2 December, 2007

The Politics of “English-Only”

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What was once a common-sense idea – i.e., everyone in the workplace speaking the same language – has become controversial. (That’s what happens when a White republic run by White men becomes a multicultural “democracy” run by Jews, negroes, Mexicans, women and queers). An amendment to the now-delayed bill would protect businesses from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) lawsuits over English-only workplace rules [1][2][3]:


[1] the EEOC was created by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. More about the EEOC and that Act (scroll about half-way down the page): [Here]

[2] a republic vs. a democracy: [Here]

[3] according to the 1790 Naturalization Act, America was intended to be a White republic: [Here]

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  7. 6 Responses to “The Politics of “English-Only””

    1. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      Unfortunately, jews were permitted as “white” according to the Founding Fuckups, thus guaranteeing the current degenerate mess. This is just another reason why I emphasize ARYAN, not namby-pamby- jew-friendly “whiteness.” Todays jewish neokahn busily proclaims its own “whiteness” which the vast majority of “white” amerikwanz accept. I’ve seen plenty of jews passing off their selves as white. Amerikwan-masonic “whiteness” went deeper than skin tone too. it also emphasized masonic-jewish behavior, further judaizing the mob welcome to the Great Chamber Pot. Even then, the true motto for the genuine Aryan immigrant to amerikwa was in principle operation: “Ogni lisciatti speranza voy che entratte.” And so it will remain until the Aryan Revolution succeeds in strangling to death the last freemason in the guts of the last jew in North America.

      ARYAN, not “white,”
      Human, not american.
      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    2. -JC Says:

      The original constitution of California can be found here:

      Search/find “White” inside.

      With the advent of DNA testing, at least it is possible to get back to basics.

    3. Tim Harris Says:

      Nevertheless, we Aryan men must recognize that it was we that were defeated by “Jews, negroes, Mexicans, women and queers,” and not someone else. Maybe we were blindsided, maybe we were too busy with other things to see what was happening. Still, it was we who were defeated. Let’s start by recognizing that.

    4. sgruber Says:

      We were not defeated on merit. Any more than a nigger who shoots a White “won” and his victim was “defeated.”

      It’s not as if “jews, negroes, Mexicans, women and queers” are better than Whites. The truth is that some of our White ancestors were fooled or seduced or blackmailed or coerced by the JEW, and unwittingly set JEWS up in situations of increasing power.

      Today, we are ruled in a semi-totalitarian worldwide setup; to put that in plain language, the JEW sucks our blood.

      We were NOT “defeated by Negroes, Mexicans, women, and queers” – instead, we were set upon by a vicious parasite that must be thrown off.

      It’s like the bus example. The driver may have let the psycho on, but the men that the psycho is holding at gunpoint – and the children – are blameless. They were not defeated, they were sold out, betrayed.

      The other races don’t blame themselves for shit. It seems like it’s all we do.

      Instead of saying we were inferior, therefore we were defeated (as in an Olympic event or something), we should identify the disease that set on us and remove it from existence.

      There is nothing wrong with the White race except that we are desperately ill with a parasite. We can wallow in self-blame and castigation, debating whether we contracted this parasite because we didn’t wash our hands or because we hung out in a wrong place – or we can proudly attack the parasite first, then (later) not make any of those mistakes again.

      But to throw up our hands and sigh, “Well, I guess the niggers and queers are superior. We need to learn their secrets of success and try to live up to their standards” is bullshit. It’s exactly what jews try to insinuate in their media.

    5. -JC Says:

      “The truth is that some of our White ancestors were fooled or seduced or blackmailed or coerced by the JEW, and unwittingly set JEWS up in situations of increasing power.

      “There is nothing wrong with the White race except that we are desperately ill with a parasite…”

      I submit that it is the character of all organisms approach and avoid certain things: Its how we catch fish and repel noxious insects.

      The final arbiter of, if not superiority, at least acceptability is survival. Time will tell if we are sufficiently fit to continue for the long haul. Some of us have the necessary stuff and the struggle is becoming increasingly interesting. The rare individual with remarkable abilities such as Ron Paul may be perceived as critical by a necessary number of voters. But he may not be and depression, except as a hibernation analogue in times of scare resources does not have survival value, but tenacity does and is what our people have demonstrated again and again. A Ron Paul is not sufficient to safe us.

      The collective genius of the Jews, evolved as it were by literally thousands of years, is singlemindedly concentrating shameless political perfidy, and the game of “Let’s you and him fight,” elevated to an art form by perceiving the weakness of a people and then masterfully pandering to it by accumulating a monopoly on the commercial resources to do so, including mass media. They start the wars that variously benefit them and other people fight in their stead and they make their money at a safe distance money lending, camp following, and then rushing the spoils like all manner of jackals, hyena, etc., which is likely why the Biblical code word for them is “dogs.”

      The trustworthy tend to trust others to a fault. The dishonest, on the other hand, tend to be wary or paranoid, if you will. “The wicked flee where no man pursueth yet the righteous are bold as a lion.”

      We will either demonstrate a requisite ability to learn from our mistakes– especially our trusting to a fault– at least sufficient to appoint AND THEN HOLD ABSOLUTELY ACCOUNTABLE watchmen and leaders, e.g., Ron Paul, or Nature will select us our of the gene pool. “Nature bats last.”

    6. Tim Harris Says:

      To this day, we have a “multicultural democracy run by Jews, negroes, Mexicans, women and queers” because white men with guns permit it to continue.