19 December, 2007

Reader Mail, 12/19/07

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Trial for Two Israeli Spies May Be Thwarted

Up until only a few weeks ago, it was a trial that was almost assured to take place against one of the most powerful and dangerous organizations ever to work against American interests–AIPAC. After years of investigations and hundreds of hours of surveillance and wiretaps, a mountain of evidence the size of Mt. Sinai was gathered against the accused spies Rosen and Weissman and promised a victory for the American people as seemingly easy as pouring water out of a boot with the directions on the heel.

The resulting aftershocks would no doubt have resulted in major political changes taking place over time with regards to America’s cozy love affair with Israel. The resulting fallout ensuing from AIPAC being associated with the dirty business of treason and espionage would have eventually led to it being forced to register as the lobby of a foreign government, which it most certainly is.





Which is it, Lewpus?


Lewpie thinks it’s OK for latrinos to have collective interests but not whites, oh no that would be Racism, the big bad collectivist fascist ideology. The unmanliness of libertarians is disgusting. White Man OR libertardian, you can’t be both.

the first version of that open letter contained the false assertion that Ron Paul wants 60 millions more immigrants. See the quote here:

The author edited it without acknowledging his mistake. On the official RP website the candidate says that 60 millions more immigrants would be insanity

Paul isn’t the ally of whites but the less federal ZOG inside or outside the US the better things are for us so he’s one of the good guys, intentionally or not.

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An Open Letter to Hispanics On Behalf of Ron Paul
by Abelardo J. Arias, Esquire


Ten-term Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is the kind of politician that Hispanics in America desperately need to represent our true interests. Sure, it would be great to see diversity in the Oval Office with a black man like Barack Obama or a woman like Hillary Clinton, but as we Hispanics have learned from years of discrimination and hardship, it is not what makes us different that matters but our united desire for community, values and freedom. Ron Paul is the man who will best represent the interests of Hispanics, in preserving our individual liberties and ensuring peace and prosperity for our children and our children’s children.


(Xymphora is a jew wise leftist blog)

Feith told Jeffrey Goldberg in The New Yorker that “My family got wiped out by Hitler, and … all this stuff about working things out – well, talking to Hitler to resolve the problem didn’t make any sense to me. The kind of people who put bumper stickers on their car that declare that ‘War is not the answer,’ are they making a serious comment? What’s the answer to Pearl Harbor? What’s the answer to the Holocaust?’

In Britain, a one-issue guy named David Abrahams has claimed that he gave donations to the Labour party in secret as he did not want “Jewish money and the Labour Party being put together.”  He is now saying he was misquoted, although the original source for the story stands by it!  In other words, he is now conspiring to hide the fact that he conspired to hide a Jewish conspiracy to influence the Labour Party to engage in a conspiracy to fight Wars for the Jews.



In the documentary, Hafner is brought face-to-face with a survivor from Dachau. “You survived quite well,” Hafner responds matter-of-factly after the Jewish victim recounts his painful memories.


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    1. Cormac Says:



    2. Old Raven Says:

      Alex — Thanks for posting from Xymphora … that site is a gold mine of info on TJB. Any readers at VNN who may have skipped that link are missing some really good stuff!

    3. Avery McGuiness Says:

      I am glad to see a story about a German that still has pride. You just don’t see that in the jewish press. Hafner tells it like it was, and I am glad for it. It is time that the Germans that witnessed the camps actually get a chance to be heard. To tell their side of the story, even if it is slanted by the jewish producers of the documentary.

      The issue of the Holocaust being a legitimate historical event is finally coming out in the public arena, after some 60 years of censorship. Spain just recently did way with it’s holocaust denial law. Holocaust denial, the only historical event you are not allowed to express a contrary opinion with out going to prison in most of europe. That tells you something about its legitimacy in itself, and the control the jew has over our lives.

      I just recently watched a film called “Judea Declares War: A Critical Look at WWII” from Judea Declares War: A Critical Look at WWII” from Honest Media Today (www.honestmediatoday.com). Its interesting to see the pictures taken of the Auschwitz liberation by the Russians. They are not like the ones you see of typhoid, and starvation victims (caused by allied bombing of the German supply lines – if they are even jews at all, they very well could be pictures of Russian Gulag victims) published by the jews on PBS.

    4. sgruber Says:

      I like that great man in Spain! Heil!

      All we wanted for Christmas was The Founder around again, and by jewsus on a cracker, hez back! Pace yourself, brother Linder, and get well.

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’m surprised there were no comments on an open letter to wetbacks. I thought all successful hispanics, like blacks, shed their ethnic identity and loyalty and melted into the landscape as “Americans”. Not this beaner, and not blacks or any other non-white as we all know. He will cast his vote for the candidate most friendly to hispanic interests.

      I thought the libertarian whack jobs at LewRockwell eschewed anything hinting of race. Apparently appeals to non-white ethnic concerns are acceptable and allowable, but appeals to white people are not tolerated. Does anyone honestly think LRC would print “An open letter to Euro-Americans”?