17 December, 2007

Ron Paul Rakes in Over $6 Million

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The great thing about Ron Paul is that his support base is almost unlimited. For example, while Candidate A will get mostly Republican support, and Candidate B will get mostly Democrat support, Paul will get support from nearly every segment of society: liberal, moderate, conservative, young, old, vegetarian, veteran, and so forth. That fact no doubt worries certain people, especially the Jewish lobby and the Christian Zionists. (But even if Paul doesn’t win the 2008 presidential election, his message is spreading rapidly. Ordinary people are starting to ask questions about U.S. foreign policy, the Federal Reserve system and taxes. They will also ask questions about the Constitution and governmental authority, e.g., are affirmative action laws constitutional? Was the 14th Amendment really ratified properly?) [1]:

[Here] and [Here].

[1] about the 14th Amendment, which most “civil rights” laws are based on: [Here]

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  7. 7 Responses to “Ron Paul Rakes in Over $6 Million”

    1. clan bigot Says:

      thanx you guys !!!

    2. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Go to You Tube or flickr to see pics and videos. Search for Tea Party and what ever city…Boston, Phoenix, Las Vegas.

    3. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Yes, Paul’s base of potential support is broad & deep, which is why I think he has a legitimate chance to pull off a stunner – if and ONLY if he shitcans the Republicans: it of course doesn’t matter how much money he raises if he leaves his political fate in the hands of the jew war-lovin’, bible-thumpin’ assholes who vote in the primaries.

      The only question remaining is whether or not he’s so foolish as to meekly allow them to decide his political future, thereby wasting all that money, effort & fervor.

    4. -jc Says:

      Yesterday, I flew into LAX on business and drove a friend’s car for the day. On the way to breakfast, what I regarded as a pretty awful looking Black man pulled up along side me and gave me the thumb up salute At a light he rolled his window down and so did I. He said, “Ron Paul” and gave me the thumbs up again. Seems the car had a bumper sticker. I’ve seen a surprising number of yard signs in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona.

      The Independent route didn’t work for Ron Paul in the past any more than it worked for Perot. Perot’s campaign worked for Bill Clinton.

    5. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Perot was riding high in the polls and scaring Poppy Boosh & Cunton until he started talking crazy shit, like Boosh sabotaging his daughter’s wedding (or something like that- it’s been a while). When a candidate gives the judenpresse the material they need to make him look like a nut, the game’s over.

      As for Paul’s chances as an independent: just because others have tried & failed doesn’t make it impossible. We’re currently mired in a hugely unpopular war, and the public knows that none of the “major” whores is going to pull the troops in the foreseeable future. If Paul hammers that at least as much as he does his plan to dump the IRS – and at the same time point out that his foreign & domestic policies are the the same as the Founders’ – he should be able to get lots genuine conservatives who hate jewlackey Boosh to pull the lever for him.

      Add them to the libertarians, hippie pussies and pretty awful looking nigras……

    6. -jc Says:

      Ron Paul states that he has and will not attempt to run again as an independent. I’m not a political scientist and don’t have hard data but, it looked to me as if a large number of those who vote a straight party ticket, many of them my age who are in the habit of voting what they think is conservative, were drawn away from Republican George the First by Perot, who was no more conservative than Bush but appeared to be an alternative. My understanding is that is what is known as a “spoiler.” And there is much what I suspect is propaganda out there muddying the water on this issue, much of it at least published by media controlled by the usual suspects. Research it for yourself, if you like, but don’t expect it to change Ron Paul’s strategy.

      Ron Paul is saying what “patriots,” for lack of a better term, have been saying about The Fed, etc., for at least 25 years. Libertarian web sites have been an effective pulpit for him to reach many so called Independents but I would hate to see Dr. Paul admit to actually being a Libertarian as opposed to having learned from studying their founders’ writings.

      This campaign is about visibility, name recognition, and interpreting relatively sophisticated concepts such as inflation being “the cruelest tax of all’ into terms the common man can understand. It is a campaign that Ron Paul is apparently winning against all odds. Far be it from me to consider that I have anything to offer him except being another water boy for him team but I would like for my grandchildren, someday, to find among my papers that is what I had done.

      The following link is to the video made by the 14-year-old young man referred-to by Dr. Paul in his December 17th Thank You letter to volunteers who helped him break the American record for one-day fund- raising that included so many first-time donors:


    7. Jaroslav Hus Says:

      You say: “But even if Paul doesn’t win the 2008 presidential election, his message is spreading rapidly. Ordinary people are starting to ask questions about U.S. foreign policy, the Federal Reserve system and taxes. They will also ask questions about the Constitution and governmental authority…”
      1. Same as Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul CAN NOT WIN because Americans are only enslaved species which do not understand that they are enslaved! Proof: Only one political party – Demo/Reps or Repu/Dems – same shing.
      2. 200 Million whiteys in USA are no capable of having their own media – TV, Newspapers, Radio. So called “conservative” and “dissident” media are fake shing!
      3. Real fighters: David Duke and Bobby Fisher run away and can not come back and bunch of them or their families were murdered by masters watch dogs. Just to mention Rubby Ridge massacre or other individual freedom fighters murdered by rabid dogs.