31 January, 2008

Muslims, America, Jerusalem and Peace

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A key reason why Muslims hate America is pretty much unknown to Westerners. That reason is found in East Jerusalem. A very old and important mosque, called Al-Aqsa, is located there. It was built in 710 A.D. and sits on the south side of a big, rectangular area that the Jews and Christians call Temple Mount. Israel seized Al-Aqsa from the Muslims by default when it stole the Occupied Territories in 1967. Many Muslims believe that America has the power to force Israel to give back the Territories, which would return the mosque to them. In fact, the return of Al-Aqsa – i.e., the return of all of Temple Mount – would be a giant step toward peace in the Middle East, which is why Israel will avoid such a move. (A Muslim council – called the Waqf – is allowed to “manage” the mosque and Temple Mount) [1][2][3][4][5]:


[1] a photo of the Al-Aqsa mosque/Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount: [Here]

[2] According to Muslims, Al-Aqsa is the third-holiest place on earth, after Mecca and Medina, which are in Saudi Arabia

[3] the Jews stole the Occupied Territories during a 1967 war started by Israel

[4] Jordan owned Al-Aqsa/Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount before the 1967 seizure

[5] the whole of Temple Mount is considered by Muslims to be more-or-less a mosque. Both Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock are historic Muslim sites

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  7. 9 Responses to “Muslims, America, Jerusalem and Peace”

    1. Winston Toaff Says:

      Respectfully, if these savages thought they could get away with it they would declare the whole world to be a mosque.
      I am not a genius, but I have read the Qur’an three times, the Sirat Rasul Allah twice and all nine volumes of the Sahih al Bukhari.
      They hate us because their god [Allah- a proper name and not the Arabic word for God] tells them to.
      I agree that the jews are dangerous, theft prone, sexually obsessed, hate filled, dishonest and occasionally murderous, but the Muslims are hot a hell of a lot better.
      This whole scenario has interesting parallels to the genesis of WWII.
      America, as a nation would have been far better served is we has just sat that one out and let the Brits, Frogs, Krauts and Bolshevik Jews just beat the shit out of each other and then rolled in to pick up the pieces when it was all over.
      We would be wise at this juncture to let the Kikes, Ragheads, Persians and whoall wants to get involved clobber each other back into the stone age [where they all belong, apparently] and then sweep up when the party is over.
      Believe me, a muslim is nobody’s friend, not even his own.

    2. Mick Says:

      Muslims are not savages. Embracing Islam is not a bad or dangerous thing to do for our society. It is us in the West with our mass immigration, moral depravity and spiralling birth rates who are savages. Muslims are a much better people than what we have become, and if they stick to their will, and aren’t forced to change by the US and Jews, they will still have a culture and a race to show for.

    3. Graham Wellington Says:

      Islam is attracting an increasingly larger percentage of global population at a faster rate (2.9 percent) than the total annual population growth (2.3 percent).


    4. ajiarcher Says:

      yeah, we should make Israel give back their mosque, maybe then they will give us back the hagia sophia.

    5. tennyson Says:

      we should totally divorce ourselves(white nations) from the middle-east. Cut them off financially, materialistically and physically, in the form of mass return of their unwanted people. Cut them off,ship them back…
      People say Anti-semitism is so bad….Well, who says Semitism is soo good?… The middle-east is “Semitism” .
      In our lands those “Semites” who are here should not be aided in any way at all. Boycott their stores, turn off thier boob-toob and radio, live on cash and avoid their credit trap, Do business with Whites only as much as possible.
      We don’t have to pick up a gun or attend a rally to resist…
      The silent resistence is the hardest to combat anyways…It must drive the ZOG crazy when some new thing develops in which they cannot control and didn’t see coming…. Keep White Alive!!!!

    6. Barry Says:

      You are a complete idiot. The mosque was built on the site of the Holy Temple bc Muslims always build mosques on top of religious sites of conquered countries (India, Pakistan, Iraq, Spain). These were done centuries ago when the US did not exist. You are obviously on the Saudi payroll. You want US to embrace Islam? Have you ever been to these countries? Have you been to Paterson, NJ or Paris, France? You want to live like that? Your hatred of Jews has clouded your brain. You think they have a civilized culture? Do you read history? why create fictional fantasies to coincide with your Jew hatred? They hate you. They hate you more than you hate Jews (seriously). The Koran tells them to. They will slit your throat quicker than any Jew. You are delusional.

    7. steve Says:

      What we should do is terminate all muslims immediately. They are trash, and they hate us. Why should we be nice to those sand niggers? We should put them all down then send our unwanted niggers and such over to the middle east to work the oil fields. Overpopulation of humans and niggers is the biggest problem on the planet, directly responsible for all the other big problems. If we terminate all towel heads and stop the niggers from breeding we will come a long way at improving the quality of life in America.

    8. steve Says:

      Once there are no more muslims we can take over their oil fields and their countries, force our niggers to work the fields (allow them one child per 2 niggers as a reward for 20 years of labor) and that will go far to increase our standard of living. What is wrong with America is our howling about nigger rights and muslim rights instead of howling about niggers stealing, robbing, killing and overbreeding, and towelheads trying to blow us up!

    9. Tina Says:

      To White Nationalist:

      Most of you should be aware that these so called “anti-muslim” posts are normally posted by Jews, or their puppet. It’s true Muslim, and European will never get along, just as we don’t get along with Asian. But, why should we care about any of this? First and foremost, because Jews who control media and entertainment industry are using our resources, and our children to kill their enemy. Remember this is what they did during WW2, So let’s not be fooled by Jews. We may not like muslim, but they have done nothing to us, and yet we kill them, rape their women, molest their children of behalf of Jews. Remember, Jews will turn of us just as they have done it to every one of their “friends”. In the mean time they are “improving” our white civilization with homosexuality, and other crap on their kosher TV.