25 January, 2008

Wolfowitz Returns

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Jewish neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz, a key figure in the creation of the Iraq war, will now advise the U.S. government on arms control and disarmament. Of interest is how this might affect America’s policies toward Iran and Pakistan. Notice the timing of this: Wolfowitz returns just after the “anti-neocon” NIE report about Iran, and just as things are heating up in Pakistan [1][2][3]:


[1] Pakistan: [Here]

[2] a U.S. State Department announcement of Wolfowitz’s appointment as chairman of the ISAB: [Here]

[3] U.S. State Department policy for the Middle East, then vs. now: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “Wolfowitz Returns”

    1. Hans Schneider Says:

      my god, are the US Government people stupid !

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      From the World Bank to ‘adviser’ on arms control! Wolfowitz deserves our ‘special attention’.

    3. Gerald E. Morris Says:

      No surprise here at all. Wolfowitz drafted the plans for the rape of Iraq merely as the first stage of the Kosher Konquest of the Levant. AIPAC, I$rael and the jews that run those organs are NOT going to give up their plans just because it has already effectively killed their Golden Goose, the Jewnited States. Jews are criminal psychotics by nature, as are all their hirelings in the Jew S Feddy govt. This regime is FAR beyond mere stupidity, and merits absolute extermination, along with the jews that created it. For that matter, so doat least 1/4 of the so-called “whites” infesting this continent. Despite their melanin levels, they think like jews, live like jews, thus meriting regard AS jews!

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris
      Human, NOT American
      ARYAN, not “white”