29 December, 2007

The Nature of Zionism

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A former Office of Strategic Services/State Department official talks about Israel and Zionism. We learn, for one thing, that the Zionists planned to wage war against the Arabs as early as 1942, in order to obtain a Jewish state. Note also the mention of the powerful, Jewish gossip columnist Walter Winchell [1]:


[1] more about wars waged by the Jews in the Middle East: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Nature of Zionism”

    1. -jc Says:

      In more recent times, such is the percentage of the usual suspects in the highest levels of the permanent government, high-level careers at State, Defense, and other departments (and no doubt now in Homeland Security), simply lived or died by one’s stated position on, say, the Suez crisis. The politically savvy who assumed an appropriately obsequious posture, along with reasonable ability, made it big not only in government but in private industry, before, after, and/or during their government careers. This sends a powerful message to others who would prosper thusly, as does the one-minute management of those openly dissenting from the delivered dogma.

    2. ein Says:

      I had believed for years that Walter Winchell was not Jewish. However, I do recall reading (if memory is correct) that he had a assistant (Jewish) who gradually took over as Winchell grew older, controlling who saw him, what he read, etc., and eventually even wrote his colums and virtually functioned as Winchell himself. I could be thinking of another person, but I don’t think so.

      Anyway, not wanting to state that Winchell was not Jewish without checking the facts, I looked him up. Indeed, he was a Jew!

      “Born “Walter Weinschel” in New York City to Russian immigrants in 1897. …his column became syndicated and appeared in over 2,000 papers across the nation. He was the inventor of the gossip column and took it to the national airways. In 1932, he started a Sunday radio broadcast which soon had a listening audience of over fifty million. A mention in his column could make or doom a Broadway show or a personality. Winchell would use blackmail to get information. His influence in national politics encompassed FDR who used him to promote his policies.”
      [Find a Grave]

      Thee was another statement (by Liz Smith) that he ruined the lives of his children, drove one to suicide, alienated the others, and drove his three wives insane. Nice guy!

      I also found the dates to be very interesting, perhaps significant. This New York Jew was put on the radio in 1932 when Roosevelt was runing for president, was used by FDR, next thing FDR and his New York gang took over Washington in 1933, and we were on our way to war.