25 January, 2008

VNNB Free Talk Live – ***January 25th 2008***

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Friday FTL 01/25 This week in organized Jewry with Bud, Mishko and Ssanguine

Join me your co-host Bud White and co-host resident VNN Bad Boy Mishko Novosel as well as special guest Ssanguine. Alex Linder joins the broadcast at 9PM. We’ll be covering all things TJB, including a kike school teacher indicted on 29 counts of child molestation in Israel, a neo-nazi march canceled in the Czech Republic, NY kikes win a $4.75 million dollar judgment against a NY town, and a NY Metro area kike photography studio declares bankruptcy after taking millions in deposits from customers, plus a whole lot more TJB reporting

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Talk starts at 7:30 est
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  • 23 Responses to “VNNB Free Talk Live – ***January 25th 2008***”

    1. tennyson Says:

      where is the chat at? how do i get there in skype? downloaded the software and all up and running . cant find the vnn chat tho.

    2. Socrates Says:

      I can’t log into the broadcast. Nothing happens.

    3. sgruber Says:

      They’re on. I’m hearing it fine.

    4. Socrates Says:

      A link to the broadcast, for those who need it:

    5. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      I haven’t been able to bring Winamp up to listen. It says there is a problem with the web page. OY!! Goddamnit!!

    6. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Ok. Got the link from Socrates.

    7. zoomcopter Says:

      Great show. Not too long, very upbeat and interesting.




      Who Controls America? The Federal Reserve Board of Governors: all Jews.
      Posted on: 2008-01-26 06:34:23

      All five governors of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors are Jewish. Jews are supposed to be 2 percent or less of the American population. This is an coincidence of unthinkable odds.

      They are: Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman; Donald L. Kohn, Vice Chairman; Kevin M. Warsh; and Randall S. Kroszner. These are the people who control the American economy, and, by extension, influence the entire world’s economy through their actions.

      Imagine if all the governors of the Federal Reserve were Muslims — what would the media say about that? But, because they are Jews, incredibly enough, nothing is said.

      Check out the Federal Reserve web site here.

    10. Pony Says:

      The jews would love it if I still spent friday nights smoking bud or drinking bud. These days I indulge in VNN’s friday night Bud and the jews don’t want that. Fuck em’ this Buds much better for me.

    11. zoomcopter Says:

      Five jews control the money supply of America? Where is the token Shabbos Goy? Most Americans think the Treasury department has control of the money supply. If the Fed is not a jewish cabal, what is?

    12. Bud says uh too much Says:






      bud you say uh too much

    13. tennyson Says:

      this show should be pay per view it’s so good. what a line up!
      The media could make a killing if they syndicated FTL. Not holding my breath.

    14. tennyson Says:

      can anyone direct me to a WN live chat room?


      Arms control role for kike Wolfowitz
      By Andrei Yustschinsky
      BBC, Washington DC (District of Cabala)

      Former World Bank chief big sheeny (5’1″) swarthy hooked nose Paul Wolfowitz has been appointed head of an influential panel advising the ZOG-US government on arms control.
      Wolfowitz was ousted from the Bank last year over a scandal involving payments to his shiksa girlfriend, who was also a bank employee and fellator at the time.

      He has long been a trouble making kosher figure in US and international politics.

      As the Pentagon’s number two non-goy after Donald Rumsfeld, he was one of the leading Jew architects of the war in Iraq. Sensitive issue… Wolfowitz’s insider status at the White House made him many enemies at home and abroad.

      After a stormy two-year tenure at the World Bank, he was forced to leave because he authorised a large compensation package for his White gold-digging girlfriend.

      His departure was further clouded by claims that he had tarnished the bank’s reputation and strained relations with other countries – particularly in Europe.

      His return to government comes at a time when many key assholes of the Bush administration are leaving like rats junping from a sinking ship.

      The ZOG-State Department has confirmed the sheeny’s appointment as chairman of the International Non-Security Advisory Board which provides the department with “independent advice” on arms control and disarmament in Mid-East Arab countries and other countries that could pose a threat to Israel.

      Mr Wolfowitz will report on a number of current sensitive issues such as nuclear deals with India and North Korea, and Iran’s “contentious nuclear” programme.

      He is currently the big-Christ killing big-wig at the American Enterprise Institute – a conservative tink-tink in Washington DC (District of Criminals).

      Story from BBC NEWS:

      Published: 2008/01/25 03:32:12 GMT

      © BBC MMVIII

    16. Cormac Says:

      On the photography jEW scam..one of the businesses that you advertised is a filthy hooked nosed kike.. ‘Cantor’ is a filthy jEW name.

      “The jEWZ Are Our Misfortune”

    17. Jimmy Dean Says:

      Somebody mentioned a holocaust denier sentenced for several years for passing out leaflets I think. Name was something like Vasalli Ostrowki from Kiev. The story was out of some jewish website. It was the story that got Alex talking about starting a thread titled “Martyrs for Free Speech”. Does anyone remember “Vasalli Ostrowski’s right name, spelling? I can’t find him on Google-News.

    18. Dawn Landry Says:

      Hey Bud and Mark-Terrific show! Bud,you do a great job on all the
      news. Where (and when do you have the time) to locate all of this? This is my favorite show of the week. I’m sure you put alot of time
      and effort in-you are appreciated-thank you-Dawn Landry

    19. VNNB Says:


      The story we covered, was listed here:


      His name was Vasiliy Ostrinsky

    20. zoomcopter Says:

      Vasiliy Ostrinsky’s sentence was deferred for two years. Sounds like probation to me. The leaflets must have advocated violence as Kiev has a high tolerance for anti-semitic rhetoric. David Duke got his Doctorate there.

    21. Jimmy Dean Says:

      Hey thanks VNNB. I was at the JTA just an hour ago but was searching for Vasali Ostrinski so I found nothing.

    22. Jimmy Dean Says:

      All the articles I found on Vasiliy Ostrinsky were identical except for this one:

      UKRAINIAN PURVEYOR OF ANTISEMITIC LEAFLETS SENTENCED FOR 4 YEARS. Vasiliy Ostrinsky, 43, was sentenced to four years in prison for distributing antisemitic leaflets in Kiev, the Ukrainian daily newspaper “Segodnya” reported on January 17. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jewish leaders in Ukraine were disappointed that Ostrinsky was not prosecuted under the Criminal Code for incitement of ethnic strife. Other observers suggest that in effect he was convicted for threatening the integrity of the state, as he also published a lot of anti-Ukraine material, and that is what got him in trouble in the first place. “It’s a shame they didn’t use the hate speech provision against him,” observed Nickolai Butkevich of UCSJ. “Ukraine has had only one successful conviction under that statute that I know of.”

      Never heard of an anti-Ukrainian activist before, what’s that?


    23. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Good show. Alex always makes his points in a forceful manner, and I always learn something new while listening to him.