2 February, 2008

Holocaust Comics

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The Germans haven’t swallowed enough Holocaust propaganda yet: [Article].

Another Holocaust comic book, from a different perspective: [Here].

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    1. Hans F.Schneider Says:

      the next thing will be hollywood cartoons for childrens TV. The comic book aproach just clearly shows how relevant the material has become.

    2. Arminius Says:

      Germany’s FASTEST growing minority- communist jews?
      220 000 Jews migrated from the former Soviet Union to Germany since 1990?
      No wonder Germany slides into the abyss like an avalanche.
      Well, jews have experience in this matter.

    3. janet marsh Says:

      Well now, I am of German heritage and I am fully ashamed of my german brothers. When are they going to say enough is enough? There are more of them than the powers that be.
      I wanted to go to Germany with our German friends and they kept making excuses for me not to go with them. After awhile, I caught on. It was because they were scared to death to be with me there. I have a habit of saying my mind and would get on a soap box and ask the Germans when they were going to get tired of it all. After all, there is plenty of proof that the jews were not exterminated. Statistic prove that there were almost as many jews after the war than were before the war. And what about the jews declaring war on Germany in 1933??My friend knew what would happen to me and did not want to get into it. Right!
      So, put me in prison, who cares, they are the ones that have to take care of me and I could sleep and read my life away along with writing.
      As an afterthought, if the Germans were so terrible and did what the jews claim, why would they want to go to Germany? You know it would happen again if true.
      Talk about Nazi action. Look at Palestine and what those so called jews are doing to the Palestinians. Genocide [sp]
      They are doing exactly what they claim the Germans did to them.
      Why have the jews been kicked out of every country they ever went to in the past? Tells you something does it not?
      To begin with, they are not jews, they are Khathars from Russia and Mongolia. Why don’t you people and the Germans do some research? Even the jewish encyclopedia states that about 95 percent of the jews are not jews. Read the Thirteenth Tribe, for goodness sake.
      You Germans make me tired. Afraid to do something. For God’s sake and your children’s, do somethingl.