28 January, 2008

“Sharks in the Dark”

Posted by Socrates in Luke O'Farrell, Socrates at 2:11 pm | Permanent Link

by Luke O’Farrell: [Here].

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  7. 6 Responses to ““Sharks in the Dark””

    1. Ceallachain Says:

      The fugly jewish feminists hate white women (esp. blondes) as much as they hate white men. Remember when they wailed about “Aryan standards of beauty” when Sara Jessica Parker, Amy Winehouse and some other jewy beast were picked as the ‘un-sexiest’ women alive?

    2. Chris Davis Says:

      Jews are the grains of sand in the Aryan oyster.

      One only hopes a pearl will be produced by their perpetual irritation.

      Maybe VNN is the pearl.

    3. grandmaster oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      fckn forum is down YET AGAIN! :-~(

    4. Socrates Says:

      grandmaster oberführer double diamond jim! Says: “fckn forum is down YET AGAIN! :-~( ”

      It works for me: http://vnnforum.com/

    5. tennyson Says:

      those were the ugliest fucking creatures i have seen. Were those women? They looked like the stereotypical witches one sees.
      I have had run ins with feminists… not too coherent broads…real lost and angry…They hate any male that exhibits any leadership at all…
      That thing on the far right of the picture…what lab did she escape from…no wonder she hates men…
      she looks like skeletor in drag….
      Just another VNN story to make my blood boil….
      Niggers need to fear whites at night like we fear their animal asses.
      Niggers fear: spooks and witchcraft type stuff.
      large German breed dogs…(sheppards esp.)
      insane white people with weapons and on drugs….
      I think we can supply all three…Anger is our most powerfull drug…
      we can forgo the Meth or crack…

    6. Muckraker Says:

      Thank you Mr. O’ Farrell for your insightful, incendiary “Sharks in the Dark.” I cannot WAIT to find the time to peruse your archives and read the rest of your incisive writings. I relish being further incensed by them.

      “those were the ugliest fucking creatures i have seen. Were those women?”


      Sort of…do militant, subversive jewish women count? The grand prize for (what’s a nice way of putting it?) not aging well has GOT to be long-time White house reporter Helen Thomas (Zionist Hearst employee). She is of Lebanese (criticizes Iraqi war too much to be jewish) descent, and in her infinite (and welcome) criticizm of the Iraqi war, who does she squarely pin the blame on: not the Zionists but the…EVIL, high journalistic-standard-busting BLOGGERS. LOL.