22 February, 2008

Can South Africa Fool the World?

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With crime and corruption out of control and White taxpayers fleeing to safer countries, South Africa is looking to improve its tarnished image. Once governed by Whites, Blacks have run S.A. since 1994, with predictable results. South Africa is now called a “democracy,” but it’s controlled largely by the African National Congress (ANC), a semi-Marxist organization [1]. Jews such as Joe Slovo played important roles in bringing the Blacks to power [2]:


[1] the ANC has long had communists within it, and is allied with S.A.’s communist party

[2] about Slovo and others: [Here]

  • 3 Responses to “Can South Africa Fool the World?”

    1. Booger Says:

      South Afrika WAS a good place for Whites before the sell-out by the Nationalist Party.Letting a bunch of Communist Monkeys run the joint is an invitation to disaster.Under the masterful hand of the Jew,SA commited suicide.No mention in our yid press of the murders and mutilations of White Farmers down there.Most Whites live in some sort of barbed-wire compound for safety,and are discriminated against as part of Nigger State Policy.Want to know the future of this Cuntry?Take a close look at South Afrika.The Afrikaners are now an endangered species.Whenever some brainwashed liberal or “can’t we all just get along” multi-cult P.O.S. starts spewing about rainbow love,just shut ’em down with the plight of our people there.Usually stops the BS utopian dream right there.Of course,be ready for the usual “evil,hateful,rascist” diaper change afterwards.Death to the Jews!Death to the ANC!-African Nigger Congress!Poor Afrikaners.The White Man builds,and the Nigger(with Jew guidance)destroys.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      We whites are about 8% of the total population of South Africa.

      We whites also stand collectively at about 8% of the total population of the world.

      What is happening to us here in South Africa WILL happen to ALL white populations around the world. And I mean in ALL white countries. It’s a jew-plan, aided and abetted, of course, by traitorous white elitists and globalists. Now at this stage I’m not going to jew-bait or curse kaffirs or moan about the mongrels — I only want to say this — that we, as racially-aware white people who understand — or purport to understand — the low-down of what’s going on have a got huge job on our hands and that is DE-PROGRAMME THE AVERAGE BRAINWASHED WHITEY.

      Your average white is so ideologically subverted that it doesn’t know its arse from its elbow and THIS is precisely our problem — NOTHING ELSE — if we can just get this half-right then we’re on our way forwards again, even if only by the skin of our teeth. Failing that, we’re fucked.

    3. Feuerundflamme Says:

      It saddens me to see all this leftist poor kaffer, jew, homo and downright mongrel attitudes taking place among whites in S.A., even among Afrikaners (true Aryan decendants). What has become of the honourable and brave souls who knew what steps had to be taken to ensure the way of life for the true man?

      Each day waking up in Suid Afrika (it’s only true name) feels like a strangle-hold growing ever tighter. Kaffers (coons, niggers, whatever) do what they feel like under this politically correct guise of “poor us”. It’s how they got into power anyway… (they would never have defeated us in an open war, a fact!)

      Yes poor fucking you, you brainless “Bobbejaane” (Baboons) having the misfortune of actual humans comming to the primitive lands you so lazily inhabited, cultivating it with the protestant work ethic and their blood, sweat and tears and furthermore having to deffend it from savages such as yourself and inferior races. Whites of mainlly Dutch and German origin created the country and then bolsjevist-jews and fag-liberals tell you you are entitled to it. The nerve…

      Yes, the whole leftist, coward, greedy, tree-hugging world is behind you, but this is because they are made of the same stuff as you, using their numbers and subversive tactics to get what they want, not standing to fight as true men.

      The only future hope for our glorious Aryan race is to educate it’s brothers, sisters, sons and daughters of the bolsjevist jew lies and this impending doom which awaits us if we do not act soon! Storm clouds are gathering and we will only weather the storm if we stand as one, the one true superior race!

      And Finally, to all who stand in our way, enjoy the spoils of your politicaly correct thieving and grow ever more confident and complacent. You will be harshly awakened from your delusion of grandeur when having to put the flammes out on your mongrel childrens backs! And to all who are standing with the scourge and who should be standing with us. The same fate may befall you…

      Over and out, Laut und deutlich.
      SIEG HAIL! Gott mit uns!