5 December, 2007

Hanukkah vs. Chanukah

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Ask anyone over age 50 if they ever heard the word “Chanukah” when they were growing up. The odds are that they didn’t. It was called “Hanukkah” back then. Why is it often called “Chanukah” today? It’s hard to say, but here’s one guess: the Jews know that “Chanukah” looks and sounds closer to “Christmas” than “Hanukkah.” That makes Hanukkah, and the Jews, seem a little less “alien” to gentiles. (The term “Judeo-Christian,” rarely heard before World War II, works the same way) [1]:


[1] Jews excuse the recent change by saying that “Chanukah” is similar to how “Hanukkah” sounds when spoken in Hebrew

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  7. 17 Responses to “Hanukkah vs. Chanukah”

    1. Slobodan Says:

      Alex, I’ve been reading VNN since 2002, and I greatly admire you, but you are really grasping at straws here.

      There are over a dozen spellings for the name of that bloodthirsty holiday. None of them look any less foreign than any of the others.

      Do yourself a favor, pick up “The Story of Language” by Mario Pei.

    2. Billy Daniels Says:

      Quite right, Alex. There is nothing so subtle or so slight that, if it advances their agenda, it will not be done. Or if it advances our agenda, it should be done.


      My friends and I look at the type of thing you describe as a tiny sliver in the tikkun olam (healing the world) program which refers only to Jewish interests and is, in fact, what many people characterize as an attempt to dominate. Well, those people are correct except it is a Jewish drive to subordinate our mental map and our social order, and replace them with theirs. It won’t satisfy them of course, but discussing Jews as compulsively carrying out tikkun olam (healing the word for themselves) is an easier pill for onlookers to swallow. Global domination is hard to grasp, but their daily pushing & nudging & smearing to demean those aspects of our world that we like (from Christmas trees to freedom of association) is something that everyone can understand and which can be explained from a news item in almost every daily paper.


      Somehow we need an entirely new vocabulary to emerge, and a good starting point would be to fight Jewish naming and describing of us. My friends and I believe that until you can talk back, you can’t fight back. So many, many plans are put forward that want us to start at the summit of understanding and reasoning….let’s start with simple things that haven’t been made into red flags already, and tikkun olam is a great one to explain.

    3. Der Arbeiter Says:

      The Hanukkah to Chanukah change isn’t done to appease Christians, but to impose the Jewish pronunciation as their power increases yet further.

      Chanukah does sound more like Hebrew. It’s also unpronounceable by goyim, unlike the “H” version. Just like all these ridiculous new indigenous words such as Zimbabwe instead of “Rhodesia”, etc, ocurring there and in South Africa.

      In other words, I believe the opposite of “Socrates”: they used the original H-version to appease Christians when they were weaker.

    4. 2050 Says:

      der arbeiter you may just be right.
      either way it does show the whole tikkun olam thing to be pushing and nudging right along.

    5. AmericaFirst Says:

      Driving the other day I turned on the radio for the weather on the hour news, and heard ABC radio news state the candles are being lit at the Whore House and the pukahanaqu was now started.

      Oy, yeah 2 percent of the population.

    6. Olde Dutch Says:

      Cha-nu-kha. As in the jews are going to “nu-kha” the gentile world.

    7. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Oy Vey! What’s the matter with everyone here? Where’s the spirit of Christmas when you can blast the jewish words Happy Hanukkah or Happy Chanukah all over the TV and in public places? Thanks to the jewish ACLU removing nativity scenes and making the word “Christmas” illegal, they have paved the way for the jewish take-over at Christmas. I mean, to prevent the jewish guilt reminding them of the millions of White Christians massacred, words like these have to replace the old White tradition of “Merry Christmas.” Gees, don’t you people know anything?

      Happy Hanukkah or Happy Chanukah means guilt-free jews who don’t have to remember they massacred millions of White Christians. That’s all those jewish words mean, nothing more nothing less. Got it?

    8. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      Hanukkah or Chanukah? This simply represents more jew media/mind control. It’s much like the progression and renaming of nigger to negro, black, or African-American. New ways to spell a word is attention getting and demands another chunk of your mind. It is controlling in that if one fails to speak or write in the way our oppressors demand we are labeled and dismissed as stupid, old fashioned or racists. Get with it Whitey! It’s the latest thing, don’t you know…

    9. sgruber Says:

      Everywhere we go we see H/Chanukah. We see Bar Mitzvahs. We see jews, jews, jews all day. Then we are expected to believe they are 2% of the population?

      There is a solution to the jewish problem.

    10. AmericaFirst Says:

      In all 50 states now tell me where ONE county is with out enemy alien jus or Mongols from our amigo lands. One county with out them on a school board, chameber of commerce or at the county fairground giving Bagel making instructions alone with b.s. and polling the folks stupid enough to be there. I don’t care to listen, but ju’s are blantly on talk radio all day and evening stirring up hate for us too.

      Post on here where there are no jews in one county, if one exists it might be in Alaska.

      Some one repost how we got state police in 1933 by FDR’s order, did not know that did you?

    11. DMS Says:

      Does this mean I can say “Heil Chitler” without the jews complaining?

    12. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      I’m glad someone removed your posts, yeuuh. I don’t want or need any more ersatz education about the chosen from a self-centered jew.
      I’ve had my posts and comments removed from jew-dominated sites such as amren for quite some time now. So, how does it feel?

    13. Vaultner Says:

      Either way you spell it, to say it right you have to get a bunch of phlegm in your throat like your going to cough up a lugie …anika. The only erstwhile Jew holiday is Reichskristallnacht

    14. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Intersting speculation Alex, but based on my own kike-ology lore, they’re just imposing the spelling change to arbitrarily, capriciously further impose their will on their suck-orifice stooges, and to infuriate We Humans who resist them. I think your philology is pretty weak here. Most of the comments on this sum it up well enough, the kikes are pulling this for the same lofty reason that dogs lick their assholes, because they can.

      Down here in Jewson, (Tucson) Az, people have had this little sheeny monster called “Bob Walkup” imposed upon them in the mayoral office ever since Duhbyuh Bush seized power in Washingtoon. Suckup, a former corporate mis-manager at Raytheon Missile Systems, plays the crypto-kike par excrescence. Talk of his kikery is deeply suppressed, but pigs will be pigs, and the shit stink rises out of the pen accordingly. All over downtown, the repulsive jew- hate graffiti is to be found glaring at folks like the Eye of Sauron. In addition to the “Star of David,” those disgusting Manure-ahs further ugly up public edifices everywhere, and have since the week after Turkeyday. (I sure as shit don’t “thank” anyone for 4 centuries of judeo-puritan criminal psychosis. Call it Turkeyday, for the World’s Most Stupid Bird, the american.) One will see NO Christian or Christmas symbols in any public decorations downtown, thouh you can rest assured that Kwanzaa will get mention to humor the dozen or so negro imports from Jew Orleans who’ve lingered here despite the natural Mexican tendency to boot niggers out of town here. Suckup didn’t get away with using them as blockbuster goons on the Catholic barrios here yet…

      Last year, Mayor Suckup outdid his Trashy Tribe by sneaking observance of the jew-cannibal-religious holiday past unwitting amerikwan goy-things by calling it “The Festival of Lights” which of course is just one euphemism the kikes use for their celebration of murdering the worthy, Civilized Hellenic over-seers of Palestine in their sleep. Taxpayers here got to thus subsidize a truly swinish waste of public resources and wealth on an exclusively jew celebration, complete with a parade through downtown with the shiny-pated sheeny mayor showing off his polished noggin cruising in an open ragtop Cadillac. I doubt if he will be so stupid this year, especially if some of my comments on his little stunt last year make it into the wrong pointy little ears….

      So, speculation about crypsis and further judaizing ARE warranted as we must endure yet further oppression under the Iron Heel of Zion. Whether kike Bob Suckup pigs it up again with another sick parade like last years or not here in Jewson, we will certainly get to see him acting out his frustrated Likudnik fantasies some as he orders the characteristically jewish BULLDOZING of the almost exclusively white homeless camps which discreetly occupy the various empty lots and fields relatively close to Downtown, where we can get access to public transit, sundry bureaucratic buildings and whatever other paltry sustenance we can wring from the Clenched Fist of Bob Shylock Suckup and his real estate “developer” (read jew speculator) cronies. Once again, the typical Stupid American won’t have a clue regarding the grossly JEWISH AGENDA in these tyrannical attacks which will victimize a demographic group about 98% white, for to be “American” means to be a jew-lover, and always did. But aside from Yours Truly, there is a disproportionately high percentage of aging combat veterans and convicts in this group who know the kike for the monster which it is, so Suckup has decided to show his stuperiors in Jew York and Tel Aviv that he can bulldoze helpless Humans like a REAL BONA-FIDE I$RAELI JEW!

      But the fig leaves he will use to justify this to his Repulingcunt WASP stuporters will be “crime” and “downtown renovation.” and these spineless bipeds will swallow this barrel of jewish shit and semen, because they want to retain their status as “good americans” and “staunch kahnservatives.” And THAT is my point Fellow Aryans and Humans: So-called “crypto-jewry” requires the collaboration and support of large numbers of non-jewish race and species traitors to succeed! As Aryan Revolutionaries, let us expose these suck-seed collabos, and mark THEM for the Day of the Rope, right alongside of their jew paymasters. Then, when we’ve put the stinking lot of them in a common ditch dug by those very backhoes and bulldozers they’ve used on us, we will see if there is any great difference between these sub-species or not.

      Seasons Greetings!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    15. aa Says:

      jews practice the art 0f deception — so what’s new !!

    16. Lux Says:

      Shape shifting bastards. Of course this means they’re getting more worried, right?

    17. alex Says:

      Um… I thought this was common knowledge – Socrates is not me. I write under my own name. I’m just reading this for the first time.

      In my opinion the jews would change the spelling from H to Ch because the Ch makes the term a closer equivalent to Christmas. Hanuka is a MINOR jew holiday. They have elevated it because it falls near Christmas, and being anti-Christian, they want to take attention away from the Christians’ big day. Which is, after all, a day to memorialize a man they take pride in having murdered!