. sgruber Says:

      No encrustations of regularity! “Colonic” may be a good title.

    12. Summer Says:

      “both make special points of not featuring White males”

      Of course not. Why would they. Don’t you remember white males are pansies!?! I thought we all knew that. White men are good for nothing pansies who us white woman can dress up like dolls and have them act like that gay man we always wish we could have for a best friend but some other stupid white broad snatched him up before I could!

      *rolls eyes*

      Yeah remember what the jews taught us about our white men and women.

      White men are good for nothing pansies who will never protect you, are not good fathers, will molest his own kids if he changes the childs diapers and likes to dress in pink and loves wearing makeup. Oh yeah and has no backbone left to control his women.

      And …

      White women are stupid whores, good for nothing dimwits who’s only contribution in society is her vagina for every race of man in the world and a new nude photo for playboy. Oh yeah and becoming a dyke! White women are stupid, useless, not good mothers, not good wives, cheaters, money hungry, snobby, no moral bitches who are stronger and are better in everything than the white man.

      *rolls eyes*

      Jews promote feminist bullshit in all army commercials. Yet get one out on the filled and she wil be screaming and running away like the sissy she is. White women have no business in politics or warfare. That is what white men are for. Protection. Women protect the kids and household. Men protect his family and his country.

      Damn kikes always have to ruin everything for us. Not one thing is promoted anymore that has to do with white culture or even promotes anything useful for us.

      Oh yeah can’t forget to add that the “strong, big, non pussy real man” is none other than that nigger who just raped your daughter and burglarized your parents house, he is what real man is, you should marry him white woman. Idiots. Scumbags.

      White men should take a stand and join NO army other than the Russian army. Hell that way the minorities will be the ones getting killed off and white men will at least be the survivors.

    13. Summer Says:

      Need to make corrections sorry…

      “Yet get one out on the field and she will be screaming and running away like the sissy she is.”

    14. apollonian Says:

      Forces Of Anti-Semitism Can Sharpen Rhetoric Even Yet
      (Apollonian, 12 Dec 07)

      Ron Paul, who seeks to remove Fed counterfeit scam (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Fed fraud/conspiracy), is in danger of being assassinated, obviously, by Judeo-conspirators (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy). Hence Paul must mobilize the people–just for his own protection.

      And the volk must not lose Ron Paul, such outstanding hero-figure for anti-semitic movement, similar to Ernst Zundel (see Zundelsite.org) for sentimental appeal.

      Thus rhetoric must be enhanced for poignancy purposes–removing vague abstractions–so that even broadest masses of volk can understand grim and urgent situation political-cultural.

      Hence forget “inflation”–as it’s too abstract. “Diminishing value of US Dollar”–also, is far toooooooo abstract, hence vague and susceptive of confusion (“spin”) sown by Jews and cohorts.

      Thus necessary term to use to avoid abstractness and confusion then is “COUNTERFEIT SCAM”–or just “counterfeiting.” “Counterfeiting” thus TAKES THE ISSUE OUT OF THE MERE ABSTRACT and makes it tangible and subject of DIRECT PERCEPTION so EVERYONE CAN NOW UNDERSTAND with Apollonian clarity. Problem then is understood for what it is–a bunch of criminals, frauds–COUNTERFEITERS, again–this doesn’t take “rocket science” to understand as there’s nothing too complex.

      “‘Power’ of AIPAC”?–is money, funds, mooooooolahhhhh–which then provides bribery and extortion by which assassins are paid, proxies for MOSSAD MURDER-INC.

      Where then does AIPAC’s moooooolahhhhhh originate?–fm that original source, the fraud scam–that COUNTERFEIT scam.

      Thus it’s Ron Paul against counterfeit conspirators, backed by Judeo-conspirators and Jews, queers, and bolshevik elements of all particular races, greatest single faction (numbers-wise) being the “Judeo-Christian” (JC–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref. on JC heresy) retarded dupes and heretics, who think Jews and Christians are same in basic religion and for object of worship, etc.

      Thus Jews have successfully mobilized such large sector of perverts along w. retards and moron population who believe things styled w. attractive-type hype and repeated endlessly on “Jews-media” (see Natall.com, “Who Rules America?” for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly).

      The other rhetorical opportunity is to emphasize Christianity is SUPPOSED to be anti-semitic (anti-Talmud), as at Gosp. MARK 7:1-8, this simple info driving neatest wedge into that delusional “Judeo-Christian” alliance or collusion, or whatever (conspiracy at topmost levels, surely).

      CONCLUSION: Note again cultural anti-semitic foundation/potential is growing steadily–people yearn for anti-semitism as they yearn for a way out of present confusion and demoralization; VNN and all patriots must enhance and exploit such anti-semitism w. most positive PROSECUTION making use of sharpest, most incisive rhetoric. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    15. Steve Says:

      Alex said: “I want everybody to be free…so they can do bad things I don’t like.” Huh? But that is precisely Ron Paul’s position.”

      True, but yet his extreme individualism is a useful anti-thesis to the overly socialized system. More widespread self-segregation might be another thing Ron doesn’t like, and yet that’s another component of freedom. Bottom line: his policies would enable us to naturally restore America to a White nation, since all we have lacked in doing it in the past was more local power untouched by the federal govt.

    16. Carpenter Says:

      Obviously Ron Paul hits way off the mark, but the one thing that can’t be denied is that he is not part of the establishment. If he were elected president he wouldn’t be able to do much, but his campaigners show people that it is possible to fight the establishment. That is worth something. And if he were elected, nationalists would have more freedom to go about their way. Unintended consequence perhaps, or something Paul secretly hopes for – I don’t believe he is “anti-racist”, that’s just something he says to please the media. But it doesn’t matter. If he really would get around to demantling the state a bit, it would give more room for Whites to act, no matter what his intentions.

    17. sgruber Says:

      Oh no, Apollonian is back.

      Hal’s comments site just went fee-only. That’s why Appy washed back up here, methinks.

      Or should I phrase that as…

      CONCLUSION: Hal’s “cmmts” site just went fee-only. That’s why Appy washed back up here, methinks. Death to the head and honest erections.

    18. Carpenter Says:

      Oh no, Apollonian is back.

      Hal’s comments site just went fee-only. That’s why Appy washed back up here, methinks.

      Or should I phrase that as…

      CONCLUSION: Hal’s “cmmts” site just went fee-only. That’s why Appy washed back up here, methinks. Death to the head and honest erections.

      Thus Fed counter-feit scam must be exposed. CONCLUSION: Thus Fed counter-feit scam must be exposed.