19 January, 2008

Western “Merit” Culture, or Marxist “Equality” Culture? Britain Can’t Have Both

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As author William G. Simpson asked, “which way, Western man?” [1]:


[1] Simpson: [Here]

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  7. 7 Responses to “Western “Merit” Culture, or Marxist “Equality” Culture? Britain Can’t Have Both”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Simpson’s great book should be a source of constant reference for all White Nationalists.

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      From page 575 of Which Way Western Man, Our people are too apathetic, or spiritless, or cowardly, to stand up and fight for what they believe in, or even to avert their own destruction. Some wait for tenure, some for retirement, some for safer times, but all wait for doom. Dead races do not come back. Those that wait are the pallbears of civilization.
      “Everywhere the White man’s world has been sickening and dying. In a single generation his empires have withered and disappeared almost as if an evil genie passed a magic wand over them…. This is especially astonishing in the British, founders of the largest and most civilizing empire ever created by the genius of man, who seem to accept almost supinely their being reduced from their imperial splendor to the rank of a minor power”
      William Gayley Simpson was a prophet and his Magnum Opus, Which Way Western Man, should be required reading.

    3. Marwinsing Says:

      SOUTH AFRICA: kaffirs burn 7 trains at 4 stations: Psychologist: kaffirs are like Two Year old Children…

      “…you will recall the number of times I have compared situations like this to the terrible twos stage of childhood development where if something happens they don’t like or can’t get immediately (instant
      gratification) they throw a tantrum and destroy anything at hand.”

    4. America First Says:

      1968 N.Y.C. African descendant’s went on a terror and crime wave across the city back then attacking Whites at large in any situation they could get away with. Witnessed a pack of perhaps 300 swarming Whites in their way beating them down instantly and robbing them busting windows along their parade way.

      NYC will not give out gun permits, but since we have a government that will not discriminate, then all the Africans would have to get permits too.

      Detroit Whites abandoned that city, I am suprised any Whites live in NYC any more. All the large East coast cities operate with Federal Taxes monies too.

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      William G. Simpson started out as a very devout Christian minister. After decades of preaching, traveling the country, soul searching and research, he wrote his masterpiece, Which Way Western Man. From page 64 where he describes The Jesus Viral Infection. “Whether at its worst, as it comes from the Church, or at its best as it flows from his teaching itself, it is an alien, oriental, Jewish infection. All through the centuries it has meant our weakening, our sickening, our self-betrayal. Indeed, from the very beginning it virtually implied and actually involved our gradual enslavement to values, ideal and means that violated our instincts. The Bible is Jewish from cover to cover. For a proud people, certainly at least one of the strongest and most gifted of which we have historic record, to surrender its own soul and let its life force pass into another race, is a thing of supreme ignominy, And a thing of supreme peril.
      Simpson was a prophet and his book much more important for our race than the Bible

    6. zoomcopter Says:

      Televangelicals like Benny Hinn tell your grandmother to “feel the power of the Holy Spirit” through the television screen. He implores her to buy the magic “prayer cloth” blessed by Jesus, or the “annointment oil” to rub on her arthritis, and pain will vanish, money will suddenly appear and the pearly gates will open wide for her. Just keep the “Prayer Offerings” coming as Benny Hinn buys another Mercedes or a younger mistress. John Hagee, another snake oil salesman, wants us to nuke Iran and any other country that dares to oppose Israel from dominating the Middle East and claiming the treasure buried beneath the desert sands. The Catholics offer sanctuary for illegal aliens crossing our borders, from the Border Patrol, They claim to answer to and obey a much Higher Power than the law, namely finding more Catholics to feed the collection plates. Lutherans sponsor ethiopian “lost boys” into our homes and schools and wonder why the crime rate increases. Pentacostals speak in tongues which oddly sounds like excited gibberish as they are filled with the Holy Spirit. We are told to “turn the other cheek” and dig deeper when we are robbed, and to ignore “evolution” as the handiwork of Satan. I think Mr William Simpson was onto something in his book, Which Way Western Man

    7. zoomcopter Says:

      One final quotation from an Aryan prophet, William Gayley Simpson, from page 610, “As we have seen, all peoples strive to better themselves, and universally this leads to a struggle for power. William Blake, the mystic poet, observed that those who are unable to make their way by strength tend to strive for mastery by turning to cunning. These few words of Blake sum up the modern history of the Jews. With what, it must be allowed, was exceptional intelligence (of a kind), a hard core within world Jewry (which, though only a small minority, has found ways to regiment virtually all Jews) long ago set itself to gain control of all the nations of Europe, and eventually of all the other nations of the entire earth. They learned, as it were, to break into houses by cellar windows and backstairs. They acquired skill at working under cover, in darkness. They became habituated to wearing masks, putting on different faces for different occasions, and talking out of both sides of their mouths at once. They studied to dissect the minds and souls of their intended victims, to discover their weaknesses that they might prey upon and seduce them, and their strong points that they might finally overcome them by instigating needless and useless wars in which their manhood and their treasure would be wasted for naught Acting like the spirochetes of syphilis they have worked and wormed their way into all the nerve centers of a social organism, and finally into its heart and into its brain, with a view to its destruction”
      In my opinion, that paragraph by Simpson, written 30 years ago, was prophetic of today, in that, we have squandered billions and billions of dollars in Iraq, with no end in sight, and spilled the blood of thousands of our young men in the desert sands, all for Israel. Read the book, you will not be disappointed.