9 February, 2008

Le Pen Found Guilty of Thought-Crime

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The German occupation of France was mild and uneventful for most Frenchmen. Le Pen was found guilty anyway:


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    1. Booger Says:

      Hoy Vey!Thought crime Schmot crime!Throw him to the lions for not towing the Kosher line!What a pathetic place our homeland(Europe) has become,when “free” men can’t even speak their mind without the Kosher stamp of approval.Everyone who knows anything, knows that only jews ever suffered in world war jew.Those fucks now have an NWO hungarian jew for a prez.Well,we’ll call and raise them with a kosher approved white-hating half-breed mulatto and a communist worn-out power-hungry cunt for VP.Sad people,sad.Tolerance=Genocide for the White Race.

    2. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Most people don’t realize that after the Germans occupied France, they turned around and let the French people run their own country, with their own government. Its was a pro-Nazi government called the Vichi government. Life for most French people continued on as normal. The major damage of France came from American bombs. The garbage that passes for American History neglects to mention this.

    3. Ein Says:

      Gertrude Stein, an American Jew and millionairess from California, lived in France througout the War. Not only was she unmolested in any way, she even supported the Vichy regime and the fascists — at least up until the Nazis began losing, then she began shifting sides. She not only was friendly with members of the high Gestapo, but even defended them after the war, and allegedly even helped one of them [Bernard Fa├┐], to escape! Yes, it’s all documented. This is not fantasy.

      There were other wealthy American Jews like her, whom I could name if I had time, who chose not to return, and instead spent the war years in France or Italy, living in comfort.

      And, btw, how many members of the Rothschild family ever spent a day in a “concentration camp”?