13 December, 2007

More Globalism: Landmark EU Treaty Signed

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First, there was communism. Now, there’s “democratic” international government and it’s growing faster. It appears that the West will have globalism one way or the other way. The Jews will benefit from this treaty since there will be more power in fewer hands, i.e., there will be less gentiles to control, and since the European states will lose even more of their sovereignty. (However, this treaty could be bad for Israel, at least temporarily, due to anti-Zionist attitudes in Europe) [1]:


[1] the “godfathers” of world government were Jews: Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, the part-Jew Vladimir Lenin, Grigory Zinoviev (who helped spread communism around the world via the Comintern), Leo Pasvolsky, etc.

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  7. 4 Responses to “More Globalism: Landmark EU Treaty Signed”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      Standard fare in the EU: if a referendum doesn’t go the globalists’ way, hold another, or just move ahead anyway. (1) The globalists will have the upper hand whenever a referendum is repeated, because they have the money. The anti-EU side will only have enough money and free time for one campaign, whereas the pro-EU side will always have more money, and paid staffs to do their work. (2) The anti-EU side – and voters – are demoralized, as it seems that no matter what they do, there will simply be more and more referendums until the globalists have their way. The voters lose the will to go to the voting booth again.

      Denmark voted no to the EU in the 90s. So the establishment changed a few details and held another referendum, and this time the Danes voted yes. Denmark joined the EU.

      The Irish were the only people allowed to vote on the “enlargement,” the absorption of East European countries. They voted no. So another referendum was held, and this time the yes side won; Western money is now pouring into the East, while Eastern immigrants are pouring into the West.

      The French and the Dutch were among the few nations allowed to vote on the EU Constitution. They voted no. So a few details are changed, and the Constitution is now back, this time without any referendums.

      The EU will now have a “president” instead of a rotating EU presidency. Note this: The EU states today are tighter than the American states were before Lincoln. As soon as you have a president in place, it is all downhill toward a completely centralized rule. Step by step, no referendums. Just say that anyone who wants nation sovereignty is a racist.

    2. -jc Says:

      “part Jew”

      We know Jews only regard those whose mother is a Jew as Jews. However, others must recognize that the race has dominant genetic characteristics.

      While we don’t talk octroon, quadroon, etc., Blacks are considered Black with a very small percentage of Black genes. Same reason.

      Deuteronomy 23:2: “A bastard [mamzer– mixed race offspring] shall not enter into the congregation [community] of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.” That is why they were called illegitimate– because they were the product of race mixing, not because the parents didn’t have a state marriage license, which is a very recent revenue enhancement invention.

      And I don’t subscribe to the theory that what you don’t know won’t hurt you, whether it is goat or cow shit in milk– which was why I used a shaving head when I clipped udders, or insect parts and rodent hair in flour– which is why I grind my own.

      Let’s not define away the actuality of something. Let’s call a spade a nigger and go ahead and call a Jew a Jew. Any doubts? Consider the work product of Lenin.

    3. Marwinsing Says:

      More Globalism also means more corruption, more fraud, more perjury, more defeating the ends of justice (the main perpetrators ALWAYS being politicians and joo-globalist big-wig types)… as per this story about a lying kaffir and a filthy-rich kike. The kaffir was our South African President Thabo Mbeki and the kike was one Karlheinz Schreiber, ostensibly of Germany. I’ll be chatting more about the multi-billion dollar Arms Deal Scandal on Tuesday night’s Mark from the dark Continent Show, only on VNN of course. No jews, no kaffirs, no scumballs, no sub-humans, just right.

      Heck – got damn roaches running round on this keyboard!

    4. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      A united Europe might not necessarily be a bad thing for our Race, provided it can then de-jew itself. Oh the CURRENT European Jewnion clearly is a sick jew joke, but after all, such worthy Humans as Hitler and Buonaparte before Him ALSO attempted to unify Western Aryandom, which the jews THEN vehemently opposed, using their favorite stooges, the English to do Rothschild’s dirty work for them.

      A united Europe will be the only way Europe will ever be able to face down the zionist mad-dogs in Washingtoon. As the Jewnited States of Amerikwa shoots its wad on this current Levantine debacle, Amerikwan jewry will be in a temprorarily weak position. WE MUST BE READY TO STRIKE DURING THIS TIME!

      I favor the ONLY long-term strategy which is going to succeed against international jewry, namely, INTERNATIONAL ARYANISM!! We can work with other races, opposed to kikery, each respecting each other’s bounds, and focussing on the common jew enemy. NOTHING ELSE IS GOING TO WORK MEIN ARISCHE KAMERADEN!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris
      Aryan! not “white”
      HUMAN, not amerikwan