22 January, 2008

Manifesto for NATO Calls for “First Strike” Nuclear Option

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World War III draws nearer as the West adopts neoconservative strategy. Thanks to that Jewish ideology, the West is on a collision course with the Muslim world and the safety of the White countries is compromised as a result. Neoconservatism is an aggressive philosophy that is as much of a threat to world peace as communism was – indeed, neoconservatism has roots in Trotskyism. Furthermore, Jews pioneered the idea of global government, e.g., Marxism, the Soviet Union’s Comintern and the UN. They also perfected the atomic bomb. So this plan has deep Jewish roots, regardless of the authors’ ethnicities [1][2][3][4][5][6]:


[1] a preemptive “first strike” is at the core of neoconservative ideology

[2] the neocons and conflict with the Muslim world: [Here]

[3] the neocons and the naming of world wars (see footnote #1): [Here]

[4] the UN’s Jewish founders include Leo Pasvolsky, Victor Perlo, Solomon Adler and Harry Dexter White

[5] Jewish scientists, such as J. Robert Oppenheimer, Rudolf Peierls, Felix Bloch and Leo Szilard, perfected the atomic bomb

[6] about neoconservatism: [Here]

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  7. 7 Responses to “Manifesto for NATO Calls for “First Strike” Nuclear Option”






    3. sgruber Says:

      The jews and morons will destroy the world yet. Morons always outnumber good people. On the evolution scale, the human race is now self-destructing. One possible scenario is Earth-cum-Middle East, radioactive desert of mud ruled by jew. If the big one comes, hope it wipes out all but cockroaches. Cf. last two panels of Crumb’s “When the Goddamn Jews.”

      The smart White minority should preserve itself, take over when chaos starts. They will have competitors but mostly not smart ones. A chance to set the world right, but kiss goodbye to world as you knew it.

      There is a solution to the jew problem.

    4. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      I predicted this development to a nicety, even getting the year right for when this would be publicly made policy. The reason I could do so is because I have an excellent theory for predicting jew behavior, derived independently of flawed judeophile shit from the likes of Kevin Suckdickle, who is still actually a judeophile himself, like the sorry lot of “WASP” americanimals he panders to, and who consider his work such an “epiphany.” NATO of course, being contrived by jew- saxon Winston Churchill and FDR, cannot do anything BUT serve jew interests. Those who would liberate the Aryan Folk need to grasp that so is the Jewnited States of Amerikwa, period.

      The very core of judaism is criminal-psychotic lust to exterminate Aryans as a race, a culture and religion. In this context, it serves better to view judaism as the religion of jewish racial supremacy. (Jews themselves are an artificial breed, bred to the pathological specifications of the Torah and Talmud. Not a genuine race, like Aryans, but rather a genetic chamber pot of sludge, joined according to spec from three distinctive races, arab, khazar [altaic], and germano-slavic [aryan])

      To succeed in implementing absolute jewish hegemony, jews had to coopt aryan nations, and finally, create a theo-plutocracy under their absolute control, safely removed from retaliation from other Aryan powers. That theo-plutocracy is the U.S.A., and the mass religion they employ to keep their anglo-sucksome stooges in servitude is masonic- fundamentalist protestantism, to wit, americanism.

      The americanist idiotology has expressely called for annihilation of Europe since the early 1970s, on the grounds that “the Antichrist” would “reunite the Romabn Empire.” Thus this current insane development.

      DEATH to America!
      DEATH to freemasonry!
      DEATH to jewry!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris

    5. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      It is not correct to say that Jews invented the atomic bomb. The White Italian Enrico Fermi invented the nuclear reactor which made possible the production of plutionium. The White Ukranian George Kistiakowski invented the explosive lens which made possible the rapid compression of plutonium to make it explode properly. All significant advances in the atomic bomb were made by Whites, not Jews.

      The Jew Teller was a Patriot who did indeed make contributions to the hydrogen bomb. All of the rest of the Jews were traitors who gave Stalin the technology of the atomic bomb.

    6. Socrates Says:

      Donald E. Pauly Says: “It is not correct to say that Jews invented the atomic bomb.”

      It said “perfected,” not “invented.”

    7. sgruber Says:

      Remember, jew Einstein started the whole atomic bomb thing rolling with his paranoid letter to President Roosevelt: HERE.

      Note from the above link that Fermi and the other Gentiles had no urge to continue researching fission. They had to BE urged like hell.

      Considering how big a plagiarist and phony and zionist jew Einstein was, we must wonder: were other jews behind him, using him as a figurehead, a “name”? – jews wanting an extermination bomb to destroy National Socialist Germany, from which so many of them had to flee like rats, because their jig was up? Was there a coterie of jews who lusted for the genocide of the German people with a horrible bomb and were willing to say and do anything to get one?

      And we find, yep, this little kike was behind the whole death-dealing, irradiated schmear: HERE. It’s worth reading the whole entry on him. It’s full of TJB gems.

      Now look at how jews lie, how they flip everything around. The Nazis were not developing atomic weapons: Hitler’s main interest in “super weapons” was rockets. There is as much proof of a National Socialist atomic weapons program as there is of the “Holocaust.”

      At the end of a long bullshit-smelling wiki without cites, or tags requesting cites, we get the bottom line, slipped in as afterthought: “Mainstream American historians have expressed skepticism towards any claims that Nazi Germany was in any way close to success at producing a true nuclear weapon, citing the copious amounts of evidence which seem to indicate the contrary.” The jew made the bomb. Yet he claims he was only reacting to the Nazi bomb which did not exist and was not being built.

      Another flip is that Szilárd – while coming up with the fiendish idea of a real-life atomic bomb, working like hell to make it real, and urging that it be built, all “to fight the Nazis” – this kike responsible for all the horrors of nuclear war and weapons – is honored as a gentle humanitarian peacemaker who spoke out against the horrors of nukes. “Szilárd developed an enduring passion for the preservation of human life and freedom” “In 1961 Szilárd published a book of short stories, The Voice of the Dolphins, in which he wrestled with the moral and ethical issues raised by the Cold War and his own role in the development of atomic weapons.” Oy!

      (Szilárd and Teller identified as jews HERE.)

      (Interesting images of jew Szilárd’s handiwork thus far HERE and HERE Thanks, jews!)

      There is a solution to the jew problem.