7 January, 2008

“F**k Fox!”

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by Edgar J. Steele (Note: Fox’s Rupert Murdoch apparently had a Jewish mother: [Here]):


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  7. 7 Responses to ““F**k Fox!””

    1. Ein Says:

      There just HAD to be something there.
      Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And when someone’s so cagey about it, suspicion is all the more warranted

      But there is a solution.

    2. saltriver Says:

      The jew wears many disguises. He wouldn’t be in the business he’s in without being one of the tribe. Like Ein says,there is a solution and we wn’s know what it is.

    3. Ultimate White Warrior Says:

      Y’all should have had this epiphany a half decade ago – and put your TV’s in the closet for the duration. And did something life-affirming with your freed entertainment budget.

      You’ve given the Judeos more than enough money-as-rope to hang you. Barring a miracle that “un-rigs” New Hampshire’s Dieblod machines – you’re all fucked. By your own hand – the one you hold your remote in, the hand with which you’ve been writing checks to Murray, Aaron & Rupert for the last decade.

      Why are the current unfoldings news to any of you?



    5. Ed Logsdon Says:

      I had heard quite some time back that Rupert was a Jew! Who else would name their kid “Rupert”? I pay no mind to the FOX IN THE BOX!

    6. ein Says:

      “Y’all should have had this epiphany a half decade ago –
      You’ve given the Judeos more than enough money-as-rope to hang you. “

      I think you’re attacking the wrong people. The people HERE are not the ones who’ve been doing those things.

      And who said “the current unfoldings are news” to us?

    7. 1492 Says:

      I much prefer the open Jew, the direct Jew, the honest Jew.
      The sneak Jew is the worst and the most dangerous of all.
      Thus, a half-breed, is WORSE than a full-breed.