5 December, 2007

‘Jena Six’ Case: Victim’s Family Sues

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  7. 4 Responses to “‘Jena Six’ Case: Victim’s Family Sues”

    1. Pony Says:

      Why the part about nooses when the trial is about a tribe of lawless 70 IQ niggers who beat on one single white kid? Nooses came much later. The fucking press in this country really hates whitey don’t they? What do evil nasty criminal bastard nigger spawn who beat on a white boy have to do with the nooses? I just can’t get over that little part in the news story. Anything to take attention away from America’s multicultural mud problem I guess.

    2. sgruber Says:


      Someone is fighting back. This, folks, is what to do. Just effing sue, or fight, or speak out. Use your freedoms while you have them.

      I’ve noticed a number of Whites fighting back. One of the more recent instances was the guy who objected to an anti-White “sensitivity video” at work – and they pulled the video, promising to remake it.

      LET’S SEE MORE OF THIS. Our enemies have no rights and are worthless; let’s start acting like it!

      (Pony, the “nooses” were put up before the attack, I believe. Except they weren’t nooses. They were Halloween decorations: the kind you see hanging from trees that depict little ghosts [and not spooks]. This was distorted as “nooses” by the niggers and the kikes, just as the “Whites only tree” was bizarrely invented by the little nigger who instigated the whole thing.

      (As to any real nooses that were hung after the attacks, I’m not aware of any. Probably there were some, though – but with justification, considering the demographics of the attack and the proper punishment the attackers should receive.)

    3. sgruber Says:

      Fuck candlelight vigils and silence. Sue the police, the city, the school (if one is involved), the parents of the attackers, the attackers, the crooked police chief who lies in his public statements, the newspaper that prints demonstrable distortions. This is one of a number of things that can be done.

      If you are an attorney, take on these cases! If threatened, hold a press conference and publish the threat, then sue the threatener. YOU ARE RIGHT, THEREFORE BE RIGHTEOUS.

      As the queers are wont to say: “Silence is death.”

      I’ve noticed that people are afraid to risk possible consequences, so we never learn if those will be the consequences at all.

      If you really get fired from your job for (let us say) being the parent of a hush crime victim and speaking out publicly about niggers and their crime rates, sue the employer. Or hold a press conference, promising that you have a tearful recantation of your “racist” views on tap…then, when the microphones are upon you, let loose with the truth.

      It’s true we need more attorneys. In cases like this Jena 6 nigger-stomping, though, it shouldn’t be impossibly hard to find one. These are the cases that there is no reason not to sue over.

    4. -jc Says:

      Let law enforcement prove the crime was committed, make their little deals instead of doing the hard work if that’s how it is in your jurisdiciton, and don’t worry about how light the punishment. Then sue civilly. That’s all you can do. Expect problems if law enforcement, judges, and juries are minorities or are in heavily minority areas, e.g., Los Angeles.