28 December, 2007

New DNA Test

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It can reveal a suspect’s race, and that’s controversial in a country that worships the Jewish-manufactured god of racial equality [1]:


[1] nearly every major figure in the egalitarian movement was Jewish, e.g., Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, the Frankfurt School teachers, Melville Herskovits, Gene Weltfish, Stephen J. Gould, etc. In fact, racial equality can be called a “Jewish invention”

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  7. 4 Responses to “New DNA Test”

    1. Hellzapoppin Says:

      The day is coming closer and closer when the obvious will be proven as scientific fact. Whites are genetically superior and futher evolved than blacks.

      Race mixing and handing over White civilization to blacks, mestizos and other assorted muds will just result in the collapse of civilization.

    2. Ceallachain Says:

      It was decided the races were “equal” around 1950, long before it was scientifically possible to make that determination based on cold, hard facts. It was obviously a political move for purposes of social engineering. Jews wanted to use the darkies to destroy whiteness. Useful idiots like white liberals thought they were making the world a shinier, happier place by declaring everyone “equal.”

    3. sgruber Says:

      Hitler (died 1945) was the jew’s worst nightmare: a White man who understood their ingrained crookedness and evil, who could do something about it, and who DID DO something about it. Did what? He took Germany out of the jew’s economic system, named the jew as evil, and undertook to expel the jew from Germany.

      This badly scared the kikes. Imagine being a cockroach and seeing a gigantic can of Raid rising on the horizon!

      It took the almost the whole Western world, plus the mighty Soviet Union, to murder the little White country of Germany – on the orders of the jew.

      It was a close call for the hebes.

      Since then, they wanted to make sure no strong White man ever caught on to them again. That no Hitler could ever happen again.

      So, their number one strategy was to flood the White West with muds and hand out “tolerance” propaganda. You know, all that PC stuff: “One World,” “Racism (i.e. White self-protection) is Evil,” “The Truth is No Defense,” etc. Jew influence and strong-arming got laws passed in many Western countries that outlaw speaking negatively of the jew.

      The whole “race does not exist” thing is just part of that propaganda. It has zero honest scientific data behind it. Most of the arguments for it are tricks (like “all humans share 99.8 percent [now less] of the same genes” – but humans and flatworms share a very similar percentage of the same genes, so the argument proves nothing).

      Jews like Stephen J. Gould fought to close our eyes to race. So that racial swindles could succeed, especially those of jews. It’s easy to conspire and swindle when you’re invisible.

      It’s time to open our eyes to race. To acknowledge that races exist and have interests. To see who is behind the curtain. And to get rid of the jew once and for all.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      I suppose there are no such things as men because we have nipples, our ovaries have descended and become testicles, and we have a huge clitoris.

      Same parts, right?