17 January, 2008

VNN Forum Lives

Posted by Dietrich in VNN Forum at 1:09 pm | Permanent Link

The new VNN Forum is open.  If the domain change hasn’t made it to your ISP yet, use the IP:  As usual, our the immediate restoration is from a backup that is a couple of weeks old.  A subsequent update will bring the forum up to the moment it went offline.  It only took about an hour for Varg and I to ready the server for VNN.  The rest of the time has been spent importing our database to the new system.  It’s a process that takes over four hours, and we’ve had to restart it at least a half-dozen times.  As I write, it appears that this import is going to go all the way through.

FTL will resume normal scheduling tomorrow with Bud White.  Check this page, or the “This Just In” section in the forum for details and show notes.

VNN Forum

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  7. 7 Responses to “VNN Forum Lives”

    1. kmrathell Says:

      I can’t get in.

    2. OTPTT Says:

      I’m sure you’re aware of it Dietrich but I’m getting the following errors:

      HTTP ERROR: 504
      Gateway Timeout

      Good job on the forums. Glad they’re back.

    3. Jimmy Dean Says:

      About a half hour ago I started getting just a blank white screen.

    4. Schnee Weiss Says:

      10:54 pm Pacific time – getting database error message


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      Jan 10, 2008

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      During their 45-minute meeting at King Vultan hotel in Jerusalem Netanyahu also told Bush that “Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people and the Jewish people only and will remain under Israeli sovereignty for eternity.”

      The 91 IQ little dictator issued a stark threat to Iran over Strait of Hormuz incident, saying that “all options are on the table to protect our assets.”

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      The moron from Texas criticized those who interpret the National Intelligence Estimate, which found that Iran gave up its nuclear weapons program in 2003, as a sign that Iran was no longer a threat.

      “Let me remind you what the NIE actually said,” a drunken Bush told reporters. “It said that as far as the intelligence community could tell, at one time the Iranians had a military — covert military program that was suspended in 2003 because of international pressure. My attitude is that a non-transparent country, a country which has yet to disclose what it was up to, can easily restart a program.”

    6. chris Says:

      It’s Friday morning at 1032 and I am unable to access vnnforum.

    7. Anchorage Activist Says:

      Here’s some feedback as of January 18th, 1:12 P.M. Alaska time:

      1. I am able to successfully access VNN Forum using the normal vnnforum.com link every time.

      2. Frequent problems accessing sub-forums once I access the main page of VNN Forum. When I try to access a sub-forum, it frequently hangs, and then “times out”. No database errors, just the standard “not available” message.

      3. When I attempt to exit the main page of VNN Forum, I find I have to click the Back button at least 3 times to do it. It used to take just one click.

      Nevertheless, appreciate the efforts of all those who’ve worked to get VNN Forum back online. I have confidence these problems will soon be resolved.