15 January, 2008

Latest on Ron Paul

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I think your readers will be interested in the contents of the Ron Paul newsletters. The writing suggests Paul didn’t author them, but there’s no way he couldn’t have known their contents over a period of years. Paulites are apoplectic and are currently engaged in group hugs and collective denials.

It’s regrettable they only appear as excerpts, but check them out at The New Republic …


New Republic hits Ron Paul again

Posted 2 hours ago, according to Google:

This needs to be addressed, I feel.

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  7. 15 Responses to “Latest on Ron Paul”

    1. Hoosier Says:



      The Ron Paul Political Report refers to the “pro-communist philanderer Martin Luther King” and refers to his “non-violent approach” as “(i.e., state violence).”

      Considering that “Doctor” Michael “Martin Luther” King WAS a pro-communist philanderer, and his “non-violent approach” WAS state violence, what’s the problem? These neocon boobs are worse than the libs when it comes to eyebrow-raising school-marm type “disapproval.”

      More than the people at places like New Republic who write this, I really despise the blank-eyed morons who go along with it. If you can’t see that the Jews have hijacked the republican party, I don’t know what to tell you but to “wake up and smell the fuck’n’ coffee” as Jimbo says.

    2. Commander Melcur Says:

      I have wholeheratedlyt supported Ron paul from the beginning, but if that motherfucker apologizes one more time, fuck him!

    3. Mark Says:

      Egad! The “most trusted man in government” could actually be aware of racial differences, Jewish influence, and the truth about MLK? The horror!

    4. tennyson Says:

      I am shortening my lifespan by reading this crap(the Paul story). Just saw a vid from Estonia on podblanc. I recomend all red blooded white men go look at it. You’ll be on the next boat to Europe. The TNR article was wonderfull, i hope he is a racist! White America needs one for a change.

    5. tennyson Says:

      I might write in Alex Linder at the ballot box. We all should for that matter. LINDER 08’….has a nice ring to it. He could have Yankee Jim for VP, Craig Cobb sec of Ed., Edgar Steele Attorney General, Tom Metzger Sec of War, David Duke Ambassador to the UN….wait ….the UN will be a history lesson…Ambassador to Isreal…how sweet that would be…
      A daydream now and again is ok.

    6. Bill Says:

      No more apologizing to the niggers all it dose is cause more white guilt! I apologize for our worthless ansesters taking there nappy headed asses from Africa and bringing them to this once beautiful white country. them and all there desendance be cursed for all eternity. and to the Jewish state of Israel I await the day that your country is nuked and every last Jew is dead.

    7. Knute Says:

      It ain’t called niggerball for nothing:

    8. Obadiah 1:18 Says:

      It was clear from the outset that Ron Paul was never going to be the pro-White messiah. WNs got behind him mainly because he was going to stem anti-free speech legislation, seal the border, and pull the troops out of Iraq. So I can’t understand why people are freaking out because he’s gone out of his way not to align himself with WNs. Are people that naive to believe that a hardcore White Racialist is going to make it into the White House this side of a bloody revolution?

    9. Anchorage Activist Says:

      Michigan Primary results now filtering in.


      With 1% of the vote in, here are the top 4 Republicans:

      Romney – 6,729 votes
      McCain – 5,260
      Huckabee – 2,807
      Paul – 1,062

    10. Taxpaying Citizen Says:

      Tennyson or anyone else, could you please send me the link to the Estonia video from Podblanc?

      My email address is: [email protected]


    11. OldRight Says:

      Alex Linder’s assumption is that Ron Paul must have known what was in his newsletters. He bases this on his experience at The American Spectator. But Alex did not work in the for profit newsletter business. Things are a little different in the hard money movement than in the suit and tie conservative world. For one thing there are many small time operators looking to make a fast buck from the disenfranchised fringe. They find people like Paul who already have some street cred with the movement and essentially rent their name. They promise the figurehead that the content will be compatible with his own ideas, but the writers they hire are not the best and the brightest.

      Alex claims that Paul would have been more interested in his newsletter than his medical career, but when you’ve read one hard money, patriot movement newsletter you’ve read them all.

      I find Paul’s claim that he never read the newsletters entirely credible. Paul was irresponsible to rent his name to such incompetent fools, but he’s not a liar.

    12. alex Says:

      But Alex did not work in the for profit newsletter business.

      Yes, I did, for ten years. I worked for several years for Phillips Publishing, one of the largest for-profit newsletter publishers in the world, and then ran my own for-profit company for five.

    13. OldRight Says:

      Some people with these newsletters hire a staff and ignore the whole thing as long as the money keeps coming in. But after reading the Reason article about the authorship of the Paul newsletter it doesn’t sound like that kind of a hands off operation. It looks like Paul was deliberately pandering to the paleoconservative, Buchananite wing of the Republican party and it’s now coming back to bite him on the ass.

      So Alex, it looks like you were right. Did you know more than you let on in public?

    14. Bill White Says:

      Yes, but I’ve seen Ron Paul and company at dinners with the people who (in all likelihood) wrote these newsletters, and that was 2002 and 2003.

      So, yes, he knew, and yes, he dislikes Zionists, and no, he is not a “white supremacist”, but he does have extensive ties to several white supremacists.

    15. Eduardo Says:

      “Paul didn’t author them, but there’s no way he couldn’t have known their contents over a period of years.”

      Ron Paul did read them after [the fact] they were already sent out. As a experienced professional in marketing, I can tell you first hand that this type of thing can happen quite easily. And, it happens most often to editors not experienced in the trade – something that Ron Paul, a congressman, soon learned. Moreover, Ron Paul has dealt with these same accusations many years ago when campaigning for reelection. So, this is story is old warn out and rehashed news. As for Bill White’s comment, it has been convincingly shown that he is a misinformation provocateur. [Ron Paul has] “extensive ties to several white supremacists.” This is blatantly false. It’s an attempt to capitalize on the stretched and greatly magnified “scandal” where Don Black, as an individual, contributed to Ron Paul ‘s campaign. The MSM tried to morph this hit piece into a “Stormfront” organization contribution. As Ron Paul convincely nailed it, he cannot police [or anyone] all 40 thousand donors, (who average contribution was $102 each). Of Ron Paul’s over 40 thousand contributors, there are people of every walk including Don Black. Where are the hit pieces on Obama and Clinton for there alleged ties to controversial people? Let’s face it, the pathocracy is scared of Ron Paul and his freedom and liberty message. This is why they are attacking him anyway they can. But, he is winning the debate hands down