1 January, 2008

Free Talk Live New Years Night 9pm est

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* MORE “Bang-bang-bang” — TKB (typical kaffir behaviour) — so what’s new?
* what REALLY happened – a bit of S.A. history / the downfall of the Apartheid Govt / White Africa’s ONLY hope…
* co-hosting – either Mishko Novosel or Mark Faust – “watch the patterns… the signs are ALL there
(what happened to white South Africans COULD happen in the West)

See you there – stay safe, stay white, let’s keep it tight on New Year’s Night!

Broadcast starts at 9pm est

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  7. 2 Responses to “Free Talk Live New Years Night 9pm est”


      Scatological ‘Seven’?
      Kike Steven Spielberg has eye on Chicago Scatological Seven movie
      by Andrei Yustschinsky, Film Critic

      January 3, 2008

      Camal faced Jew Spielberg tells Vanity Fair magazine he is developing “The Trial of the “Scatological Seven,” a film about Vietnam War era Jewish communist troublemakers at the 1968 “Democratic” Convention. “We’re in the process right now … of doing a feasibility study of what actors are available,” he told the magazine.
      An actor under consideration is none other than another camel faced kike Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat”), whom Variety reports is a candidate to play the anti-American, social-Marxist Jewish loudmouth troublemaking agitator and now dead and boiling in hot shit Abbie Hoffman.

    2. Mishko Says:

      Great job guys…. I was inspired to re-watch 1/3 of the holohoax. Everyone should take the time to watch the entire set of videos, I know it’s over 4 hours, but well worth the education.