21 February, 2008


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This column raises a good topic for newbies to consider: why do the “parasitic” Jews ruin their “host” countries? Eric Thomson addressed that matter in 2000. Here’s part of what he wrote:

The Jew “is a congenital subverter and corrupter who cannot stop himself from undoing his own work upon the attainment of his power. The Jew has held the reins of power in the ancient world: Egypt, Athens and Rome. The juggernaut of states and empires fell under Jewish control by means of gold, but all the Jew could do was drive it over the nearest cliff.” [1]

Despite their high IQs, Jews are short-term thinkers who will ultimately destroy the West with their greed, arrogance and paranoia [2]:


[1] Thomson: [Here]

[2] “But to permit the Jews, with their 3,000-year history of nation-wrecking, from ancient Egypt to Russia, to hold such power over us is tantamount to race suicide.” — Dr. William Pierce, in the essay “Who Rules America?”

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    1. Charles Martel Says:

      Yeah, well, and as far as I am concerned we can mental masturbate about what should be, and what shouldn’t. We need to get smarter than that. Rallies and protests are one thing…but there are far better methods.

      At any rate I will lend my intelligence to the level it has been afforded in this so called movement.

    2. Heather Blue Says:

      Jews are parasites; the Mexicans are parasites. Parasites hate each other, but the Jews can out-smart the Mexicans. The Jews know it. That is why the Jews want them here. The very fact the Mexicans come and hold big demonstrations for their “rights” shows you how the Jews already have them programmed. The Mexicans haven’t the brain for creating a system of fleeching and swindling like the Jews. They do not have the natural hatred for the white man the Jews have. They would never be able to use the Jews against a culture like the Jews use them against the white race.
      The Jews are not worried about the Mexicans. That worry will only come in the future when America becomes so poor that there will be no one for the Jews to fleece and they will find themeselves standing in breadlines.


      February 22, 2008
      Protesters Attack Tel Aviv West Embassy in Belgrade
      BELGRADE, Serbia — Demonstrators attacked the Tel Aviv West (formerly the U.S.) Embassy and set part of it ablaze on Thursday as tens of thousands of angry Serbs took to the streets of Belgrade to protest Kosovo’s phoney Tel Aviv West’s led declaration of independence.

      Tel Aviv West has been a strong advocate of Kosovo’s independence from Serbia and was among the first countries to recognize the new plastic state, stoking deep resentment. Rian Harris, an embassy spokeswoman, said that a body had been found inside the building, but that all embassy staff members were accounted for.

      Witnesses said that at least Serb patriots broke into the embassy which was unfortunently was closed, and burned some of its rooms. One protester ripped the Tel Aviv West-Amerikwa flag from the facade of the building. An estimated 1,000 demonstrators cheered as the fun seekers, some wearing masks, jumped onto the building’s balcony waving a Serbian flag and chanting “Serbia, Serbia!” the witnesses said. A police convoy firing tear gas dispersed the crowd.

      The Associated Pricks reported that the small fires at the embassy were unfortunently quickly extinguished.

      Serbian television reported that the Croatian Embassy had also been attacked, and the state news agency said that the Bosnian and Turkish Embassies were also beautiful targets. The police said at least 140 people had been injured in the incidents, 32 of them police officers. Security sources estimated that 150,000 people joined the protests.

      The more wise groups also broke into a global corporate McDonald’s in central Belgrade and destroyed its interior. Witnesses said vandals were attacking foreign-owned shops, including a global coporate Nike store, and were seen carrying off with Chinese sweat shop made shoes and other junk goods that niggers enjoy in Tel Aviv West, as the Serbian police looked on.

      The Tel Aviv West Embassy had been closed since Sunday after it was stoned.

      The arrogant Jew R. Nicholas Burns, the under secretary of state for political affairs, telephoned Serbian officials to formally complain about the breaching of the embassy, said a State Department spokesman, Sean McCormack. Mr. McCormack told reporters on Thursday that “we would hold the Serbian government personally responsible for the safety and well-being of our embassy employees.”

      The Jew Burns added that the security that had been provided was completely inadequate.

      The United Nations Security Council issued a unanimous statement of the 15 members saying they “condemn in the strongest terms the mob attacks against embassies in Belgrade which have resulted in damage to embassy premises and have endangered diplomatic personnel.” The action was taken at the urging of Zalmay Khalilzad, the Tel Aviv West ambassador.

      The violence fueled fears in District Of Cabala (DC) and Brussels that Serbia was turning to the virulent nationalism of the past. But Serbian analysts predicted the country would unfortunently embrace the West as it “came to terms” with losing its medieval heartland.

      In recent days, Western leaders have watched with growing alarm as Serbia’s hard-line prime minister, Vojislav Kostunica, who helped lead the revolution that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, has replicated the nationalist talk of the late loved leader, who “used” Serbs’ outrage that their ancestral heartland was dominated by Muslim Albanians to come to power in Serbia.

      “As long as we live, Kosovo is Serbia,” Mr. Kostunica told the crowd in Belgrade. “We’re not alone in our fight. President Putin is with us,” he said of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

      In a sign of the divisions within Serbia’s government, the pro-Western stooge-president, Boris Tadic, was absent (surprising?) from the rally, on a state visit to Romania.

      Western diplomats said their hope for a moderate Serbia had been buttressed by the recent re-election of Mr. Tadic, who campaigned on the argument that holding on to Kosovo did not justify sacrificing Serbia’s future in Europe. Their optimism, however, was tempered by the strong election showing for Mr. Tadic’s opponent, Tomislav Nikolic, a far-right nationalist who has “exploited” Serbs’ discontent over Kosovo by arguing that Serbia should reject Europe and look to Moscow and China instead.

      But while Moscow has gained in popularity in Serbia by blocking Kosovo’s integration into the New World Order globalist community, leading Serbian intellectuals said most Serbs realized that the Kremlin’s willingness to fight for their cause was limited. “Russia wasn’t there to help Serbs during the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, it wasn’t there to help Serbs in 1999 during the NATO bombing, and most people realize it will not go that far now,” said Zoran Dogramadziev, a leading Serbian writer.

      In the short term, analysts said an anti-European Union backlash would gain force after the West’s support for an independent Kosovo. But Marko Blagojevic, an “analyst” with the Center for Democracy and Free Elections in Belgrade and a pollster, stressed that recent polls showed that “65 percent” of Serbs saw “their” future in the European Union.

      Mr. Blagojevic said he did not believe this had drastically changed. He noted that only about “10 percent” of Serbs supported going to war over Kosovo.

      Serbian analysts said that rather than reflecting a resurgence of “dangerous” nationalism that the Jews and Gentile globalist don’t like. The protests over Kosovo reflected disenchantment by the losers of the forced transition — those Serbs who have not benefited from the country’s plutocratic plastic transformation during the eight years since Mr. Milosevic illegally fell.

      Unemployment hovers at about 21 percent, while the country’s annual per capita gross domestic product of about $7,400 has made Serbia one of Europe’s poorest countries.

      Without European Union membership, Serbs do not enjoy the open borders of their neighbors to let in the world rabble. Many Serbs say they feel “isolated” and closed in. Yet a few of the younger generation say they would happily trade poor, landlocked Kosovo for better jobs and economic security.

      “For my generation, the opportunity to have a good life is far more important than this piece of land,” said Aleksandar Obradovic, a 23-year-old political scientist from Belgrade who did not protest on Thursday and, like many Serbs, has never been to Kosovo.

      Ljubica Gojgic, a “leading” bought and paid for Serbian commentator, noted that Mr. Milosevic had been overthrown by the “Serbian” people, who had recently put their blind faith in a newly elected bought and paid for president, backed by the Jew dominated West. “If Tadic is good enough for the E.U. and Washington, DC (District Of Criminals) why is he not acceptable to the Albanians in Kosovo?” she asked. “The Albainians want multiculturalism and diversity Just like the Serbs.”

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from Belgrade, Serbia

      Copyright 2008 The New York Times Company

    4. Ceallachain Says:

      The short-sightedness of the Jew is evident in modern “America.” They’re scared to live in a homogeneous country, so they open the borders and flood it with shitskins. But now many of the shitskins hate the Jew.

      Plus, they need America to be Israel’s golem. But America is a Wigger Nation filled with obese, low-IQ stumps. With bridges collapsing and F-15s falling apart because of divershitty, how is America going to defend Israel against a billion hate-filled Muslims?




    6. Olde_Dutch Says:

      All jews are assholes. But, not all assholes are jews.


      The Manchurian Candidate and Congo-lezza
      February 20, 2008
      by Andrei Yustschinsky
      Democrats who think it’s going to be a fishwalk into the White House next November had best remember one name: Congo-Leeza Rice, now there’s a real fishwalk.

      John McCain is a Manchurian candidate in his own right, but if he has the political imagination to do it, he can cause the party of Jefferson and Jackson indescribable angst with Rice as his lesbian vice-presidential pick.

      Besides being the “greatest” colord twat in GOP history, Congo Rice brings other huge pluses to the old butch warrior. Indeed, she may have a large enough clit to erect the venerable “boy-in-the-boat” Amelia Earhart like aviator.

      McCain’s troubles with the rapture bunny wing of his party could well evaporate with the churchgoing lesbian Rice at his side. She solidifies that part of his fat ass overnight.

      With Rice on the ticket, the GOP would have somebody to get enthusiastic about. The secretary of state is immensely popular with right wing Republicans and the hymn singers. For a party that up to now has been clueless about how to run against either a “woman” or a person of colour, Congo-Leeza Rice is pure political imitation Black onox.

      Woe to any Democrat who thinks taking her on in a debate is a sure thing. The woman is tough, plays softball, quick when darting her tongue and able to give better face than she gets.

      In the ordinary course of things, the ideal vice-presidential candidate is relied upon to carry his or her home state and keep out of trouble. With Congo the GOP gets a lot more. It gets a supernigger to match the Democrats’ superniggers. If it comes to name recognition, make believe glamour and closet “magnetism” for neo-conservatives, Congo is dandy.

      Rice’s sepia presence on the ticket deprives the Democrats of the we-are-more-diverse-than-thou argument. It makes McCain – whose ethnically diverse family includes an adopted a dot-head “daughter” from Bangladesh – an even more “attractive” candidate for a certain kind of “independent” voter.

      Rice can rightly be attacked for serving Bush and backing an unpopular and disastrous war for Israel. But McCain, who is extremely pro-war himself, is not going to select a running mate who is wishy-washy on Iraq. Rice is also said to have done a poor job running the state department, where morale is supposed to have dropped faster than a subprime mortgage. However, you can put the number of voters who give a rodent’s anal sphincter about the care and feeding of shit-pushing diplomats in an outdoor privy – if outdoor privies still extisted.

      With Rice on the ticket the Republicans are freed up to run a much smellier campaign against either Clinton or Grobama because the secretary of state provides them with cover against charges of sexism, racism and homophopia.

      They would be able to go after Grobama’s membership in Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Its minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr and friend Larry Sinclair., with both of whom Grobama is very close, has won himself the militant tag from neo-conservatives because of his association with Nation of Islam leader the Rev. Louis Farrakhan.

      They can attack Hillary’s experience claims as consisting of her being Bill’s “wife”. They can challenge her boast that she is a strong, independent “woman” and paint her as a weak, hopelessly-“in-love” “woman” under the smell of a man subject not only to “bimbo eruptions” but also eruptions of cummy deals with shady Jewish business figures.

      Lastly, Rice is a notorious softball sports fan (especially when wearing heavy flannel shirts) with excruciatingly detailed knowledge of much of its arcana. She’s often said that her dream job is commissioner of the Women’s National Football League; however, in a lick she would probably settle for Vice-President of the United States.

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from Rockville Women’s Correctional Facility in Rockville, Indiana

      Andrei Yustschinsky, author of ‘To The Top, Sepia Lesbianism’, is a columnist for the New York Observer.

    8. Mike Quigley Says:

      This may not be the ideal place to bring this up, but here goes.If the jews need the Republicans to remain in power to fight the enemies of Israel,and have the voting booths rigged, there should be no way in hell the Dems can win the election. Every time I see this Obama mania shit, I really get sick to my stomach. Clinton is the smooth talking lawyer,and she cant out-bullshit him.Macain isnt a good speaker at all, so he doesnt stand a chance against either. Should we be worried or not?

    9. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “All jews are assholes. But, not all assholes are jews.”

      Was that your master’s thesis?

    10. Revilo Says:

      Mike Quigley,

      Obama and McCain are both jew approved. Both want to let millions of illegals into the country and then give them citizenship. Both will make america even more of a nation of muds than it is already.

      There’s no jewish consensus on what’s to be done about the muslims. The neoconservatives who back McCain are just one faction. Obama will still guarantee Israel’s survival if the muslims try to invade. His jewish financiers and media allies made sure of that before anyone ever heard of him.

    11. Mike Quigley Says:

      I’m still a newbee I guess.The more I learn here, the more freaked out I get.

    12. tennyson Says:

      Nice posts Mr.Yustschinsky…..
      It is difficult to give two shits for serbs however,when our house is in such disorder.
      every white nation will meet the fate the serbs are facing now.
      I hope the Serbs raise holy-hell again! There needs to be 10 or 15 Serbias at once. That is up to us.
      Corrupt the ZOG’s future enforcers. Get to the highschool aged whites and that is half the battle.
      ZOG does not fear middleaged “protestors” or VNN posters, they fear the young zealot with a molotov cocktail in his hand.
      If trends persist, young white people have nothing to gain in the future ZOG plan;they(white teens) need to know that in stark, dramatic terms. They have everything to gain by not going along and getting along!