15 January, 2008

VNNForum update

Posted by Dietrich in VNN Forum at 2:10 am | Permanent Link

Alex and I worked out a solution, with some advice from Varg, for hosting VNNForum and we hope to be up by Tuesday afternoon.  As usual, the exact timing is up to others.

It’s hard to determine the actual cause of the downtime right now, since the ISP never had the server properly configured, despite our pleas.  Best guess is hard drive failure, causing file system corruption.  Foul play is not suspected, but that’s just a guess.  The logs will tell the whole story, and we don’t have access to them yet.

We have the backups, and the data files are forthcoming, therefore we expect zero data loss.

Overall, it’s good news since we will have far greater resources for distributing media with the new setup.  More on that later.


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  • 24 Responses to “VNNForum update”

    1. Subrosa Says:

      Great news, Diet! Hey, actual backups! Zero data loss! The team is getting good! :)

      Now if distributed mirror hosting can be implemented, VNN will be invincible!

      Thumbs up to all the VNNF team!

    2. RebelWithACause Says:

      Thanks for all you do.

    3. fur_loathing Says:

      Yes, ditto what RWAC said!

    4. Faceless Says:

      Oh well
      I am working on a new Avatar anyway

    5. Pony Says:

      Dietrich’s finally earning the big money VNN broadcasting pays him. Really, thank you for all you do here.

    6. Flame Baiter Says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Vnnforum is my voice on the net. Thank you and Alex for all you do. Vnnforum is like my daily newspaper, without it I feel disconnected from the rest of society.

      Mostly uncensored…the forum is the voice in the wilderness telling everyone that the emperor has no clothes.

      Thanks, Alex and Dietrich!

    7. Flame Baiter Says:

      Seeing Faceless (who’s an anti) post here, and seemingly desperate to get her VNN fix is kinda funny.

      Perhaps she’s mashochistic, and needs her daily dose of Zyclone B, just to keep her going.


    8. saltriver Says:

      Thanks to all the VNN staff. The broadcasts,forum and the general site are my main source of truthful news. I didn’t know how much I would miss the forum and it’s contributors until it was down. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Keep the truth coming.

    9. Darren Says:

      Don’t worry, faceless, I’ll give you a good gassing when VNNF comes back.

    10. Dietrich Says:

      Thanks all for the kind words. Y’all have way more patience than I do with our ex-ISP.

      Faceless: Don’t worry about making a new avatar. If I recall correctly, you’re a Jew, thus, you are stuck with the yellow star.

    11. Yankee Jim Says:

      We need more pink men like you guys!

      Thanks for keepin’ on top of de sit-choo-a-shun guys! *cheers*

    12. Commander Melcur Says:

      Faceless: Don’t worry about making a new avatar. If I recall correctly, you’re a Jew, thus, you are stuck with the yellow star.


    13. Alexei Says:

      Feel free to hang around on my forum in the meantime :D
      The new domain and board is up; f**k InvisionFree.

    14. Commander Melcur Says:

      Essay Contest at the REAL ANSWP blogsite – prioze is two Michael Colliuns Piper books, one of which has been signed by the author.


    15. Bobby Says:

      Keep up the good work. Thanks a bunch Alex and Dietrich.

    16. Wolf Says:

      This is strange. The White Reference Blog is reporting that the VNN Forum is down because of pressure applied by the Canadian Human Rights Commision:

      “According to a message from 1st Amendment Hosting posted on the companion Vanguard News Network site late on January 14th, 2008, VNN Forum’s ISP, 1st Amendment Hosting, reports that their provider had been raided Sunday afternoon January 13th by agents from the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC).”


    17. Anchorage Activist Says:

      Here’s a more direct link to that post. It was based upon a comment from Ken, posted in the Open Thread here.

      The timing seems right. VNN Forum went offline on my end about 3 P.M. Alaska time last Sunday.

    18. Stu Gavin Says:

      As Mark Faust would say, “This is the fault of Richard the Homosexual Warman”

      “Richard Warman is a closeted homosexual.”

    19. OTPTT Says:

      Richard “Butt Surfer” Warman has a lead deficiency.

    20. Subrosa Says:

      The only way we are going to stop people like Warman is to distribute the hosting. If we need to start some kind of funding group to get it started, consider me in.

      Otherwise, this is going to continue to happen.

    21. Todd in FL Says:

      Everyone go visit The Phora and leave nasty comments to JP. He is talking shit to me in the VNNforum is down thread.

    22. fur_loathing Says:

      You can take care of yourself, Todd.

    23. Commander Melcur Says:

      I wonder if my destruction of Bill White will be one of the missing files? I certainly hoe not.

      RE: Bill White. Here’s an article written by Curtis Maynard about the fact that White is no longer the leader of the ANSWP. Warning, it isn’t very complimentary towards the ANSWP’s former Commander.

      How big is Bill White’s American Nazi Party?

      By Curt Maynard

      Until recently, the American National Socialist Workers Party [ANSWP] was led by someone named Bill White. White grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, attended schools predominantly attended by Jewish children, joined the Communist Party USA, and once wrote for Pravda, the former Soviet Unions most prominent newspaper.

      In 2006, White appointed himself the “Commander” of the ANSWP and immediately began a well financed disinformation program designed to do several things:

      1. To call attention to himself and to promote his divisive agenda.

      2. To convince as many people as possible that National Socialism is a virulently racist political doctrine that excludes anyone with a skin tone darker than Bill Whites. This is demonstrably untrue.

      3. To use the ANSWP platform to smear individuals that actually are dedicated and working to create a better world. Recently, the ANSWP has focused its efforts on Ron Paul.

      4. To convince as many people as possible that the ANSWP has a large supporter base and is growing larger every day. [Demonstrably false]

      5. Ultimately, to cast White people and White interests in as negative a light as possible.
      Bill White is an Illusionist, one of his greatest illusions is promoting the idea that he has any members or supporters at all. He’s compelled to do this because he must explain how it is that he and his organization are financed; he can’t just come out and say that he receives a monthly check from the ADL and SPLC can he?

      He’s made a career out of smearing activists of all stripe, he doesn’t hesitate to use the very Jewish tactic of Creation and innuendo, I.e. making something up and then using it to insinuate that his target is somehow associated with it, I.e. The Big Lie. He’s accused a man named Jamie Kelso of being a gay pedophile for no other reason than the man has a higher than average pitched voice and once knew Kevin Alfred Strom, a man that recently plead guilty to possessing child porn in some form. He completely made up the story that Ron Paul is known as a White Supremacist among White Supremacists and often associates with them at a Thai restaurant in Washington DC. As ridiculous as this story sounds, it did make it into the New York Times, who unwillingly apologized for printing the erroneous accusation after the fact. Imagine how much that helped America’s last hope?

      When Leonard Pitts, a no-good affirmative action appointee of a journalist for the Miami Herald told Whites collectively, to “cry him a river,” over the growing concern that black on White crime had reached epidemic proportions in this country, I wrote several articles and supported a petition attempting to draw as much attention as possible to Pitts and what he wrote; Bill White, the neo-Nazi threatened him and thus enabled Pitts’ to cry racism and victim simultaneously, taking the heat off him for what he actually wrote, which was that he couldn’t care less about the reality of this phenomenon, and allowing him to get away with what would have got any White man fired immediately had the roles been reversed. Ever heard of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom? Emily Rimel? Laura Dickenson and Lauretta Codrington? Thought not.

      Read the rest HERE http://curtmaynardsblog.blogspot.com/2008/01/how-big-is-bill-whites-american-nazi.html

    24. Subrosa Says:

      Sounds like Curt has White belled.