25 January, 2008

Jena Fallout, Part 2

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What are “civil rights”? You’d have to ask congressman Emanuel Celler. He’s the Jew who created the 1957 and 1964 Civil Rights Acts. Why ask Celler, you may wonder? Here’s why: those “rights” weren’t even mentioned by America’s White founders. Why not? That’s a good question. The truth of the matter is that American civil rights laws are nothing but Jewish constructs that would have been rejected by our founders. In fact, the whole civil rights movement – from federal mandates to the private funding of Black organizations – is almost entirely kosher [1][2][3][4]:


[1] about Celler and his Civil Rights Acts: [Here]

[2] about the 10th Amendment and federal civil rights laws: [Here]

[3] as much as 75% of the private funding for Black civil rights groups came from Jews: [Here]

[4] Jews and civil rights: [Here]

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    1. Ceallachain Says:

      You know your country isn’t free when symbols and thoughts bring a stiffer penalty than a gang beating. No modern civilization can bear the burden of a 15 percent black (and growing!) population for long (not to mention a 17 percent latrino population — and growing even faster!)

      If illegal immigration is so great, why isn’t California 50 million in the red by now. Why does it resemble a third world hell hole more and more every day? I guess there aren’t enough Mexicans yet. Add more!! That will surely help.

    2. Hans F.Schneider Says:

      Why do the Jews not introduce a Civil Rights Act for the Paleastinians ?

    3. Lutjens Says:


      Because there are no white people in Kikeistan to fuck over.

    4. Corey Mondello Says:

      You state; “those “rights” weren’t even mentioned by America’s White founders.”

      But the ‘Bill of Rights’ were created and the preamble of the ‘Constitution of the United States’ says;

      “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      The following descriptions would lead me to believe, they wanted everyone to get along and to be interested in each other, if not for actually caring, but for the common welfare on the whole.

      “domestic Tranquility”
      “promote the general Welfare”

      Please explain to me how I can be wrong in my educated conclusion.


    5. Socrates Says:

      Corey: the 1790 naturalization law refers only to “White” people. America’s founders rejected multiculturalism from the very beginning.

    6. Corey Says:

      Yes, this was when slaves were considered non-humans and property, much like how conservatives have allowed corporations to be “people” and get a way with so many things.

      So, which is better?

      If we had none of these “slaves”, not very much would of been done in the beginning of America, seeing as they did most, if not all the physical labor, were first in line to go to war, literally and created quite a few black “Jeffersons”.

      From what understand, Obama is related to Dick Cheney.

      Also keep in mind, the white man may have come to this continent, to create a “new” world, it was a couple of hundred years before the Founding Fathers were here and for the most part, the Native Americans got along with most of their neighbors, it wasn’t until someone started killing them and taking their land….its kind of like if…lets say….the Taliban came here and started going door to door, to rape and kill and steal whatever they wanted.

      I am sure most Americans would fight to the death.

      This is what we get to look forward to thanks to a white fundamental Christian, who has a mercenary army and a tax funded army, infilltrated with like fundametal Christians, which is leading the people in the Middle East to hate the white people and the American people and most certainly the white Christian, who they assume respresents who America is made of….


      The very actions white man used to take over the continent of North America, imperialism, is starting to slap us in the face.

      Time for us white people, and those who think America is a Christian nation…to shut the hell up and mind their own business…which is what the Foundingg Fathers indeed, strongly suggested.

    7. Betty Says:

      Us WHITE people, COREY? Who are you kidding? You are a “person of color” or are one of “those others”, period. EVERTHING you wrote is garbage and so kosher it is disgusting to say the least. You sure as hell don’t know your history or what this country was meant to be! Stuff your marxist drivel and go back where you came from. As for the black slaves “building” this country, shows your lack of history and intellect.

    8. Corey Says:

      Hey Betty,

      I know we all come from Africa….atleast that seems to be the theory.

      I am half Italian/Sicilian and the other half I call American.

      Seeing as Sicily had many cultures and many “races” over time, chances are I am a little bit of everything…just like the rest of Americans.

      As for not knowing my history about black slaves, who else did all the labor at the beginning of America?

      Not white people.

      As for “Kosher”….I do not practice any religious beliefs or rituals, along with that “Kosher” is the cruelist way to kill an animal.

      As for “Marxist”…I do not follow any belief system, political party nor do I care to.

      I am me, I do not need to be a “joiner” to validate who I am.

      So here is the most accurate description of me, where I am a caring human being, who cares about fairness and human life, and I apologize in advance, if take offense to this;

      “….if by a liberal they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, their civil liberties.. if that is what they mean by a “liberal” then I am proud to be a liberal. ” ~ John F. Kennedy

    9. Mahmoud Says:

      Blacks did not do the hard labor in America, neither did they built america. That is a tergiversation of facts and events.
      Blacks were imported by the southern plantation owners to pick cotton. To pick cotton. It was a calamitous decision and faustian experiment.

      The rest of the Union had no blacks to do anything.

    10. Logician Says:

      Corey Mondelo had quoted the US Consitution Preamble on its goals of “domestic tranquillity” etc… which MIGHT today sound like all sorts of people from anyhwere in the world (who “somehow” got here) are to be “brotherly” to each other – like we’re all part of one huge family. This superficial view ignores key Constitutional words….

      [And, we are not one family! Huge time separates origin of major human population types! Numerous studies show BIG differerences many ways! And Bible Law has a huge gap between Adamites and earlier living beings – over whom Adam-Man was given dominion! It logically includes other humans, based on geoscience evidence!]

      Corey ignores that Consitutional blessings are exactly to THAT GROUP OF SIGNERS (no Jews, no non-whites) and THEIR POSTERITY – NOT OTHER FOLKS! They had no intention of letting “diversity” arrive to swamp their folks:

      The first immigration act cut that out! Negroes ALL came as slaves. (There was a problem of what to do with one of these if he bought himself free; abolitionists formed a group to help such ones get back to Africa. They formed Liberia for that! Brits shipped theirs to Sierra Leone.)

      I’m sure some Jew will whine that his group were present in the revolution, and are part of US “brotherhood.” (The Bible clearly disputes their rights as such, in John 8 & 10.)

      Did anyone of “Jew” lineage sign the Constitution? If not, they are NOT in the “posterity” named! [What about a Moslem Arab, Palestinian, Egyptian etc? Answer: ditto]

      Note that King Edward I had thrown Jews out of England (and its lands) as they were found guilty of crimes. (The list included: clipping coins, charging usury of us, ritual murder of our children, etc.) It was only since these folks funded Cromwell’s invasion to kill the king and impose manmade law, that Cromwell let them back. We can now logically repudiate that! And its consequences. (Eg. Roger Williams should never have been allowed to let them into Rhode Island, their first invasion in N America. Logically then, there’d be no “Jew” in the USA now!)

      But, even before and above the US Consitution (which is now largely ignored, notably by Obama, who can’t prove he is a natural-born US citizen: his FATHER was not; one must have BOTH PARENTS as US citizens to fit definition required of a US President and VP)… we had British Law.

      EVERY MONARCH SWORE ON A FULL BIBLE TO UPHOLD THAT LAW (even Elizabeth II did that). Bible law gives no authority to a monarch ever to end that law! Nor to give “authority” to others (Parliament, a rebel Congress) to end it, or add to it, or remove parts, or to change identities. (The Bible is greatly about lineages.)

      So, we can logically throw out the US Consitution itself!
      (And do so by logic, not by subterfuge… like Clintonistas, Bushwhackers and Obamaniacs.) Much the same can be said of other European monarchies. And other British realms where anti-biblical manmade “law” is pumped through the various Parliaments etc.

      Under Bible Law many things must be vastly different!!!
      Studying that will be another topic for the Bible literate (which excludes most paid preachers!)