11 January, 2008

Bernanke: Economic Outlook Worse

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Maybe the economic outlook would be better without the Federal Reserve’s own policies, e.g., for decades it has actually created inflation by making too much money available [1]. More money available = it’s worth less (which is also true of other things, such as pens or screwdrivers). Further, why does the Federal Reserve, a private corporation with only limited ties to the U.S. government, control America’s monetary policies? Why doesn’t the U.S Treasury control them? Also, why does the Federal Reserve have a “.gov” internet address when it isn’t a government agency? [2][3][4][5][6][7][8]:


[1] fractional reserve banking is inflationary

[2] more about the Federal Reserve and its origins: [Here]

[3] Federal Reserve employees are not government employees: [Here]

[4] more about Jewish banker Ben Bernanke: [Here]

[5] http://www.federalreserve.gov/

[6] for some reason, the Federal Reserve is listed by the U.S. government under “Federal and State Financial Agencies”: [Here]

[7] Ron Paul on the “Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies”: [Here]

[8] “Inflation is not natural” mentioned here (scroll about 3/4 down the page): [Here]

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    1. apollonian Says:

      Fed Counterfeiting: Monument Of Jew Lies
      (Apollonian, 11 Jan 08)

      Note what Fed is–it’s official monopoly of COUNTERFEITERS (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Fed fraud), pure and simple–counterfeiters who are backed-up w. enough of an army to enforce and make things impossible, etc. for any opposition. Obvious refutation to such fraud is red.-to-absurd: what if everyone did it?–and answer is then most obvious.

      Jew lawyers pretend it (Fed fraud) is “Constitutional,” but note it’s no more legal than murder can be legalized. Fraud is murder of truth.

      So then question is how did anyone ever become able to put-over this fraud in first place?–answer is people are sinners, hence given to fraud, especially self-fraud, HUBRIS, classic Greek sin. Further Jews are specialists and leaders in this (“banking”) fraud, fm 14th cent. according to Jew historian Bernard Lazare, “Antisemitism,” published in 1896.

      Fed fraud in present history seems rather the very pit of “Decline of the West” (Oswald Spengler). For such fraud only exists by consent of those defrauded, unfortunately (“consumer confidence”).

      This recurrent counterfeiting fraud founded upon lies is subject of Christian New Testament (NT) literature, featuring classic struggle of truth and honesty against lies, esp. Jew lies and conspiracy, as Jews positively WORSHIP lies according to Talmud (see RevisionistHistory.org for expo/ref.), Talmud explicitly rejected by anti-semitic Christ at Gosp. MARK 7:1-8.

      Fed most enables, hence topmost Jew masterminds are capable of financing wars, including Orwellian “perpetual war,” as presently in Iraq, etc.; Fed built and financed “Jews-media” (see Natall.com, “Who Rules America?”), fund “Christianity Inc.,” including “Judeo-Christians” (see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref. on JC heresy) on Jew TV encouraging “Christian” support of Israel, etc. Fed then is central and essential to dread ZOG-Mammon imperial monster and false god.

      Pres. candidate Ron Paul would surely do best and most effectively to describe the counterfeit fraud problem in such outright and lucid terms, perceptible, tangible, extremely well documented–and accessible to most citizens. And note of course how conspirators depend upon deception; they hate truth and honesty, this hatred in religious, Talmudic fashion.

      As criminals hate truth and exposure, Ron Paul must anticipate being called “immoral,” etc., for speaking such truth.

      Jews then are master criminals (see Piper’s “The New Jerusalem”), and this criminal matrix-complex is then founded upon that sublime counterfeiting “art”/scam. Such monetary monopoly then secures furthest, most absolute monopoly control upon everything else, like drugs, prostitution, etc.

      Problem arises then when parasite Jew disease-of-opportunity too much threatens to destroy the host/victim. Thus Jew and fraud disease/deception mechanisms are cyclic also, functions of socio-biology (see KevinMacDonald.net).

      CONCLUSION: Hence then to remove fraud requires rule-of-law (and this isn’t easy), hence Aristotelian objectivity over Talmudic subjectivism, Christianity that aesthetic by which such Talmudism and subjectivism is vanquished by reason (objectivity). For such is purpose of Christian literature to convey this epic struggle of mankind and human reason against Jew lies, including then especially that sublime Fed counterfeiting. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian