24 January, 2008

Jena Fallout: The War On Whites and Freedom of Speech

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Six niggers attack and brutally beat a White boy. The monkeys get:

1) Favorable mainstream media coverage excusing them because of some previous incident that was blown out of proportion;
2) Thousands of dollars in donations from the mostly white, brainwashed, G-d blinded, “I’m not a racist” crowd;
3) Have 20,000 slobbering coons and rabid racist fat cats Jezzie Jackscoon and Al “Chickenbone” Sharptaroon descend on a small, mostly White town to extort and threaten the law and people into freeing the 6 savages;
4) And finally, they get major felony charges dropped against them and their case is moved to juvenile court where they get feather slaps on the wrist and turned back on the population.

A few White boys decide to exercise their 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech by hanging nooses off of their truckbed and drive through town at the end of the 20,000-coon march. They get:

1) Arrested by the police;
2) Endless harping on their “hateful” display by the mainstream media;
3) Drug in front of and indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for charges of hate crimes that will carry a stiff sentence in a ZOG coon zoo where they will probably end up dead by chimp-out.

Seeing a pattern here Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom? All these White boys could be your sons. If they aren’t pimped into ZOG’s death machine in Iraq, they are targets of diversity, multiculturalism, and the twisted laws that the kikes enact to erode what is left of White American Freedom.

You better wake up. You better care. You don’t know how close you are to these niggers kicking down your door, raping your wife and daughter, killing you, and taking that big screen TV you’re getting with your economy-boosting Bush bucks. Just ask a White South African what happens when the niggers rule over Whites.

Jena abomination – HERE

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  7. 12 Responses to “Jena Fallout: The War On Whites and Freedom of Speech”

    1. Stan Says:

      Louisiana teen indicted for displaying noose at Jena civil rights march
      Posted: 12:36 PM ET
      WASHINGTON (CNN) — A Louisiana teenager has been indicted on federal hate crime and conspiracy charges for allegedly threatening and intimidating civil rights marchers in Jena last year by displaying hangman’s nooses from the back of a pickup truck.

      Federal authorities announced Thursday that Jeremiah Munsen, 18, had been indicted by a federal grand jury for repeatedly driving slowly past a group of marchers gathered at a bus depot in Alexandria, which is near Jena, as they awaited buses to return them to Tennessee.

      Authorities said Munsen and an unnamed conspirator had attached nooses to their pickup on September 20 and drove to Alexandria specifically to threaten and intimidate the marchers.

      –From Justice Producer Terry Frieden

    2. Butch McCauley Says:

      Weren’t the nigger marchers there to threaten and intimidate the white people of Jena? I, like all of you, are sick of this double-standard bullshit. Let’s just hope the grand jury has enough common sense between them to see this injustice, and have the balls to make the right decision.

    3. 2050 Says:

      The ‘grand jury’ already indicted him.
      Grand juries are phony citizen rubber stamps.
      Indictment itself is a phony thing. Its purpose is to say yes we do think there is enough evidence to prosecute.
      But to average people it’s after all ‘GRAND’, so it must be more important than a regular jury. It’s not. The jury is all that matters, but the press and people(jury pool) convict mentally, because after all he was so guilty that the ‘GRAND’ jury ‘indicted’ him.
      Let’s hope he gets a mostly white jury.

    4. George Taylor Says:

      What happened to the First Amendment? Nay I say: What happened to the Fourteenth Amendmant?

      The time for revolution is NOW.

      Fuck Ron Paul, and fuck the United States.


      Join me, George Taylor AKA Thomas Paine, and kill them all.


      George Taylor

    5. Joe B Says:

      Very interesting. With Hal Turner being recently exposed as an fbi informant and many other pro-White sites being under suspicion of being zionist sites to see this.

      “2) Thousands of dollars in donations from the mostly white, brainwashed, G-d blinded, “I’m not a racist” crowd;”

      Only jews do not write the name of GOD. yet you failed to do so.
      VERY suspicious!

    6. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Goddamn Fed thugs. That poor White boy is looking at 1-11 years in the joint, probably to get ass raped and infected with AIDS by the vengeful nigger scum in there……..If this doesn’t let you know that America has been flushed down the shitter by the kikes and their whores, nothing will.

    7. -JC Says:

      Researching a well-connected, dishonest attorney giving me hard time, I came across this site and asked the question: Could you hold a Miss WHITE San Bernardino pageant and not go to jail?


      Local SB Issues
      Miss Black San Bernardino Pageant Finalists Announced

      The Precinct Reporter (website under development) announed in its most recent issue the finalists for Miss Black San Bernardino. In alpabetical order, they are: Moriyah Armstead, Kimberlee Benton, Marta Hale, Julia Moreland, Divisha Pickett, Sheena Poole and Jillian Welch.

      The award will be presented on January 26th at 7 PM at the Sturges Center for the Performing Arts.

      The young ladies attend various schools throughout the area. I am not sure what the criterion is in order to win the crown and if anyone knows, please let us know.

      Good luck to each of the contestants.

      San Berbaghdad Death Toll Climbs to 54

      You can’t keep a good vulture down for long as San Bernardino checks in with its 54th homicide of the year. Babe Ruth looks safe, but “Joltin'” Joe DiMaggio looks to be in danger.

    8. sgruber Says:

      A lot of the opposition is Masonic. “City Fathers” don’t want a riot/revolution. Bad for business. They can control (they think) the protesting niggers. What scares them is White people revolting.

      They will pursue “peace at any cost” until it costs them everything. Like Stan said, look at South Africa – or Zimbaube.

    9. whiterider Says:

      I weep for my once great country

      I rage at the people in it

      White folks what happened to you?

      How did we get here?

      When will we stop putting up with it?

    10. Ceallachain Says:

      The poor white kids believed (falsely) that they still lived in a free country. Expensive lesson to learn. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been true for a while now.

      Death to AmexiKwa!!!

      No more wars for Israel!!!

    11. sgruber Says:

      The Second Amendment guards the First Amendment. Consider our duty.

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    12. skeptio halfricanus Says:

      Fuck Ron Paul? But RP’s gonna “own it”! he won second place in Nevada!!! ladeedah!!!