3 January, 2008

French New Year: 372 Cars Torched

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The ethnicity of the vandals isn’t mentioned, but those of you who have followed recent events in France know that Muslim immigrants have specialized in this type of behavior [1]:


[1] more about ethnic violence in France: [Here]

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  7. 8 Responses to “French New Year: 372 Cars Torched”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The situation in France is what much of Western Europe can look forward to in the next five years.

      This is a golden opportunity for us to get our message across to the sheeple. Racial brothers, don’t be disheartened, seize this valuable time to make converts and build up networks and organisational infrastructure.

      When the storm breaks we MUST be ready both politically and militarily.

    2. booger Says:

      Only 367 cars this time?i guess the muds are slacking off.France is a great example of whats coming our way with the Mexcrements.Turn enuff of these sub-human lowlifes loose and anarchy and chaos are the result.It is only a matter of time before we see the rise of a beaner terrorist organization thats goal is the return of the the Southwest to Mexico.Once you get enuff of any foreign people who are a different race or religion or culture,then the “host” culture is in for alot of trouble.Exactly what is going on in Frogland.But Hell,our gubmints position is let ’em in!They “contribute” to the “economy”,yea right.Ever work around a bunch of mexcrements?See how the beaners act toward you.You’re made to feel like a foreigner in your own country as most of the time they don’t even bother,if they can,to speak English.Stupid Jew-Puppet Frogs,deserve everything they get on the way to their “multi-racial utopia”.HA!On that note-so do we as ZOG floods our White Heartlands with millions of muds.Prepare for Civil Violence on a scale not seen before.

    3. sgruber Says:

      JEWS are the MAIN and sometimes ONLY promoters of non-White immigration into White countries. HERE (pdf of Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s chapter “Jewish Involvement in Shaping U.S. Immigration Policy” from The Culture of Critique).

      It’s a passion, a passion of jews to dilute the native homogenous population of their host countries. That means turning a country into a hellhole of warring muds, so that they – the jews – can rule without any significant competition from their racial enemy, White “goyim” like you and me. They boast their goal is to eliminate the possibility of pogroms and Nazis by destroying the White race. They rejoice fiendishly when Whites are reduced to a minority anywhere. (Tool of the jews Bill Clinton rhapsodized when California went majority non-White.) That’s the jew’s strategy as a race – divide and conquer – through genocide.

      The jew is driving the death of the White West, and THE JEW MUST DIE.

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    4. ein Says:

      “It’s a passion, a passion of jews to dilute the native homogenous population of their host countries…so that they can rule without any significant competition.
      JEWS are the MAIN and sometimes ONLY promoters of non-White immigration into White countries. ”

      Thank you, Sgruber. Meanwhile, the baffled and gullible posters over at Amren continue to rail and rant ineffectively against Mexicans, blacks, and Moslems … who are more symptoms of terminal disease than causes of it, thus deflecting attention away from The Tribe Which Cannot Be Named (on Amren) but which has coordinated it all.

      Oh yes, there’s no denying that the Jews have many foolish gentile disciples among the sappy softies working in the churches and academia. And in politics too. Gentiles are involved in their own destruction, no doubt of it. But the point is: WHO are the leaders and directors of the movement?

    5. ein Says:

      Sarkozy was in Algeria last month on a state visit. A diplomatic imbroglio was created when one of the Algerian bigwigs (from the Ministry of War Veterans) refused to meet with him or participate in the ceremonies, stating very bluntly that Sarkozy was nothing but a creation of the media and the Jewish lobby. Amazingly, this statement was actually reported in Le Figaro. I guess they couldn’t ignore it.

      Sarko spent several days there giving speeches denouncing anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. This was just after the rioting had taken place in France, but oddly there was no condemnation of “Anti-Europeanism” or “anti-Gentile-izm”. (Well, we don’t even have a word for it, do we?)

      Next thing I read, he was in Egypt. Before that he had been in Senegal, proposing a union of Eurafrica which he insisted would have no basis in “the sickness of nationality or race.” Of course he would say that. What else could such a man say? He seems to have an affinity for this part of the world, I note. Well, one glance at his face tells why. Incidentally, in viewing his newspaper photo, taken with President Bouteflika of Algeria, I had to think twice which one was the North African and which the “European”.

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      Oh, incidentally, to address laughing’s comment that:
      “France is a comparatively small country with highly concentrated urban centers of ethnic alien occupation.”

      France is the largest country in Western Europe and is certainly considered large by European standards. Also, the alien settlements are by no means “highly concentrated” nor in the urban centers, but are instead scattered around them, in the outskirts. Indeed, in France’s case, the immigrant banlieues (suburbs) have grown so large that Paris is by now almost surrounded by them.

      For the privileged elite, and even the French middle classes, the banlieues are out of sight and out of mind. They might as well be on a different planet. Even the French newspapers and TV play down the incidents there. I was there at the time and saw nothing on TV. We get more of it outside the country and in the foreign press. The only frontpage riot stories on the newsstands which I saw were in the International Herald Tribune (in English).

      For the elite and secure, these festering immigrant enclaves have no bearing at all on their daily lives. I don’t think they will finally get the message until the “youths” take their riots out of their own neighborhoods and into the elegant quarters of Paris where the people with clout live.

      In Germany, it is also much the same.

    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Well, on a visit to Paris a couple of years ago I was shocked at the nig and mud penetration of ‘fashionable areas’. They were literally everywhere. Shitting on the streets of Montmartre and dossing in the flower beds of La Defence.

      The suburb of St Denis was at least 80% immmigrant. The famous gothic cathedral and burial place of French kings towered over a scene straight out an Algerian casbah!

    7. Marwinsing Says:

      How the heck did jew-sanayim Sarkozy slither into power in the first place? Any native WN Frenchman (or any WN in the know-how, for that matter) got an answer to this perplexing question?

    8. sgruber Says:

      Why did jew Sarkozy get elected? Because his opponents were the jewsmedia-discredited Le Pen party and a communist cunt. And he talked tough, making everyone believe (or say they believed) he was White and “conservative.” If you look back at VNN Forum before his election, there was a detectable sentiment that, gee, Sark’s no a jew! He’s a strong White conservative who’s going to clean things up in France – he will kick ass! I know my conservative relatives (followers of Fox jews) had that mindset for sure. Slowly, slowly, slowly it transpired after the election that maybe…just maybe…he’s a jew? I knew it all along, and so did the kikes! Here’s proof for the stragglers. Note that “Atlas Shrugs” gasses about him here. “Dirty jew!”