12 December, 2007

Kirksville Today Updated

Posted by alex in Alex Linder, Kirksville at 4:09 pm | Permanent Link
Pics of ice storm…


Many new comments approved, and responded to by us. If you like seeing nobs bitch-slapped to the turf, read on through.

Oh yeah, and Novingerians do battle over the deer that was or wasn’t shot by the young girl? 

Was the deer shot by a 70-year-old man too arthritic to chase it down in the fading twilight?

Or was it shot next dawn by the young lady with the big grin?

Nobody knows for certain; read the comments and decide for yourself…

…and thank the WHITE MEN who created the Internet because otherwise nobody would know about any of this!

Kirksville Today

Deer story thread

Nob Upbraided at Length (a don’t-misser!)

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  7. One Response to “Kirksville Today Updated”

    1. SANDOR Says:

      Brilliant analysis by Diggbnini makes this even more of a don’t-misser. If he is who I think he is, he is a great man who deserves all of our respect. Hope to see more contributions from him. Most of us, while reasonably intelligent, simply haven’t spent the time that he has researching, analyzing, and writing about the subject.
      thank you Alex, thank you Diggbnini.