30 January, 2008

“Hate Crime” Suspect is Jewish

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It’s common for God’s Pets to fake “hate” incidents, as depicted in this cartoon:

[Article] and [Article].

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  7. 4 Responses to ““Hate Crime” Suspect is Jewish”

    1. Muckraker Says:

      “Levy’s latest stunt is to protest the upcoming American Renaissance conference.”

      The sheer irony of this is THEY would NEVER post this story on AmRen. Might lead too many to question WHO’s behind the hate crimes laws and push for ever more – all aimed at Whitey of course. As writer Curt Maynard so succinctly put it, “It’s the jews, stupid!”

    2. Muckraker Says:

      Missing from the cartoon…should have drawn a coat with long pockets with a well-worn copy of the “Talmud” peeking out and kiddie porn mag under his left arm.

    3. Betty Says:

      What is Jared Taylor thinking? The Jews have taken over Amren as posters and as the censors. Did Jared sell the White race out like so many before him? Is this the only way he can be in business, so to speak? I would leave the business if that is the case.

    4. d.morris Says:

      “Will the real hate group please stand up,oye vey!” The goyim are waking up, your time is short ESAU….”