26 January, 2008

Australia: Government Pushes Cultural Marxism onto Children

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Twisted, Jewish ideas are everywhere. Even the tough Aussies are kneeling before the god of equality [1]:


[1] about cultural Marxism: [Here]

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  7. 16 Responses to “Australia: Government Pushes Cultural Marxism onto Children”

    1. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      It is always diversity and tolerance, but no tolerance for white cultural standards and ways, nor of preserving the unique diversity of whites with the many shades of hair and eye color, as well as our creativity. Let the world collapse, let the financial world lay in ruin. Only then can we obliterate every last vestige of this evil religion called the multicult.

    2. Muckraker Says:

      The best article I’ve ever seen written on Antonio Gramsci is the following:


      Though obviously Italian, since his ethnicity isn’t mentioned, does anyone know if this juggernaut/subversive was jewish?

      Thanks in advance for any answers.

    3. sgruber Says:

      The White lemmings who go along with this apparently feel it’s their fault niggers are niggers. Our god-like gaze CREATES reality, they buh-lieve, so if we’d just get our heads right (eye reprocessing, kiddie brainwashing) there would be no more niggers!

      The irony being there will be no more Whites, since niggers will overrun them. If a nigger nigs in a forest without a racist around, is it still a nigger? Fo shizzle, dawg.

    4. shabbos s. shabazz Says:


      Another escapee from AMREN, breathing the air of real free speech, and unlimited cussing. The lady doesn’t like the latter, but the ability to discuss kikery trumps all.

    5. Muckraker Says:

      shabbos s. shabazz: How did you know I’m an escapee from AmRen (I am)? More impressively, how did you know I don’t like profane (I can live with it) language?

      My reason is this: the jews are responsible for the degradation of our language and culture; we shouldn’t partake of it.

      Thank you for the welcome. I could no longer, in good conscience, post there and willfully deceive more naive Whites about the obvious. Time is of the essence since the race is on for thy enemies to criminalize bloggers who tell the truth.

    6. Muckraker Says:

      I want to address further the issue of using perjorative language to score points. I am indeed an escapee of American Renaissance for reasons posters on this site need not brainstorm about. However, I will say this: What keeps quality posters returning to that site (Guilty! Self included – long after knowing better) is the high standards of writing (Yes, including Jared’s exceptional, riveting personal contributions and other outstanding writers’) and the highly-intelligent White individuals attracted to it for that reason.

      Please, I implore the enlightened, intelligent posters to this site to NOT give detractors/critics reason to boycott this website which provides a forum for critical information regarding our plight/survival/mode-of-winning, but rather engage in creative writing about our enemies without resorting to language (engendered by the Zionists) that turns off potential allies. If we can provide the best qualities of both sites – exceptional writing and contributions from readers with unfettered truth-telling about the Zionists, we can win hearts and souls of the intelligent fence-sitters so essential to winning in the war of ideas and the preservation of our race/Western civilization.

    7. Mark Says:

      “While the Australian national anthem is sung regularly and with gusto at the Auburn Long Day Care Centre—children are also taught how to sing national anthems of Russia, Japan, China and Greece and celebrate Chinese New year as well as Muslim holidays.”

      It’s amazing to me that any white person with a functioning brain can follow along with this nonsense. It’s pure propaganda, and any white Australian that allows their child to undergo such abuse is a disgraceful parent.

    8. pushax Says:

      They believe that racial identity is acquired instead of genetic, that’s nonsense. Just like bees and ants are programmed in their tiny brains to build their colonies with all their structure we’re also programmed to identify who are the ones that are like us. I grew up in a multiracial part in Buenos Aires, Argentina and most people here are Southern Europeans mixed a bit with Indians and when I look a female faces here I don’t like the black, Asian, racially mixed female faces and I don’t like the Southern European female faces either, but when I look at a Nordic female face I feel happy, and the difference is extreme, that has to be genetic, if an ant can be programmed to recognize it’s queen and stuff like that then I can be programmed to feel attracted towards Nordic facial features. Those social scientists believe that queen bees or ants go alone in some places and start colonies exactly like the ones they came from but somehow our brains start being empty.

    9. betty Says:

      I also used to post at Amren. I found out that there are some posters or trolls? who have “connections” with the ADL and/or NAACP. All I can say is, don’t ever post from your worksite computer. The NAACP can get you fired. I still read the news articles and comments on Amren, but I am very leary with Jared’s coziness with the Jews and of his “mods”. I also became angry when reading that at that conference that David Duke was made out to be the bad guy and the Jewish guy got away with his outburst. That is when I became suspicious and the censorship of commenting on anything Jewish. A bad sign.

    10. grandmaster oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      more & more Aussies are oiking their kids outta “public/government” schools; the levels of illiteracy & innumeracy therein are atrocious!

      there are, how-ever, increasing enrolments in private, especially xtian, schools…how-ever, a certain level of ZOGginess is still taught as per required syllabi OTW such schools would get no government funding and it is doubtful if they would even be allowed to continue operating as “schools”;

      there is also an increasing up-take of “home schooling” despite some hurdles being placed in the path of parents by various ZOG bureaucrats;

      how-ever, the “pollies” have had to tread warily, being mindful of the very large n° of “marginal electoral seats” through-out 0zz and “keeping in mind” that every 0zz state, territory and, now, federal Coalition government was “turfed” mainly because of the draconian 1997 national gun laws!

      a volatile electorate could just as easily re-arrange the electoral gerry-mander if it thought that it was being “taken for a ride” on a touch-stone issue like education too!

      the “good news” is that many white kids, especially boys, leave government schools before Year 9 or Year 10 @ the latest and “hit the streets”…..many joining skin-head-type/Combat18 gangs!….the level of “racial radicalisation” is increasing…..courtesy of “first-hand contact”/experience with divershitty @ its finest!…..the level of “anti-white” bias purveyed by the judæo-marxist femi-twats is too much for even a 13-year-old kid to stomach i guess!

      (most “teachers” up to Year 9 in 0zz schools are females……males will not accept such jobs because they are too scared of being “loaded” with bogus child-molestation charges!)

    11. Celtic Warrior Says:

      It is much the same in New Zealand, except that the average NZer is still fast asleep.

      How can any White person with half a brain accept this equalitarian multi-culti nonsense? It is just like saying that all cars or cameras are equal, well is a Leica equal to Praktica. They both take pictures and there the similarity ends.



    13. Muckraker Says:

      betty: I found out what happened to you because two former posters from AmRen emailed me the vanguard link reg. Nicholas Stix’s interview w/ Mr. Linder (thank you, Alex, for being a courageous hero). Also, my first awakening about AmRen/jews was when someone emailed me the running commentary link regarding when “The Jewish Question” was first posed. Upon learning how Dr. Duke was disrepected at that preceding conference (and we WONDER why we’re losing the fight for our race/country) left me disgusted and marveling that even at a PURPORTED white racial conference, WE (well, some of us) didn’t have the guts to side with our own hero.

      Your experience (and that interview with Alex) served as the final catalyst for divorcing myself from posting on AmRen. Thank you for sharing it. I felt terrible for you upon learning what happened, but I’m not surprised. The moment Jared welcomed jews into the fold, he compromised himself and his organization was opened to infiltration.

      Sounds like you’ve recovered from the trauma of losing your job of twenty years, and I wish you, clearly a patriot, the best.

    14. sgruber Says:

      Betty, for no-curse VNN, see HERE. “Sunlit Heights” is rarely updated (nine months have passed since the last entry) but it never curses in the postings and screens for cursing in the comments (not always successfully). Additionally, the VNN has the “Civil Forum” HERE. That one’s active.

      If you want the non-curse side of VNN to grow, get on one or both of those, and have it.

      The main contributor to govnn.com (the site you and I are on right now), “Socrates,” is civil (derided as “boring” by some skunk a few weeks back). “Socrates” posts are informative and high-quality.

      But remember, this ain’t a tea party. It’s war. It requires Men (women are welcome); Men Foremost – smart, fighting young men. You are a lady of enough wisdom to understand that in war the aggressive young lads don’t behave as they do in the parlor among the ladies. They will say four-letter words. They will refer to ugly things. We are facing ugly things. To dump perfume on them and dress them up like a nigger (“African-American”???) going to a deposition is a lie: a falsification of reality. That is something VNN never does. If something is ugly, VNN puts that ugliness in your face; if something stinks, VNN makes sure you get the full bloom of its aroma.

      The death of our race “isn’t very nice” and Linder has said he won’t pretend it is – or pretend that the present regime is legitimate where everyone in it can “just sit down and work out our differences.” Race war is ongoing and all of us had better learn how NOT to be nice.

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    15. betty Says:

      THANK YOU so much, Muckraker and sgruber for you responses. I am doing fine and working part time now. Haven’t seen any comments from Sue from Ga lately here. Is she still around? Hope she is okay. I liked her posts and both of yours and Fr. John also. I read amren but I won’t comment anylonger. Don’t trust that forum anylonger. I understand what you are saying, sgruber, and I agree. We have to be tough and it IS our young and not- so- young White men who will be fighting this war for our race. And fight we must!

      I absolutely hate seeing our White men in Iraq or any other nonwhite country fighting and dying for THEM! They need to be HERE fighting for White America and our racial survival…

      The White race is the best race that this world has or ever had. We just have to get more Whites to realize this and wake up to who our true enemy is and why …

      One problem I have noticed with our race is their altruism and tolerance towards the non-white races,when it was meant to be only for their own kind. Being nice to those not of our race will only bring contempt and destruction upon us. Thanks again for your responses…

    16. Z.O.G. Says:

      It’s almost 100% guaranteed that Jared Taylor is a crypto-Jew. Why do you think he allows no criticism of Jews on his website? Hell, he doesn’t even allow the very MENTION of Jews!

      I left a comment on this article on Amren’s site, and it was never published. Why? Because in my comment I explained that the mass murdering communist Jew Leon Trotsky invented the term “racist”, and that his real name wasn’t “Leon Trotsky”, but David Bronstein.

      Sure enough, my comment wasn’t published, because Jared “Crypto” Taylor cannot afford to allow any mention of the self-chosen people on his site, because if he does, then that opens the door for all of the sheeple who read his site to learn the truth about the “chosen” ones. And we can’t have that, now, can we, Mr. Jared Taylorberg?