23 January, 2008

More War Coming to Serbia?

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Will the part-Turk, Muslim province of Kosovo break away from White, Orthodox Christian Serbia with the help of the Jewish-controlled West? And, why would the West want to help Kosovo break away, anyway? (That’s a trick question, of course. The West doesn’t like Serbia because it’s too “White nationalist” for Jewish comfort. The Serbs won’t follow the New World Order. In fact, the Serbs have resisted “Western values” more forcefully than any other White, European people. So the Jews have to “make an example” out of Serbia). The West no doubt expects the Serbs to resist the Kosovo break-away so that the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia can repeat itself [1][2]:


[1] more about Serbia and Kosovo: [Here]

[2] a map of Serbia and Kosovo: [Here]

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  7. 6 Responses to “More War Coming to Serbia?”

    1. Stan Says:

      AmeriKwan gubment helping Muslims. Wacky man, wacky. If this isn’t a direct example of jews playing both side of the field, I don’t know what is.

    2. jim donaldson Says:

      What arrogance!

    3. John Says:

      Had Russia not possessed nuclear weapons Western governments would already have bombed it in support of muslim Chechya.

      The Jews will always support muslims over whites, that is why they import them into Europe {in hopes of making them more ‘western’} and brand anyone who speaks out against it a racist. Just take a look at France which will become the first muslim state in Europe.
      Jews also hope to deflect attention away from their crimes against muslims in Palestine by supporting muslims in Europe.

    4. ajiarcher Says:

      I think this time around there will be trouble. The Russkies are getting pissed at our emperor who wears no clothes.
      They might either step in themselves or start giving the Serb’s hi-tech anti air craft weapons. The Serb’s made quick work of a couple of our much vaunted Apache helo’s last time around. Besides where are we going to get the extra cannon fodder, I mean troops to invade Serbia if it comes to that. The Euro’s don’t really have the stomach for it, maybe that’s a good thing.

    5. TheWhiteBloodbond Says:

      Read this thread, featuring the leader of the Kosovo Albanians; the “I love Israel!”-moslim Hashim Thaci.

      Additionaly, I recomment every truthseeker to watch (and download!) the two part Dutch documentary ‘The Milosevic Trial’, which exposed UN tribunal in The Hague as a corrupt, criminal kangaroo court, with a biased Jewish judge and lying Albanian witnesses, payed for by the tribunal and the “international community”.

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

    6. John Says:


      I have followed the Yugoslavian wars for long enough and I simply dont buy the Jew media propaganda put out against the Serbs.
      I remember the numbers that were being thrown around with the muslim ‘civilian victims’ and they were absolutely ridiculous, if I can recall correctly the number of raped muslim women was placed at about 70,000 and these figures were being put out by Jew P.R. firms in NY and Washington, the same firms that were putting out the anti Saddam propaganda like the stories of Iraqi soldiers killing Kuwaiti babies in incubators.
      From all that I have seen with regards to these conflicts it seems that the Serbs took the most civilian casualties, more than all the other groups combined but the Jew media would never report it as they were fully behind the muslims.

      As for your statement about barbed wire around the Balkans and letting them sort it out by themselves it sounds like a great idea as I have no doubt the Serbs would get the place in order very quickly and there would be no more Albanian or muslim problem in that part of Europe.