25 December, 2007

“Philip Weiss II: Jews as a Component of the American Elite”

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

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  7. 14 Responses to ““Philip Weiss II: Jews as a Component of the American Elite””

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      I’m sure Dr. MacDonald has heard the term “watermellon greens” in reference to segments of the green movement in general—greens who are green on the outside, red on the inside. Most of these watermellon greens are jews, or minorities looking to paint their universalist agenda green.

      American Transcendentalism was an early green movement, encouraging the connection to, and the appreciation of the natural beauty of America. The transcendentalists had watermellons’ too. Although, they were of the homegrown variety.

      I wonder how Dr. MacDonald would classify a watermellon Green like Fuhrer Bill. LOL. As an elite?

    2. laughing Says:

      The Transcendentalists today would be lickspittle shabboses. Thoreau and Emerson were both opposed to slavery. All the rest of them were unitarian homoses.

    3. Olde Dutch Says:

      I seriously doubt that if you could lift the transcendentalists out of their time, and move them forward in time to today, that they would be pro-Israel. Or even shabbos goyim.

      The neo-cohens would probably consider the transcendentalists racist, sexist, tree huggers. LOL.

    4. America First Says:


    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      Why would you object to describing transcendentalism as a green movement?

      Btw. Why is it jews are always crude? Even the best educated of them!

    6. Bill Says:

      “Weiss notes that the WASPs had a sense of noblesse oblige, which is another way of saying that the WASPs identified to a considerable extent with their country as a whole and their countrymen, and they were willing to contribute to public goods.”

      Why does MacDonald repeat the worst names promoted by Jews to identify us? If WASP is okay to use, why doesn’t MacDonald use WEJ (white European Jew) as the parallel term? Why does he embrace a slur that is designed to smother our diversity, and is evidence of Jewish supremacy in claiming the right to name us.


      “And not only do Jews see themselves as outsiders, they are outsiders with a long sense of history — an often tragic history in which people very much like the American majority participated in anti-Jewish movements.”

      This is just so much crap. MacDonald has a habit of excusing Jewish hatred for us by “history” and identifies us as the guilty ones. This is beyone academic “on the one hand,” and “on the other hand,” something that Jews never do. It seems to me that the time to confess European American sins is when Jews fairly confess their 3,000 year history of abuses against people who looked like us. That the “tragic history” was a one way trip is simply absurd. MacDonald will get no thanks or respect from Jews for his little apology, but he harms our side enormously with his slander against European Americans.


      Thus we see MacDonald parroting the Jewish line:

      1) It’s okay for Jews to call us an insect name that we do not use in daily speech or discourse, but it’s not okay to call Jews similar names. Let’s not get tangled up with E. Digby B. and who really made up WASP, its use nowadays is an insult to Polish, Italian, Slavic, Russian, Irish, and Scots Americans to be so labelled.

      2) Our history is an uninterrupted history of abuse of Jews with lasting results and consequences. What an insult!

      MacDonald doesn’t understand how Jews hate everyone, striking out here and there, and that they paricularly hate those who truckle to them as MacDonald does. MacDonald doesn’t even understand when he is being insulted, his diversity is being smothered, or that Jews have a special religious obligation (tikkun olam) to reconstruct America to make Jews more comfortable, notwithstanding our interests.

      His essays are becoming Jewish apologias more and more. It’s the same stuff we now read in the print media. He doesn’t have a clue about how Judeo-centric he has become when it would be far more desireable to be Euro-centric, and help us get out of the Jewish trick bag, not double-tie the bag shut.

    7. sgruber Says:

      Dr. Mac is talking to jews too much.

      What about being on the side of White people? What should we do? What can we do? Dr. Mac is silent.

      I link to his main site, but his blog is approaching worthlessness.

    8. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      He is still a professor at a tax supported university. He has been under increasing pressure.

    9. Bill Says:

      I must say that his conduct is not designed to relieve pressure. He cannot do that by calling us WASPs or goyim or gentiles, or any other word that smothers our diversity.

      He cannot relieve pressure by seeming to endorse fantastical tales of abuse.

      To relieve pressure, MacDonald will have to come to understand the Universal Rule of Jewish Hatred, and stop endorsing their labels for us and their accusations against us.

      Not one word in his essay was Euro-centric, and that is not a term that implies some kind of built-in anti-Jewish hate speech. You can be perfectly and satisfyingly Euro-centric without slapping anyone.

    10. ewr Says:

      “WASP, its use nowadays is an insult to Polish, Italian, Slavic, Russian, Irish, and Scots Americans to be so labelled.”

      I have never seen “WASP” used that way. When MacDonald writes “WASP”, he refers to the old, predominantly English-descended American elite. This class holds a special, hated place in the imaginations of Jews (and to a lesser extent Irish Catholics and German-identified types like Linder [or Mencken in his day]) down to the present.

      The use of “Anglo” as a noun referring to American whites, being ungrammatical and redolent of spic pidgin, is what gets me.

      Whites are usually too self-assured to get worked up over names applied to their group, even when the name is meant to be pejorative. That’s not to say using PC as a weapon against anti-whites and for “consciousness raising” among whites, as the Resisting Defamation people do, is not a worthwhile endeavor.

    11. Olde Dutch Says:

      Dr. MacDonald is very deftly probing the mind of the jew.

      Only the very insecure would take umbrage with being described as a Wasp.

    12. Bill Says:

      Old Dutch’s willingness to allow Jews to pick and choose the name they want for him is the essence of surrender. Of course the name WASP is a slur and is consciously intended to be a slur.

      But it also is an act of supremacy on the part of Jew Weiss to use it to name us. The only way to claim the right to name the Other is and must be based on a claim to supremacy. Our name is one of our precious possessions. Opposing someone from another group’s claiming the right to name us (whether with a slur or not) is an absolute fundamental requirement in this context.

      Dutch may just love being called a goy or honkie or any of the common labels affixed to us these days, but only you have the right to name yourself and the other members of your group.

      It is an act of surrender to equate the demand to name ourselves with some kind of insecurity. This is, however, the good ol’ boy position that they have taken for a long time. And how far has it gotten us?

      Surs & slanders expressed toward us give us a platform to examine the mind and pathology of the slanderer. We’re never offended or insecure. A slur is about the speaker’s mind, not about the feelings of the slandered one. Whining and crying is for weak minds; attacking the pathology of the speaker is a wide open field for a devastating attack. But we cannot blame Dutch too much. People as smart as MacDonald and as rich as Mel Gibson don’t get it either.

    13. America First Says:

      Bill, I write to Dr. Kevin a few times a year and did before Christmas. You have good points. He is alone and snubbed by fellow WHITES on tha campus after the MO DEES ass Squad visited his campus this year.

      He is a good man, and good writers like you Bill should say howdy to him.

    14. apollonian Says:

      Prof. MacDonald’s Syndrome: Fluffing Lingo, Finessing Truth, Facts, Science
      (Apollonian, 31 Dec 07)

      Prof. MacDonald is obligatorily embattled (by SPLC Queers and perverts, no less) at public inst. of “education” so utterly dominated by money-power, hence Jews who run that Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam–see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Fed fraud.

      Question now arises as to exact relation of Jew “elite” to gentile accomplices (styled “elite” by Jews)–how then do Jews dominate and contend? MacDonald doesn’t say exactly how and why Jews dominate–he just persistently shows they do, regardless of how (for as Talmudists they are simply foremost subjectivists, liars, frauds, criminals, etc.).

      Prof. MacDonald then, so (understandably) addicted to academia and its trappings, adopts obligatory “lingo” which rather obfuscates Jew psychopathology and the “transcendent” application fm socio-biology to simpler criminology, Jews understood as mere criminal “elite.”

      For note any glimmer of truth, especially emerging truth featuring inductive logic, like MacDonald’s work (featuring “science” and history), THREATENS, even if only indirectly, that primary and so crucial institute of fraud, the Fed, practical/existential lynchpin and foundation to everything else about ZOG-Mammon presently waging such fierce Orwellian “perpetual war” as in Mid-East and recently Pakistan, and just before that, Iran, etc.

      Present-day age of MIGHTY INTERNET has now made MacDonald’s work (like “Culture of Critique” series) in particular, fairly insignificant by itself, mere detail within the larger volume of basic, observable, scientific facts, so anti-semitic.

      Thus as truth is threatening to fraud, lies, and general criminal activity like Fed, Jews so naturally resent truth, calling it “hate”–as would any criminals resenting exposure, determined to remove, defame, neutralize, and discredit “witnesses”–esp. like Prof. MacDonald. Hence truth must be pre-empted by Jews and accomplices, thus MacDonald’s obligatory persecution, etc.

      Thus Jews promote and exploit cyclic “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, featuring Jew Talmudism and subjectivism, Jews actually a veritable disease-of-opportunity feeding like maggots upon gentile hubris, etc., Jews a pathologic influence, who wax and wane in classic cyclic manner–which cyclicality MacDonald seems to overlook.

      For one must be simply mongolian idiot not to observe terror state of Israel, for example, modern-day “Murder Inc.,” lately having arranged assass. of Pakistani Bhutto, this latest terrorism so much celebrated by “Jews-media” (see Natall.com, “Who Rules America?” for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly) like CNN, etc.

      Thus again, Jew sociology amounts to mere criminology, Jews psychopathic murderers–especially collectivistically–attempting to morph into more benevolently-styled frauds running a slave plantation of drugged humanoids.

      Prof. MacDonald has done well enough then expositing this Jew “sociology,” just with his most excellent “Culture of Critique” series, stopping just short of the necessary and indicated INDUCTIVE conclusion fm socio-biology to aforementioned criminology.

      For if MacDonald got much more specific regarding Jew psychopathology, MOSSAD would surely have to assassinate him–as they must be so seriously considering now regarding Pres. candidate, Ron Paul.

      And hence yes–is it really such a revelation Jews require ACCOMPLICES fm among gentiles (called now “elite”)?–but isn’t it nonetheless mere extension of same socio-biology/criminology so consonant w. Spenglerian “Decline…”? What’s real mystery?–“transcendentalism”?

      And so how is this “transcendentalism” not just more middle-class indulgence, hubris, confusion, babble, etc.?–mere phase in same general “decline” fm Englightenment reason/objectivity to “modern” fascism, Judeo-conspiracy (see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), and present, so positively Orwellian, ZOG-Mammon?

      For fascism is now merely styled (like by “Fox News” and Bill O’Reilly, paid liar/flack) and “fluffed” to appear “progressive,” “compassionate,” and, for the classic inversion, actually “liberal”–no wonder Jews so much enjoy comedy in their psychopathic world/mentality.

      CONCLUSION: Hence MacDonald merely accepts observation upon “Wasps,” “transcendentalism,” gentile “elite,” etc.–it all may be true, but it doesn’t change basic facts about Judeo-conspiracy and associated social configuration. Facts remain regarding Spenglerian “Decline…”: “It’s Jews, stupid.” Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian