14 January, 2008

“Catholics Play Vital Role in Helping Migrants to U.S”

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There isn’t much difference between modern Catholicism and Marxism. Both push egalitarianism and a one-world order. Only a few Catholics notice that race is important. (In fact, the Catholic church supported interracial marriage in the late 1960s around the time of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Loving v. Virginia ruling):


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  7. 27 Responses to ““Catholics Play Vital Role in Helping Migrants to U.S””

    1. Vaultner Says:

      I was raised a Catholic, & I’ve seen a drastic change in the theology. When I was young there were fire & brimstone type sermons. The last times I went to church several years ago it had become a pacifistic garble of nonsense bent on brainwashing the populous to except anything & everything from taxes to having no control of your own destiny or that of your families. It is unfortunately a useless stone around the neck of freedom & true progress.

    2. America First Says:

      Millions of White Males born in to church left after 1960 and the response by the Church was to recruit savages and to get government contracts servicing savages.

      The Luterrns are right there with them along the ju organizaon’s helping to continue bringing in more Non Whites..

    3. Friedrich Braun Says:

      It’s a question of demographics. The Catholic Church is increasingly becoming black & brown, and the old pedophile priests must appeal to those who now sit in the pews and give money to support the lifestyles of said useless parasites.

    4. Arminius Says:

      There you have it again.
      The Holy Catholic Church, always the devout workhorse for the Jewish teamsters.

    5. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Hitler gets vindicated more and more each day and every time I heard the judenpress whine about how evil he was for arresting Catholic priests, gypsies, communists/jews and not wanting niggers in his country

      I sure hope white people are “getting over their 2000 year drunk” on this insane and destructive religion”. Christianity should of gone extinct centuries ago

    6. St. John Chrysostom Says:

      That’s because the Church has been taken over by the Jews, that should be quite obvious since Vatican II. Regarding miscegenation, if it weren’t for the Catholic Production Code by which American bishops were able to keep Jews in Hollywood under control, we would have had their Jewish filth spewed at us from the earliest days of Hollywood. So when you watch old movies and marvel at how clean they were, thank the Church. The Production Code forbade Hollywood from making movies that showed mixed race couples. That ought to give you an idea of the real Church’s feelings on the subject. (And Pius IX was the only head of state to recognize Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy.)

      If it weren’t for the Church keeping Jews in ghettos and without civil rights for 16 centuries, the control they now have over us would have been completed centuries ago. Many of us would not even be here today because the Jews would have implemented feminism and abortion centuries ago. But they had to wait until they could get one of their agents onto the papal throne, which they did in 1958, before they could unleash their infernal sexual revolution to destroy our society, since the Church had always been their greatest obstacle. Any talk of the Church viz. the Jews must contain a comparison pre-Vatican II and post-Vatican II and then it should be obvious what happened. Thank the Protestants for unleashing the Jews on the world.


    7. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Chrysostom is right. I have just finished reading “Plot Against the Church”, which was covered in a posting by Socrates a few weeks ago, it is written from the perspective of the Catholic church but any WN of whatever religious persuasion will benefit by reading. The book is a real page turner with some amazing historical facts revealed in every chapter.

      The jew fifth column of false teachers have infiltrated every Christian denomination and are proceeding to wreck and de-Aryanise them.

      Jew control will be obvious to all when the Catholic church starts going ‘soft’ on abortion and homosexuality.

    8. Avery M. Says:

      Right on St. John Chrysostom. The Church is what has protected White Europe from the jew. The heathen Europeans had no idea of the threat posed to them by the Jew, and with out the Church, Europe would have perished long before America was ever around. I suspect most of you anti-christian people have grown up in the protest church, which is absurd in its allowing the jew to run rampant all over the earth. I grew up in the protestant church, and became atheist because of it. It was simply too idiotic to take seriously. In the course of becoming aware of the jew-threat I again found faith after a intensive study of all the current mainline faiths. The Catholic Church is an incredible source of history (though you have to dig, because the neo-catholics suppress the extremely anti-semitic teachings of the church). The design of the faith is ingenious in societal control mechanisms. You anti christian jew abiders should spend your time attacking the jew instead of helping them discourage the 82% christain identifying lemming masses from waking up and help us in this struggle. Ever anti-christain remark you make on a public forum, drives away countless awaking allies to our cause. Why do you do it? Is it because you don’t really want to remove the jew, or is it because you want to be the jew? Is it maybe you can’t think strategically? Or maybe you’re to brain washed by the anti-authority jew atheists of the last century? What is wrong with you? The church is taking care of its own problems, we faithful Catholics are working to take our church back, our country, and our lands. We are tried of the deviants in the church and society, and we know who is responsible. Don’t help the jew by scaring away our own. That is like throwing hand grenades into our own ranks.

    9. Facts Says:

      “There you have it again. The Holy Catholic Church, always the devout workhorse for the Jewish teamsters.”

      Not always. Only post-Vatican II.

    10. Olde Dutch Says:

      None of us can say with authority what happened before we were born. But, we do know that in this historical era in which we live, the Roman Catholic church & Roman Catholic politicians have promoted the third world invasion of America. Cardinals like Mahoney, politicians like Ted Kennedy, and the Daleys’ can’t be denied!

    11. St. John Chrysostom Says:

      Old Dutch says “none of us can say with authority what happened before we were born.” Nice attempt at deflection, Jewish style. It’s called history, backed up by facts. Read this:


      then join the conversation when you are armed with facts, and not just your Jewish/Protestant anti-Catholic Pavlovian response. Secular Protestants reject history because it is unambiguous in showing that your white ass is here because the Church fought the Jews for 19 1/2 centuries, all the while having to battle Protestants at the same time.

    12. Olde Dutch Says:

      So, you believe in saints, and an infallible Pope. LOL Please, tell us how a man is infallible. LOL

      In terms of history, if the Pope had offered help to Constantinople—the Moslems would never have made it into Europe. Your Pope wasn’t so infallible on that one was he.

      Btw, the jews have always been a disease the Roman Catholic church has kept around for some reason. Possibly, you know the reason?

    13. St. John Chrysostom Says:

      “So, you believe in saints, and an infallible Pope. LOL Please, tell us how a man is infallible. LOL”

      Another attempt at deflecting the historical fact that the Church has fought the Jews and is the only reason Europe survived as a white continent. Whether saints are real or whether the pope is infallible is irrelevant to whether or not it was the Church that kept Jews in check until the Protestants let them out of their ghettos.

      But just to inform you of facts, the Pope is not an infallible human being, but is assured of infallibility when teaching on faith and morals. This is done very infrequently, and most Popes have never used this power. The purpose for this is to protect the Church’s teachings from being tampered with by future anti-Popes. During a particular Pope’s lifetime, he has the power to ensure that the Church’s teachings are obeyed, but he cannot be sure of this after his death, so he can stamp a particular teaching as infallible so as to prevent its corruption in the future. This is one reason that Vatican II was unable to be declared infallible, and will one day be able to be discarded, because so many Vatican II teachings contradicted previous infallibly defined teachings.

      Regarding the defense of Europe, your ignorance is laughable. Please look up the Battle of Lepanto and the Battle of Vienna, and put down your Jewish/Protestant “history” books. When the Turks were storming Vienna, Martin Luther and his ilk supported the Turks, saying it was God’s punishment against the Church. The Protestants in the Balkans gave succor to the Turks out of hatred for the Catholic Hapsburg Empire. If it weren’t for the Catholics defeating the Turks at the gates of Vienna, your white ass would be half Turkish. Ditto with Lepanto. Protestant short-sightedness always leads to Jewish victory, with Protestants later blaming the Catholic Church for what the Protestants let in. Oliver Cromwell was not a Catholic, and he let the Jews back in England after Edward I, a Catholic king, had ejected them.

      It’s amazing to see how successful the Jews have been in turning the descendants of Europeans against the Church that has been their protection for 20 centuries. If the Jews supported the Protestant Reformation, it’s because they knew it was good for the Jews, and they knew it would free them from Catholic oppression. You serve your masters well.

      Just in the United States alone, a Catholic bishop fought in Congress against a Protestant (supported by Jews) to prevent birth control from being legalized in the 1930s. The Catholics won, over the howls of the Protestants, who were already practicing it illegally and were threatened by large Catholic families. The Protestants came out vocally in support of abortion before 1973, and now complain of the low birth rates among whites. The Catholics were the only ones on the frontlines fighting against abortion, until recently joined by Protestants who realize they were wrong. So blame your Jew-inspired Protestant ancestors for fighting against the Church, to the benefit of the Jews.

      Another case of Protestant short-sightedness was cutting off immigration in the 1920s from Italy, Poland, Germany, and Ireland because too many Catholics were emigrating here. That was smart, wasn’t it? Now you get your Catholic immigrants anyway, only now they’re from Mexico!

      The Church fought as hard as she could to protect our people, considering that she not only had to fight against the growing power of the Jews, but against Protestants who were aiding and abetting the Jews (and against their own long term interests). But with traitors without and traitors within, it was only a matter of time before She got taken over like Russia in 1917. But Russia has already shaken off the Bolshevik yoke and their new leader is already in the crosshairs of the Jews (as were the Czars). The same will happen with the Church one day. It’s only a matter of time.

    14. sgruber Says:

      St. John,

      You make a pretty forceful-sounding case for the Catholic Church as a White-protector long ago.

      What is our best protection now? It ain’t Mary and Jesus, since they never existed in the first place.

      I think the Catholic Church was compromised not mainly by Protestants, but instead by the internal contradictions of any religion (fairy-tales). Remember jews feed on internal contradictions like germs feed on wounds.

      But if we returned to oldline Catholicism, and it put the jew back in his place, that would be fine with me on a very temporary basis: until the real solution. The end of jewry.

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    15. St. John Chrysostom Says:


      You ask the million dollar question, i.e., what do we do now? I’ll leave the religious aspect aside for the moment, since I know it does not interest most VNN readers. But when it comes to history, we cannot allow the Jews to warp our European history and turn us against each other as they have so successfully done. One doesn’t have to be Catholic or believe what we Catholics believe, but the historical record must be set straight in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

      Regarding how to make our way out of this mess, we need a leader who operates within the framework of Catholic moral values, since those values have protected us from Jewish influence in the past and led to large, happy white families. In other words, anything the Jews propose or support must be roundly rejected, as one would reject a cup of poisoned water from an enemy.

      Which leads me to my next point which will undoubtedly draw fire from Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul is an honorable man and I admire him greatly. However, his libertarianism is Jewish from start to finish, as is capitalism in general. Capitalism arose in England after the Jews came storming back thanks to Cromwell. Capitalism is un-Aryan because its dog-eat-dog spirit of competition leads to some people having more than they could ever use, and some people having next to nothing. A true Aryan economic model would be distributism which is what was practiced to a large extent in Europe before Jews created capitalism (obviously socialism is the Jewish false alternative).

      Distributism is a principle by which most people own property (usury is out) and cooperate to a large extent with one another in business, similar to the old guild system. But that’s just economics and that’s something to be worked out down the road. With the internet, we now have the ability to communicate with each other without the Jewish censor.

      WN leaves out morality because it has no tradition or religion, which is why I believe the future for whites can only operate within a framework of Catholic moral values. Emulating the Jew, as Hitler did, is dangeous for Aryans because our nature is completely different from theirs. Hitler only cared about Germany and had no concept of historical Europe. He embraced socialism which is Jewish and eugenics which is Jewish. TOday, after decades of brainwashing the world against Hitler and the Nazis, it’s probably not a good idea to try to attract whites by forcing them to deny their Christian faith and wear the swastika. Fair or not, this method will never work because the majority of people have been turned against it completely. Dressing up like Nazis, badmouthing Christianity, and speaking as crudely as the Jew Howard Stern is not Aryan and not productive. Hitler had his chance and he lost.

    16. Arminius Says:

      Chrysostom is wrong. It’s impossible to defend religion with reason. Defending the Christian Church, and Catholicism especially, reveals the corrupting alien influence religion has upon our race and culture. Chrysostom has been prevented (probably since childhood) from independent thinking by his Christian education.
      Just to recall: Jesus was born by a Jewess, he was thus a Jew, his ancestors were all Jewish, his followers were Jews, his most sucessful successor (St.Paul) was a leading Jew and proud of it, their rule book was the Jewish Bible, and the Church preaches what Jews told to her to preach. For example miscegenation- except for Jews.
      Don’t mention Hitler, the faithful Catholic (he paid his Church dues ’til his death), and antisemite in the true tradition of the Church. His Nuremberg Race Laws are valid in Israel today!
      The Catholic Church promoted Napoleon, Hitler, Lenin (see Prof. Sutton: Wallstreet and Bolshevik Revolution) etc., thus promoting the Jewish agenda. Going further back in history, only one description fits: A criminal institution from its very beginning. Butchery, Terror and Moneygrabbing, exactly as taught in the Bible. Its a “FACT”: The missionary seized the land from the “heathen” in exchange for the Bible, and in his train followed- the Jewish money lender. To this day, as said above.
      But that is not told to the believers for good reasons.

    17. Ein Says:

      St. John C. says: “If it weren’t for the Church keeping Jews in ghettos and without civil rights for 16 centuries, the control they now have over us would have been completed centuries ago. ….but they had to wait until they could get one of their agents onto the papal throne, which they did in 1958”

      They won their [military] war gainst us in 1945, and within 13 years they had taken over the Church too, thus completing their hold over us spiritually as well. At that point, it was no longer necessary for them to have communism take over the West, as the Church, MLK, et al, would be serving that purpose just as nicely.

      PS. I recall (from memory, but don’t have time to look it up) that there have been a few Jewish popes, and at least several others who might possibly have been Jewish.

    18. Darren Says:

      “WN leaves out morality because it has no tradition or religion”

      Bull. Pre-Christian Indo-Europeans had rich culture and traditions. These were destroyed by the Christian conquerers who forced them to convert on the pain of torture or death. Aryan morality is derived from nature; Christian morality is focuses on subservience to the religion and its institutions because life on Earth doesn’t matter as much as getting into ‘heaven’.

      “Emulating the Jew, as Hitler did”

      How dare you defile the Fuhrer’s name like this!

      “Hitler only cared about Germany and had no concept of historical Europe”

      Hitler cared about the German people, yes. He understood the threat that the world wide Jewry in Europe and America posed to Germany.

      “He embraced socialism which is Jewish and eugenics which is Jewish”

      Socialism isn’t Jewish. Eugenics is something that existed in ancient indo european culture.

      “forcing them to deny their Christian faith and wear the swastika”

      Christians either need to adapt their religion to be racially aware and racially beneficial or shed it completely.

    19. Ich Bin Laden Says:

      The reason there are so many Haitians in Montreal today is because a Christian (presumably Catholic) immigration minister let them all in.

      From the March 1991 edition of American Renaissance:

      “In 1976, when the all-but-separatist Parti Québécois won provincial control, it appointed as its first immigration minister a priest and retired missionary to Africa, Jacques Couture. Mr. Couture was determined to do two things: bring more French-speakers to Quebec and open the province to the poor and suffering. In what could not have been a more disastrous choice, he decided on Haiti as the perfect source for new Quebeckers. Haiti was French-speaking, in a primitive way, and it was the most desperately poor, backward place in the hemisphere. Haitians would provide both a fresh dose of francophone vigor and an opportunity for white Quebeckers to open their hearts to the downtrodden.”

      More at

      Catholics believe in so many contradictory things that it’s a wonder more of them don’t wind up having breakdowns.

    20. Ich Bin Laden Says:

      It’s also interesting to note that there was an exodus of Jews from the city of Montreal when the Parti Québécois came to power in ’76. Something like 50,000 Jews left the city. Jews don’t like nationalist governments (with the exception of Zionist ones, obviously), even when those governments enact destructive immigration policies.

    21. Ich Bin Laden Says:

      Thanks, St. John Chrysostom, for your insights.

    22. Ich Bin Laden Says:

      “Hitler only cared about Germany and had no concept of historical Europe.”

      While Hitler indisputably was a German nationalist, I don’t believe that is true.

      “He embraced socialism which is Jewish and eugenics which is Jewish.”

      I don’t think Hitler had any choice but to embrace socialism, as he was trying to offer an alternative to communism.

      As for eugenics, well, so what if it has had Jewish proponents? If you’re going to start rejecting ideas simply because Jews have advocated them, you might as well not believe in anything. Who do you think wrote the first half of the Bible, anyways?

      You really believe eugenics is a bad idea? You can look at a black welfare family who’s kids are going to end up mugging your kids to buy crack-cocaine and tell me that you’re in favor of the dysgenic policies that has allowed these unfit people to survive at our expense?

      You say “Hitler had his chance and he lost,” but one could just as easily say the same of the Church — it had its chance and it lost. You can wax nostalgic about pre-Vatican II all you like, but it’s not going to bring it back.

      I know a guy, a Catholic, of Irish descent, who understands the Jewish question better than most. He’s also married to and has had children with an Asian woman (presumably a Catholic as well). This to me illustrates what is wrong with Catholicism and why I don’t believe Catholicism is what’s going to save the white race.

      There are some values in Catholicism that I like and that I hope future generations of whites will preserve, but overall, there is just too much racial poison in this religion for me to subscribe to it.

      What whites need at this time is a racially-exclusive religion that explicitly forbids miscegenation. Sorry, but I don’t see that in mainstream Catholicism.

    23. Ein Says:

      “He embraced socialism which is Jewish and eugenics which is Jewish.”

      The philosopical concept of socialism was around long before Marx took it over and made it his own.

      And since when is eugenics Jewish? That’s certainly news to me.

    24. Catholic man Says:

      The Bibile does not permit racial mixing. Read the book of Tobit, specifically Tobit 4:12

      “Beware, my son, of all immorality. First of all take a wife from among the descendants of your fathers and do not marry a foreign woman, who is not of your father’s tribe; for we are the sons of the prophets. Remember, my son, that Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our fathers of old, all took wives from among their brethren. They were blessed in their children, and their posterity will inherit the land.”

      The book of Tobit is not present in Protestan Bibles, it will not be in some “new” Catholic Bibles either.


    25. Sancho Octoroon von Croix Says:

      The Roman Catholic Church’s kingdom is not of this world. The evangelical counsels: poverty, chastity, and obedience taken in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit are the model of all the saints, whom Catholics believe will judge this earth in the company of Christ. There are more than a billion Catholics worldwide whose faith is despised by many from almost as many different points of view. Illegal immigration and miscegenation are not Catholic issues. If there are some variations in what Catholics say and do, and it confuses non-Catholics, it’s not really a Catholic issue there either to solve all the stinking thinking problems. The fundamental things, the ontological priorities, about Catholicism are not of the same low substance as the passing issues and profanities of this present world, except where they touch the dogmas of the Incarnation and the Most Holy Trinity.
      Ad Maiorem Gloria Dei, salut!

    26. Carpenter Says:

      Weary migrants on their journey north often recharge their batteries at a network of similar shelters run by the Roman Catholic Church—a lifeline sanctioned by the Vatican, despite increased U.S. efforts to keep out illegal immigrants.

      Christians spread their power by doing what is Politically Correct in their era. Always. Now some morons say yesterday’s Political Correctness was the real face of the Cath Church, not the face before or the face after. I’m not falling for it.

      The Cath Church had Europe in its greedy grip for centuries. And the Jews stayed. The Catholic Church cares nothing about race. It only harrassed the Jews a little to make them convert, and once a Jew was a Christian, he was all right.

      The real anti-White betrayal started with the colonization of non-European lands, not in the 20th century as some liars would have it. The Catholic priests converted the non-Whites everywhere, to increase their power. And today the Catholic Church is mostly non-White. It has always accepted non-Whites, right from the start.

      Uncomfortable truths for the lying Christians. Christians always lie, it seems. They are so much like Jews.

    27. DMS Says:

      Does anyone know the street addresses for these “catholic organizations”?