16 January, 2008

VNN Forum, last update

Posted by Dietrich in VNN Forum at 12:29 am | Permanent Link

The new ISP finally gave us the keys, and we’re off.  Database transferring now.  We’ll link the IP here probably before the domain (vnnforum.com) propagates.  Watch this spot for an update the minute we go live.


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  7. 50 Responses to “VNN Forum, last update”

    1. RebelWithACause Says:

      You da man. I know from personal experience that physically moving a datacenter sucks, and this is essentially the same thing. Downtime is always stressful.

      Hopefully this will serve a positive purpose: to make folks appreciate the VNN forum and all of the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the doors open.

    2. ubersaxon Says:



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      2 days ago

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      Sylvia Stolz has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years inthe gulags and has also been banned by the kangaroo courts from practicing REAL law for five years.

      During the bullshit trial, Stolz called the Holohoax “the BIGGIST lie in world history.”Stolz was also convicted of charges of “disparaging” the Zionist-stooge country and its “symbols and “insulting” the kangaroo court.

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      Zundel’s second trial ended in February, 2007 with his conviction for “incitement for denying” the Holohoax and was sentenced to the maximum five years in the gulags.

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    4. Mishko Says:

      Keep up the great work Dietrich. You’re really one of the greatest unsung heroes that we have…

      Thank you and Alex for your hard work.


    5. Stu Gavin Says:

      Mishko means a lot to VNN. I wish he wouldn’t threaten to leave so much.

    6. susan Says:

      Yeah, Dietrich is one great computer guy. Too bad he’s such a woman hating sonofabitch. How about a New Year’s Resolution by all you guys to be better white guys toward white women????? Huh??? How about it???? Stop disparaging ALL of us because of what a few white women do. We’re not all race mixing traitors, ya know.

      And I’m not talking about the same kind of thing that idiot Erica Jong was talking about in her rant. I’m talking about the kind of woman hating crap that passes for polite dialogue here at VNN.

      And any white guy who can’t see and understand the difference ain’t too bright, anyway.

    7. RebelWithACause Says:

      How about some white women stop being insufferable and shallow shrews that can’t contribute anything aside from fashion and relationship advice?

      …or the ones that analyze every typed word with a magnifying glass looking for a reason to pick apart the men in the movement?

      …or the ones that think they’ll gain respect and relevance by declaring at the top of their lungs all the time that they are relevant and to be respected?

    8. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:


      You are a silly, thin-skinned-feminist and a tool of the jooish system. When are you ever going to wake up to the fact that, as women, we are part of the problem?

    9. alex Says:

      Thanks to others who gave recommendations, and to Dietrich, who did the work… We had to make a DNS switch before noon today, and so as soon as that propagates the forum should be up. We will notify you if/when status changes.

    10. P.Shock Says:

      Hey $u$an why don’t you threaten to call the FBI on us if we don’t stop being mean to you?

      You don’t get it do you? No one believes you’re cool or popular or “pretty”. As far as it goes you failed to produce children which is the prime purpose of a woman. If there are no children produced then all other virtues are quite meaningless as without a future there is no reason to do anything today. You can talk about your beloved fur bags all you want but did you adopt a White child instead? No, not even that. At any rate you made no effort to chip in your due. Then again I guess that’s a good thing since they might have the same psychological disorders you do.

      Second of all, I don’t see why you’re speaking for women because I am sure that most of the more respected women on VNN want nothing to do with you . Only the ones who are as crazy as you are “support” you because like you they do nothing but talk about themselves all the time . I also like the sly Jewish comment “Dietrich is great… but….”

    11. WhiteNightshade Says:


      VNN down and suzie jewsie still having a go.

      Sooz – regarding your comment “Stop disparaging ALL of us because of what a few white women do. ”

      YOU are the “few white women”.

    12. WhiteNightshade Says:


      Dietrich is not a “woman hating sonofabitch”.

      He is married and has a child – unlike you. ;)

    13. WhiteNightshade Says:

      Hey P Shock,

      You forgot about her “pretty shoulders, groovy hairdo and bright (with bags) eyes”.

    14. dave cartwright Says:

      Who wants mtv? NOT me. I want my VNN!

    15. MikeTodd Says:

      Time to buy some new AA batts…eh?



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      Abraham Hyman Fucksman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement::

      “We welcome Barack Obama’s condemnation of the anti-Khazar “rhetoric” of Minister Louis Farrakhan, and his making clear that he did not “agree” with his church’s decision to honor Farrakhan with the Dr. Jeremiah Always Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award.

      Issues of racism and anti-Khazarism must be “beyond the bounds” of politics. When someone close to a political figure shows sympathy and support for an individual who makes his name espousing bigotry (truth), that political figure needs to “distance” himself from that decision. Senator Yomama has done just that”.

      For nearly 30 years as the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan has repeatedly made “hateful” (but true) statements targeting kikes, crackers and fags-bulldykers. Farrakhan’s “bigoted” and anti-Khazar “rhetoric” has included statements calling crackers “blue eyed devils (like Bill Clinton & George Wanker Bush)” and sheenies “bloodsuckers” (true) that controlled the slave trade (true), the government, the media and various nigger individuals and organizations (again true).

      A 666(c)(6) nonprofit organization, ADL neither “supports nor opposes (oh yeah)” any candidate for political office.

      The Ashkenazi Defecation League, founded in 1913, is the world’s leading organization fighting anti-Khazarism through Gentile pograms and services that counteract “hatred, prejudice and bigotry”.

    17. WhiteNightshade Says:

      Naa Mike,

      Our suzie needs super size.

    18. America First Says:

      P.Shock Says:

      16 January, 2008 at 12:44 pm

      Your post is on target. As for being a cryptic ju, let me say this. In my personal experience’s have two bad business dealings with 1. married to a ju, and bellowing the same b.s. hyseterical lies and promoting crap in our schools to cause Hatred by non-Whites to continue to rachet up. 2. Then a ju POS with an Irish name, his mother was a ju, and his father was a Iowa Irish man 100% yet he is 100% anti White, and all evil is Nazi this and Nazi.

      Ju’s yell Nazi against any White’s any time Whites Resist ju tyranny. The ju’s even do it in New Zealand against those there who dare to reist the ju, and these are folk lost family in WW 2 and In Korea 1950-52, because of ju caused wars against our interest that only hurt our lands not helped us in one degree use. All enemies of Western today is because of the theft of White Know how given to them periold. Ala’ China and the Stalin/London/NYC created USSR security state who terrorized the White Russians. Maybe it was Eskimo’s

      So just because Whites are sickof ju’s who are the source and force behind for all Western Nation’s having open borders.

      Then of their promotion defiling of our racial youth by their media and regime control of our schools. The History channel is another example of their hate for Whites, and never will the History channel tell the truth that Whites came to N.A. as early are earlier than did the Asian’s to the other side of N.A. Unless your a writer exposing ju lies, don’t pay for cable, unless your a chief and need to watch the latest cooking shows, as I friend told me, ha. Cooking shows could be the only thing worth watching if you have TV cable.

    19. WhiteNightshade Says:

      Thank you for all your hard (unpaid) work Dietrich. VNN would not exist without you.

    20. ddk Says:

      As far as spreading the “hate” around, Dietrich does a pretty good job on males as well as females, if only you take the time to read his posts. I’m sorry to say that the olive branch approach isn’t going to work, your reputation is already shot to hell on this forum and further postings will result in more insults and character defamation towards you. Being equal among your peers is as much an intellectual process as it is in matters relating to gender, personality ect. You could regain some respect in here if you lose the feminism, I know from reading some of your contributions on the forums, you have some basic insight as to what issues are important, however you always let perceived insults towards you get in the way of meaningful dialog. Then you try to fight everyone for dominance, men always do that, it’s in our nature. When females attempt it however, it comes across as crass feminism and bitchiness which doesn’t garner respect since this is and probably will continue to be a male dominated exchange of ideas.

    21. WhiteNightshade Says:


      Dietrich is No.1 on the reputation list. How did he get there? ;)

    22. Schnee Weiss Says:

      Oh, I don’t know….I think Dietrich seems like a nice guy – I don’t have a problem with him.

      Susan, when you first started posting on VNN, I thought you might an okay person too….but then you started in with the psychotic bitching and no one has the time nor the inclination to listen to that bullshit….we get enough of it in having to deal with Zogbots, Lemmings and Feminists. So, if your only purpose on this list is to sniper us occasionally with some “pithy” comment relating to absolutely nothing except pissing and moaning about the guys on the list (so they are guys – get over it) – then I suggest you STFU and go bother people on some other list, like maybe The Phora….

    23. ddk Says:

      To WNS:

      Good observation. There are people involved with the forum that go the extra mile, especially in situations where the unexpected occurs. Can’t be an easy task in recovering all the data lost when a crash like this happens. Rep well deserved.

    24. Hoosier Says:

      16 January, 2008 at 1:27 pm


      ADL Welcomes Yomama’s Statement Denouncing the Anti-Khazarism Of Louis Farrakhan

      I’m LOLing – haha – Great stuff. Please do a piece on “Doctor” Michael “Martin Luther” King, nigger worship day is January 21st, OK?

    25. ?u???? Says:

      So this is where we all gather when the forum goes away. Thanks for telling me.



      Had me worried. I thought VNN went the way of the dinosaur. I thought maybe Alex turned red or the Mossad killed him or something.

      So this is all good news. Looking forward to the revival.

      Thanks Dietrich

    26. ?u???? Says:

      I guess this blog doesn’t translate Greek.


    27. Hoosier Says:

      # WhiteNightshade Says:
      16 January, 2008 at 1:37 pm

      Thank you for all your hard (unpaid) work Dietrich. VNN would not exist without you.

      Yup, probably true. Thanks, Dietrich.

    28. Yankee Jim Says:

      dave cartwright said: “Who wants mtv? NOT me. I want my VNN!”

      Look at this poor kid!


    29. tuisto Says:

      Feels like a belated winter solistice at VNN.
      Let’s wish for a new start without those frazzling scarabaeusses who come crawling out at the darkness.
      Time of letting go and disposing of Jew-sons (and daughters), especially bright-eyed (with bags) JEWSAN.
      (You must spread some reputation points before giving it to WNS again!)
      And thanks to all of you, who make VNN possible!

    30. Stan Says:

      Hey Jim, some of those comments are pure gold. The folks that have just put 2 and 2 together for the first time and like what they are reading/hearing. Well done!

    31. susan Says:

      Heeheehee. Comforting to know some things never change.


    32. Twisted Cross Says:

      Hmmm, look who showed up to derail the conversation. Amazing. Its a pity my ignore does not work here

    33. Twisted Cross Says:

      Thank you Dietrich, Alex, Stan, and anyone else who is working, or does work to supply us with VNN, VNNF, VNNB and GOYFIRE.

      You might not hear it enough, but you are appreciated.

    34. Mark Downey Says:


      You can suck a fart out of my pink asshole, you cunt!

      Pastor Mark Downey

    35. MikeTodd Says:

      “susan Says:

      16 January, 2008 at 8:35 pm

      Heeheehee. Comforting to know some things never change.


      Hey everybody!
      Look at Susan!
      The mother of all attention whores!LOL!

    36. jackumup Says:

      susan Says:

      16 January, 2008 at 11:33 am

      Yeah, Dietrich is one great computer guy. Too bad he’s such a woman hating sonofabitch. How about a New Year’s Resolution by all you guys to be better white guys toward white women????? Huh??? How about it???? Stop disparaging ALL of us because of what a few white women do. We’re not all race mixing traitors, ya know.

      And I’m not talking about the same kind of thing that idiot Erica Jong was talking about in her rant. I’m talking about the kind of woman hating crap that passes for polite dialogue here at VNN.

      And any white guy who can’t see and understand the difference ain’t too bright, anyway.

      You have a point, we for a long time have fell for the jew propaganda of “Dumb Blond”, “Stupid house wife”, “Karate kicking tough woman”, “police detective”, “Judge Judy” all creation of the divide and conquer jew. but women must be accountable too. for the constant stupid arguments and name calling (chauvinist pig) “I can do anything a man can do, but better”, “we are all equal but you discriminate against us”. You need to look at it from our point of view everything in this world that was not brought forth naturally ,was developed, invented, and assembled by men, not women, not talking monkeys, but men, white men. Women, jews, and talking monkeys bad mouth us and say we are bad, we know if we were so bad women, jews, and talking monkeys wouldn’t be allowed to speak, in fact jews and talking monkeys wouldn’t even exist. If you learn respect, you’ll find we give respect and more.

    37. Socrates Says:

      The White nationalist movement is about WHITE MEN. It isn’t about women, per se.

    38. Mishko Says:

      WHY ARE YOU GUYS GIVING THIS THING ANY ATTENTION… Let it go, do what most attention whores hate the most, DON’T GIVE IT ANY ATTENTION….

      Just my experience, and I’m usually 95% correct when it comes to women, assuming that this THING is even a woman… For all I know, IT could be a hook nosed male kike…. Think about it…..

    39. Twisted Cross Says:

      # Socrates Says:
      16 January, 2008 at 11:25 pm

      The White nationalist movement is about WHITE MEN. It isn’t about women, per se.

      I always thought it is about White people. Without women who understand the difference all you get is a bunch of pissed off guys who cant reproduce because the ladies all want Jamal, Tyrone and Jose.

      That is not to say I approve of Feminism. I do not. Just that the WN Movement will never work if the White women in the world are forced to look elsewhere for acceptance. Every White person has a roll they can fill.

    40. P.Shock Says:

      Hey jackumup, we have went over this with them many times. Just think of it this way: If men are evil swine who tyrannically oppress everything then women raised them that way.

      = )

    41. Colleen Says:

      # susan Says:
      16 January, 2008 at 8:35 pm

      Heeheehee. Comforting to know some things never change.


      Blah Blah Blah …. Its a Mans world…We, as woman, are just the support team. Deal. Guys are crude in there sense of humor by nature. Deal or become a dyke…Oh wait to late…You are already useless. Go bread cats and enter a cat show…Good Luck with that!

    42. Colleen Says:

      And, cant wait for the site to get back up an running…never thought I’d get addicted to a site so quickly!! hahah

    43. Stu Gavin Says:

      I don’t get it, was the previous server in Canada? Why would you take a Canadian server in the first place? Somebody from the VNN staff goofed up.

    44. Dietrich Says:

      Stu: The server wasn’t in Canada. AFAIK, that post was total BS.

      Susan: “Yeah, Dietrich is one great computer guy. Too bad he’s such a woman hating sonofabitch.”

      Only a dried-up hussy such as yourself could say I’m anti-woman and in the same breath call my mother a bitch. You’ve outdone yourself.

      Forum: Our database import keeps crapping out. At present, we’re installing it on a local machine and are simply going to FTP the constituent parts up file by file. The import takes about 4 hours and something keeps timing out. Other than that, everything is ready to go. Look for a re-opening any time between 4 and 24 hrs. from now. In all, it could be much worse, being that we’re relying solely on that which has been backed up (including the actual vb files and customizations, which aren’t included in your normal backup scheme).

      Either way, Bud will be doing FTL Friday evening. Announcements for that will be on the front page at govnn.com

    45. Tom Says:

      Why don’t you just wrap it up into a multi volume tarball so it does not time out?

    46. Melcur Says:


      Somewhere I read that VNN is considering the possibility of utilizing Bill White’s server. I think it important to let people know if VNN intends to do this ASAP, BEFORE someone actually signs on to VNNForum, because this would mean White would have more access to my personal information than I want him to have, i.e. ISPs, locations, email addresses, etc…

      If VNN takes White up on this, I’ll go away and never come back.

    47. Wagner Says:

      Great work Dietrich, thank you very much!

      RE the BS post about the ISP: The Canadian HRC does not have law enforcement agents and certainly not ones that can raid an ISP in another country.

    48. Steve B Says:

      Dietrich is gay and a nigga. Bring back the Beck/John Flynn admins.

    49. yankee jane Says:

      Yankee Jim Says:

      16 January, 2008 at 4:30 pm

      dave cartwright said: “Who wants mtv? NOT me. I want my VNN!”

      Look at this poor kid!

      Ha ha ha ha – Fabulous! (Great kid picture … is that Todd from Fla?) Consummate promoter! That is a distinct talent! And you can find that HERE and HERE and also over HERE!!

      Yeah! I just figured out there were comments over here and this is where the addicts are gathering out of desperation … even poor Susan … Duh!!

      As for Dietrich – I would say more about his valuable tech skills and what I know is a nightmarish job to tackle, but anything tech or computer atends to make me break out in a stress rash – I will leave it at “THANKS” for all the good work! Now that I’ve been nice … is it going to be much longer???

    50. roy albrecht Says:

      The more I read this site the more I think I have changed by becoming more radically pragmatic.
      But I wonder if over the last 10 years, while I was away, whether or not the people here, having kept a lot of their edgy language, have also incorporated a lot more insight and perception into their posts?

      In any event, I like it.

      1) Thanks VNN for doing the work to keep this site on line (Dietrich seems to be the man of the hour today).
      I am going to start looking for funds to help VNN (as well as my other pet WN cause in Canada).

      2) Yes…, it is White men who have innovated and created and as clever as the hybrids are, inevitably they just buy from the thieving Kikes, tweak and market things that Whites created.

      3) As for White women…, that’s a tougher one…
      Yes they seem stupid, spoiled and totally screwed in the head, but other than WNists, look at what the Jews have succeeded in doing to most White men!
      I mean can you really totally blame a White woman for gravitating towards thieving lying Jews, feminism and their equal opportunity subsidised darkies?…, especially when women are kept largely in the dark about the truth and have been bombarded from the womb with lies non-stop 24/7 for 3, 4 or more generations?

      Moreover, even though I often incredulously can’t believe that I actually admire, in a practical sort of way, how Afghani men treat traitorous, stupid women (behead the bitches and breed new ones, at least that way the enemy can’t get hold of them and turn their genes against us), we can not do that here legally (yet) and furthermore, we need White women to have White families, so killing them does not help us either.

      By telling them the truth about how really demented most of them are in N. America, (like some have kind of hinted that Susan is for example…, and I do not say that she is because I really do not know her)…, it probably does not help us in the long run, because it just drives them into the arms of some lying Kike or Negro who will lie his way, via perpetuating the cycle of psychosis, into breeding with them.
      Unfortunately, after that they have been bred they usually realise what they have done and repent, but it becomes too late for redemption then.

      Yes, in many ways White women need have some sense beaten into them, as do a lot of White guys (and the coming collapse of the system may just do that for us), but since we are still legally hamstrung from that option at the moment, we need to come up with a plan that works.

      Aside from focusing on very young girls and setting them straight before they become victims of Jew induced mass psychosis, I just look at stupid White women as victims of a form of Jew devised, Mass Hypnotic Stockholm Syndrome.

      And in all honesty, even though a person turns out mentally retarded, I just do not feel that it is right to beat a mentally ill person for being mentally ill.
      They still have feelings and aspirations and souls.
      Encouraging them both actively and passively not to breed is preferable. Trying to make the best we can out of them is for me the way to go.
      Even a mentally retarded person is still good for separating aluminium cans from plastic bottles on a recycling line you know.
      I look at one of these “former Shiksas” like what’s her name from Australia…, the one who used to be married to Tom Cruse…, the red head…, what’s her name again?

      She “got it”.
      Eventually she ditched the Jew, got together with a White guy had White kids and even let the Jew inspired adopted darkies go back to the Jew father where they belong. Better late than never! LOL

      So along those lines, we need to look at messed up White women more as victims of Jew induced mental illness and treat them as such. That often means we need to humour them until we can get them to listen to or “breed” with us…
      After breeding with them we can hammer them with the truth and if they take the kids and run to the Jew divorce lawyer and try the grass on the darker side of the fence, because we were “meanies” for telling them the truth, at least we got a White baby or two out of them first, no?

      As stupid, brainwashed, spoiled and whatever as most White women seem to be these days, in WNist circles they are still platinum, because for every 20 WNist guys you’d be lucky to find one woman who gets it.

      It’s a kind of psychological warfare the Jews have waged and have been winning and unless we adapt, they will continue to do so.

      So I say, yes the vast majority of White women are mentally ill, but also curable, and most importantly, we need them in almost any form we can get them.
      And as psychotic as they are, the psychosis is not yet a neurosis and can be cured. They possess the genetic material which can be redeemed in the next generation and that my friends is where we ought to be looking. As such they are to be viewed as gold.
      Therefore, treat them more as psychiatric patients who happen to be in possession of a very powerful weapon/device in the form of a golden womb that we need in order to survive.

      It’s like a curable maniac with a big gun!! LOL

      After all, the Jews have turned White women into “psychotic bitches” (to put it simplistically) in order to exploit them for their own gain (women just do not have the minds to see it) and unless we become cognisant of these facts and act accordingly we will continue losing this war.