11 December, 2007

Stuck in Muck?

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“Environmental factors” play the principal role in IQ differences? The book “The Bell Curve” – which contains the most detailed information about IQ ever published – concludes that “cognitive ability is substantially heritable, apparently no less than 40 percent” [1][2][3]:


[1] see the Introduction to the 1994 book “The Bell Curve” by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray

[2] more about Potok and the SPLC: [Here]

[3] notable scientists issued a statement in late 1994 about “The Bell Curve”: [Here]

  • 11 Responses to “Stuck in Muck?”

    1. Hengest Says:

      We simply do not need books or scientific studies, for observation and experience says it all.
      It does’t take a book or scientific study to convince me that negroes are way less intelligent than Whites. All it takes is observation of the world, along with a knowledge of history.
      No amount of scholarly books and studies will change the beliefs of Marxists and liberals, for they opperate via an irrational, faith-based

    2. Steve Says:

      The simple observation that African genius only pops up in proximity to European societies is proof enough that the mass of Africans lack civilization building mental traits. They don’t do it in Africa, nor around their own people in America. Only in an artificial environment dense with European intelligence do they make any contribution. Is there any George Washington Carver outside of White society? What would he have done without the White-invented laboratory equipment?

    3. Brian Says:

      Peanut Butter & George Washington Carver:


      Evidence of modern peanut butter comes from US patent #306727 issued to Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal, Quebec in 1884, for a process of milling roasted peanuts between heated surfaces until the peanuts reached “a fluid or semi-fluid state.” As the product cooled, it set into what Edson described as “a consistency like that of butter, lard, or ointment.” In 1890, George A. Bayle Jr., owner of a food business in St. Louis, manufactured peanut butter and sold it out of barrels. J.H. Kellogg, of cereal fame, secured US patent #580787 in 1897 for his “Process of Preparing Nutmeal,” which produced a “pasty adhesive substance” that Kellogg called “nut-butter.”

    4. sgruber Says:

      1 nigger with 99 Whites might get along pretty well.

      10 niggers with 90 Whites begins the petty crime and racial grievances.

      20 niggers with 80 Whites means the group is full of stress – nastiness, noise, negritude. (And White birth rate takes a tumble.)

      40 niggers with 60 Whites is unliveable – here’s where the widespread rapes, robberies, and murders start to become continuous. (White birth rate almost flat.)

      60 niggers with 40 Whites means the Whites are under siege and are in mortal danger, when they aren’t being milked ruthlessly. (White birth rate at virtual zero.)

      99 niggers with 1 White – the White is being cooked in a pot.

      This is why every jew always supports “diversity” “racial justice” “multiculturalism” “changing times” “faces that look more like America” “the wave of the future” “I am an American” (stuttered by shitskins on TV) – etc. In some form. Always. They want the extermination of the White race.


      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    5. jigaboos j. jigabooze Says:

      A ratio-nal analysis. What about 50-50?

    6. Ed Keiser Says:

      I have managed several times in companies small and medium in size with one thing always standing out, negro and latin employees perform at a much lower level than Whites. Givin the same tasks Whites were almost always more proficient than minorities. Also, Whites are less likely to miss work or be written up for inappropriate behavior such as cursing, destruction of company property and minor harrasment. I have seen the truth many times over and know for a fact minorities in general and negro’s in particular are not as bright as their White counterparts.

    7. sgruber Says:

      Ed, do you mean that all the black jelly beans seem to be glued to the bottom of the bag? LOL.

      NOBODY likes niggers. Not even niggers. For very good reasons, some of which you mentioned.

    8. Ed Keiser Says:

      sgruber, That and then some. I have had so many problems with minorities over the years that when one comes in to apply for a job the second they leave I ball up their app. and toss it in the trash. I would rather be short handed than have to rely on some spook or island jumper. One time I caught this monkey drinking beer in the building, at the time this [person?] was running a very large saw. I told him he was fired on the spot. he said and I quote ” I don’t see what da big deal is it’s only one fucken beer”. Another time I caught a spic shooting up drugs in the employee restroom. Both of them filed for unemployment shortly after being fired. I had to go before a judge and explain why I fired them. Neither of these lowlives received compensation.

    9. Terry Phillips Says:

      I know what you’re talking about, Ed. Something else I’ve noticed and maybe you have too, and that’s how the White worker automatically steps up production to cover for the nigger co-worker’s lack of production. They do it without thinking, an automatic response. Even though they may never verbalize it or even admit it to themselves, the White worker knows the nigger’s worthless.

      Ed, I hope you’re not taking any government contracts. If you don’t file your EO-1 forms the EEOC will come audit you employment records including applications.

    10. Ed Keiser Says:

      Terry, The company I work for now uses temps when we are in need of extra labor. Some of the scum that the temp agency sends us is unreal. Most of them look like crackheads and are worthless. I’d say around 90% of the so-called workers they send are muds. The few White workers they send are for the most part wiggers. I work for a 3rd generation family business that sees things the way we do. We are very careful in all our hiring practices not to expose the company to lawsuits. We don’t have any “gubment contracts” at this time although we have had some in the past. Our biggest problem right now is sexual harrassment complaints. These muds come in thinking they are god’s gift to women and begin trying to “hook up” with our female employees. Thankfully the staff hates temps, especially the women. It is very hard to find good people these days even though we pay much higher than minimum wage to start. As for having to pick up the slack for the muds, you couldn’t be more right. I receive complaints about this very thing all the time. It’s a shame to say it but our staff is used to it now.

    11. windrunner Says:

      Over the years of having numerous friends, and some poseurs, all of them that had an opinion always believed the Jew was the true enemy of America. I have never understood their position even though being a fairly well educated individual. That statement on it’s surface would seem to coming from a person with racist tendencies. Why would so many people believe that? I have never seen a Jew rob a convenience store, and kill the clerk after getting the money. I never saw a Jew effect a carjacking, or engage in a drive by shooting. I doubt I ever saw a Jew running from the police on an LA or Houston freeway after a bank robbery. I have never been afraid to walk past a Synogogue after the service was over, and the congregation filing out. I never remember seeing a Jew engage in a violent act unless pushed to the point of defending himself. Never saw a Jewish gang! In fact, I can’t think of one thing these people have DONE that would warrant an opinion like that! I have never witnessed in my 64 years on the planet a Jew acting like a Nigger. So how can so many people be wrong? I am a full blooded Italian American and after studying the so called “black community” since 1970 there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the American Negro “culture” has no business occupying space in a civilized society and are indeed “Cultural Carcinogens” that have destroyed the thinking of the present generation through the auspices of the American Liberal, and with that are the true number one enemy of America. They destroy from within!!!!!