23 February, 2008

“Pushing Missile Defense in Europe”

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America’s neoconservative, Russophobic missile plan for Eastern Europe is meeting resistance. Looks like the Jews and their shabbos goys will have to push it even harder [1]:


[1] about “Russophobia”: [Here]

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  7. 4 Responses to ““Pushing Missile Defense in Europe””

    1. Arminius Says:

      Whichever way you look at these so called missile defence (“defence”?) plans and “strategic installations”, they make no sense. They could easily be circumvented by simply sending a truck with a concealed nuclear bomb to any city (in Europe) or US-Base. That wouldn’t even require Russian trucks (or ships, or planes).
      Another point: Missile installations in Britain, Poland or elsewhere are completely useless to control a country or government which could later become hostile to USrael, for there is no army at hand to enforce the will of USrael’s rulers. To buy a few corrupt government stooges is easy, but what thereafter?
      Whether they want to scare people, or profit from orders to private missile producers, I can only wonder.
      Another possibility: It could be just a manifestation of the momentous stupidity of the ‘strategic’ decisionmakers along the Axis Washington-Tel Aviv. It wouldn’t be the first time they got it all wrong, and the US taxpayers had to bail them out.
      Can anybody offer a better explanation?

    2. Jim Says:

      Russia is the only country today that has the power to oppose the Jew’s “New World Order. The Kikes brought down the old Soviet Union because the communist system had served their purpose ; also Soviet Russia was growing more nationalistic and anti-zionist. The Jew’s new plan is to control the world thru super-capitalism. While Putin is by no means a Whie Nationalist, He is clearly not going along with their program. If a genuine White Nationalist revolution were to occur in Russia, The Jews could not defeat it as easily as they did with Germany in the last century.

    3. Mike Quigley Says:

      It’s funny how we chased the Russians out of Cuba in the sixties, but evidently we’re going to have missles next door to Russia now. I’m not implying anything,I just wonder what it means.

    4. Ruslan21 Says:

      Russia is being flooded with Central Asians, Caucasian tribals, and Africans, at the behest of the KGB — no longer a Jewish institution. Russia’s most famous geopolitician — a neo-Communist Russian- Orthodox former member of the KGB front Pamyat (“Memory”) — declared that Jews are allies against capitalism despite their unfortunate Talmudic hostility to the Orthodox, and he has excoriated white nationalists categorically. Russia is run by race-traitors with anti-American globalist ambitions.

      Why is there no mention here of the Russian bombers flying over Alaska, the Russian nukes pointed at us once again, the actions of the Shanghai Cooperative Organization, and the Russian General Staff’s open declaration that the Cold War never ended?

      Those who support the neo-Soviet Union over America are in no position to criticize Jewed (or Jewish) support for Kikistan as a lack of patriotism, or as an act of aggression against the Russian people. NATO in Kosovo and Ukraine, Russia in the Caucasus, Africans and Central Asians flooding Russia — these things matter to Russians. When Putin accused Ukraine of “Zionism”, he signalled a very important thing about the Communist mentality — lack of appreciation for small, dependent countries that lurch toward America. To Communists, it matters only that some country that has been dependent on Russia — whether white Ukraine or Jewish Kikistan — is turning toward America.

      I would not be surprised if Russia carpet-bombed Kiev in addition to helping Tehran nuke Kikistan. It may or may not be that it works out for white America in the end, but it’s not about our interests; it’s about Communist (neither Russian nor Kikistani) interests, and white American and Communist interests are usually at odds.

      It is a tragedy that Mikhail Frunze was so brilliant, and that Anton Denikin became commander of the White armies as late as he did. Otherwise, Russia might have become a very different place.