20 February, 2008

The American Renaissance Conference, Feb. 22-24, 2008

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“‘If [the JDO] are looking for Nazis they are barking up the wrong tree,’ Taylor said in response.” That’s true. Jared Taylor isn’t a Nazi. In fact, Jews – i.e., people who are genetically non-White – are welcome at American Renaissance [1][2][3]:


[1] Taylor comments on the Jews (scroll down almost half-way): [Here]

[2] according to U.S. government standards, Jews are a racial group, and not merely an ethnic group, which means that scientists must reclassify Jews as being a race, like negroes are (scroll down to near the bottom): [Here]

[3] more about Jewish genetics: [Here]

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    1. Bobby Says:

      TAYLOR: The Jews? The Jews are fine by me.


    2. tennyson Says:

      Donahue is such a cheap intellect. Not even a good aparatchik.

    3. sallym Says:

      natural selection decides who stays and who goes. it is the human experience that the white race is the front-runner in evolution. as long as the blood of the race is not defiled, white people will remain the front-runners.

    4. Topkea Says:

      Jared Taylor is KIKE jew stooge cuntface! He lets fucking kike cunts like ‘White, jewish and Proud” and “Jewamongyou” post and troll the site claiming jews are the Whitest of the White. Boycott this cunt and his kikish handlers. RAHOWA! No kikes, no niggers, no spicks, but first and foremost, NO JEWS! Jared Taylor is a filthy traitorous kike-enabler who supports kikistan against Palestine. Fuck this pseudo-White slime cunt. Fuck you Jared Taylor, fuck AmRen. RAHOWA!

    5. Muckraker Says:

      As an AmRen defector, here’s what I don’t understand about Jared Taylor. With countless words written by he and others (oftentimes brilliantly mind you) and posted on his website regarding the very REAL war on the Western nations/Whites and the very REAL committment to our genocide, WHO exactly does he think comprises the SPLC (who has clearly demonstrated that he is included in its crosshairs), ADL, B’ nai B’ rith, the ACLU, the 11 billion open-borders lobby except the jews? WHO does he think is behind the media censorship of black-on-White genocide since it is commonly known by intellectuals like himself that they own/control the media lock, stock and barrel? I submit to you of course Jared knows all this. So why is there a total blackout of debate about any of the above on his website. The moderators will even censor links to WHO owns the media, much less any comments regarding said truths.

      Moreover, why was there NO concern whatsoever by American Renaissance of the always-in-danger-of- passing jewish sponsored legislation (http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=150 ) to CRIMINALIZE any criticism of our Zionist-controlled federal Leviathan by giving sweeping new powers to define “hate speech” which clearly would have included sites like Jared’s (already identified as a “hate website” by the jewish supra terrorist agency – the themselves criminal syndicate Southern Poverty Law Center) spelling their demise? In fact, I had my links to the Rev. Ted Pike leading the heroic battle to defeat the totalitarian legislation censored from alerting other bloggers.

      Something is not jibing here, there is a piercing dissonance and it stinks to high heaven. He is either a coward unwilling to stand up to jewish power, itching to achieve accolades from jews who pretend Whiteness/concern for our plight to deceitfully infiltrate such a movement, deluded into thinking they can be trusted (don’t believe this for a minute), or has become a traitor in the enemies’ camp. Which is it?


      Jews Harass 104-Year-Old Singer Because He Performed For Hitler
      Posted on: 2008-02-21 00:32:21

      Amersfoort, Netherlands- Several dozen protesters gathered outside a theater in the Netherlands Saturday where a singer who once performed for Adolf Hitler was due to take the stage in his native country for the first time in four decades. Johannes Heesters, 104, has been a popular figure in German-language cabaret since the 1930s, earning him the epithet “the Netherlands’ most durable product.”

      He was never accused of being a propagandist or anything other than an actor who was willing to perform for the Nazis, and the Allies allowed him to continue his career after the war. Of course Jewish paranoia and the Holocaust industry has fostered the current enviornment where senior citizens are regularly persecuted by Jewish supremacists for having opinions, and in this case simply for performing in front of figures, the Jews don’t like.

      Around 50 demonstrators gathered outside De Flint theater in Amersfoort, where Heesters was born in 1903. A handful of Heester supporters showed up as well and showed their disdain toward the Jewish supremacists and their lackeys by throwing eggs at the demonstrators. The extent of the Jewish hatred for freedom of speech,association, and expression was crystal clear as concertgoers were forced to submit copies of their passports and undergo airport-style security scans before being allowed to enter the theater, which shows that a threat of terrorism was a possibility.

    7. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Either Lenin or Stalin said: “Opposition? We become the opposition.” (Or words to that effect)

      Real social/cultural/economic problems are pointed out, and some fairly good analyses are provided.

      One thing is ALWAYS omitted- who is doing what to whom.

      Example: Rothbard wrote What Has Government Done to Our Money? It should have been titled What Have Kykes Done to our Money?

    8. Stronza Says:

      J. Taylor gets on a show like Donahue only because he says jooze are okay. The only place real racists can be heard is on Jerry Springer, etc. Anyway, JT is pretty sharp, all things considered. I guess he has had years to hone his debating skills. But Donahue is unbelievably pathetic. What a sad case. Many years ago he had a bit of intelligence. Reading this transcript, I think he has lost more brain cells than the average person.

    9. MHK Says:

      Stay away from Stormfart and Un-American Renaissance.

      They’re both run by jew-friendly goy frontmen and they both promote the kosher neoconservative agenda disguised as white nationalism.

    10. Charles Martel Says:

      JT is a prime example of an infiltrator. A true-blue jew servant. He is a filthy poser and the sort of person we need to watch out for. He poses as a conservative and person in the interest of whites, but is a jewish mouthpiece. He is just another Wiener Savage, but with far, far less impact to the masses. He’s a fucking joke. We should not even bother with him, but go after the bigger fish, like savage.

    11. Mark Says:

      Mr. Taylor has chosen to work within the system, accepting Judeo-Christian society and its norms, much like the patriotard movement. His main opposition is against Mongoloid and Negroid people, especially the latter. He’s quite pan-Aryan in his approach, even including Jews. While I do like a lot of what he does, ultimately his movement won’t accomplish what needs to be done, but it is a stepping stone.

      What’s funny is that many here say he isn’t white enough, while Jews among him say he doesn’t do enough to expel anti-Semites and support Jews.

    12. FeralWhiteMale Says:

      Stronza: “The only place real racists can be heard is on Jerry Springer…”

      You’re kidding, right? I haven’t seen that show in like 7 years and don’t even know if it’s still on, but recall that kike Springer got hauled in front of a court and admitted that like 70% of the shows are PLANNED and therefore FRAUDULENT. Have you really seen real RACISTS or just people paid a few bucks to act like the stereotypical Hollywood racist?

      Montel, Oprah and Queen Latifah (if I remember the proper negress’ name) had some semi-legitimate racists on and Jared Taylor was on the latter’s show wherein he screwed up once or twice because he had to toe the politically correct jew marxist line and not offend our non-white associates in AmeriKwa.

      Mark: “What’s funny is that many here say he isn’t white enough, while Jews among him say he doesn’t do enough to expel anti-Semites and support Jews.”

      That’s not funny as much as it’s perfectly normal. Jews are the master WHINERS of all time. They will whine and whine and kvetch and kvetch. Fuck’em. Don’t care what they think. About ANYTHING. Whereas Taylor refuses to name the jew and blames everyone but them. That’s like the physician diagnosing the symptoms but not the cause. He’s one of us, but he’s wrong in this tactic and it will never get him anywhere nor gain our respect. But maybe he doesn’t care what us low brows think? Who knows?

    13. MHK Says:

      Jared Taylor is a two-bit con man. Period.

    14. LoveWhite Says:

      Somebody should refer Mr Taylor to Kevin MacDonalds scholarly work.

    15. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      When Dr. Jobling was web master, he issued an edict- “Kevin Macdonald is no longer allowed to be discussed on American Renaissance.”

    16. Stronza Says:

      Feral White Male, I most certainly was joking when I said you could see real racists only on Jerry Springer Show. I should have put quotes around “real racists”. I haven’t seen that dumb show in 10 years. I wasn’t interested in white matters as such back then, but those “nazis” throwing chairs about looked so phony and stupid that whenever they came on I’d turn the t.v. off.

    17. Topkea Says:

      I strongly believe that JT may be part jewish. Only a yid would be so interest in safeguarding such a tiny minority of so-called WNs – there are two self-declared filthy scum sucking kikes on AR, plus some other idiots who believe yidim are White. Therefore, JT is either part-kike or insane – I’ll go for the former.

    18. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Full name- Samuel Jared Taylor. Wife/significant other- Evelyn RICH. She wrote some dissertation in the 1980s having to do with David Duke.

    19. Muckraker Says:

      When Dr. Jobling was web master, he issued an edict- “Kevin Macdonald is no longer allowed to be discussed on American Renaissance.”


      Full name- Samuel Jared Taylor. Wife/significant other- Evelyn RICH. She wrote some dissertation in the 1980s having to do with David Duke.

      shabbos s. shabazz

      I strongly believe that JT may be part jewish.


      To the former, shabazz, that is indeed very telling. Such edicts would HAVE to come from the very top. And to both posters regarding the distinct possibility that he is himself of jewish heritage, and possibly a jewish subversive, it would certainly make all of the collaborative evidence which is otherwise disconcerting and puzzling come together in a logical chain-of-reasoning. The implications of such a possibility as to that degree of deceit, manipulation and planning are too astounding and horrific to rationalize by typically moral white intellects until one appreciates the deviousness (and the lifelong pursuit thereof) of the jewish mind.

    20. Bill White Says:

      All I know is that since the antis are marching in a crowd, I will be bringing the…


      Actually, I will be in Northern Virginia tomorrow visiting with friends attending the American Renaissance conference. Anyone of interest in attendance can look me up.

      And yes, Taylor is a big pussy. I think we should have a poll on how badly the antis beat him next time he pulls his Gandhi routine.

    21. susan Says:

      I routinely got censored on AR. I posted under Sue from GA, and my comments concerning both women and niggers routinely landed me in the dungeon. That’s how I finally heard about VNN. Some guy suggested to me that maybe I belonged at VNN more so than at AR. Isn’t that a hoot? I didn’t have a clue about all of this, but quickly began posting here and liking it much more. Except for the virilent anti woman strain that cuts such a wide swath through VNN.

      And don’t say it doesn’t exist, because when I have longtime VNN Forum posters routinely pm me with comments asking me why I still post here when I get so much crap for being female AND the way females are treated here AND urging me to follow them to another website where women are treated better…..Well, I know it just isn’t little ole’ me.

      It’s the one aspect of life at VNN that ruins its credibility and will prevent VNN from ever getting the white female population here it would like.

    22. Topkea Says:

      Hey, Susan, what the FUCK are you doing in front of a computer, cunt? You should be having

    23. Topkea Says:

      WHITE CHILDREN, not discussing what belongs to WHITE ARYAN MEN! The very fact that you are at a computer instead of caring for your children means that you are part of the problem. If you have something to say, ask your HUSBAND to write it down!

    24. Bill White Says:

      Report from the conference here:


    25. Muckraker Says:

      Bill White:

      Immense thanks for your (often comical) insights; perhaps your buddy can provide us with more since he actually attended the workshops and listened to the speakers (jew Prof. Goddfried doubtless had invaluable solutions for our whiteplight especially since he identifies every plague but the jew) in the following:

      The White Man’s Disease


      Can you share some additional insights into your obvious battle w/ Stormfront (an organization I’m familiar with in name only) please (perhaps a link to what you’ve elaborated on previously?)


    26. Antagonistes Says:

      This movement will never get anywhere . . . all the woman-hating, the backstabbing, the Topkea-diarrhea!

      Yes, Sue from Ga., I also used to post on Amren! I quit posting as much after I saw the cult-following that a character named John PM (whom I suspect was really Ian Jobling) was getting! He was the Barack Obama of Amren, with swooning fans, or so it was MADE TO APPEAR! I actually set this character up, on a discussion board, and later blasted him to pieces quite easily with quotes from Ayn Rand. A beautiful piece of work, if I do say so myself.

      I also had a bit of fun using his name for later postings, and making him appear to be gay (which, either Iam Jobling or not, I think he is; ditto for Jobling). I was able to do this for about three months–I really enjoyed it.

      Incidentally, I have tried to post on Jobling’s new site (inverted-world.com) but I am not allowed to post a blessed thing, no matter what name I use, or was formerly known as! But I have no hard feelings for him.

      I highly suspect that Jobling had more than a few aliases while he was the Webmaster of Amren!

    27. Antagonistes Says:

      Okay, guys, the above post by me was, in part, a parody, a satire.

      I complained about backstabbing, and then I stabbed John PM and Jobling in the back, with the unsubstantiated “gay” remark!

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Whether they (or he) really is or not, I wouldn’t know.

    28. Bill White Says:

      The long history of my conflict with Stormfront largely revolves around my conflict with Kevin Strom, my rejection of the paleo-conservative and “far right” during my early dealings with the movement, and has now largely degenerated into my pointing out what a bunch of queers they are, as they sit around and decay.

      As to Gottfried, I read his essay on “Carl Schmitt and Democracy”, and after realizing Gottfried had absolutely no grasp of the subject whatsoever, wrote him off as another wanna-be fascist Jew.

    29. Muckraker Says:

      Antagonistes: I was told by another AmRen defector that back during “The Jewish Question” debate in 2006 which generated the most posts ever (like 365) that based on his positions, he was likely jewish. I am almost positive that the retired physician who posted as “whiteplight” was likely jewish as well.

      One thing I have to say for John PM was that his post on a story about the last major grocery store closing in Detroit, and his “business plan” for successfully running a grocery store in Detroit was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

    30. Revilo Says:

      You don’t need to speculate about Taylor being a jew. Taylor is a system tool because he wants to be accepted by the system and enjoy its perks. A Yale man will never join us. You don’t put the effort (or exploit the family ties) to get into a satanic mill like Yale unless you crave the demonic power that the system offers. Taylor wants to be “controversial” not be a pariah or worse be assassinated or imprisoned and raped.

      The worst VNN poster who NAMES THE JEW is more of a man than Taylor, who sucks jew cock for shekels and crumbs.

    31. Antagonistes Says:

      Muckraker: It had crossed my mind that John PM was a jew. That is one reason why I thought he and Jobling were the same person (I am under the impression that Jobling is a jew; I could be mistaken.) I also got the impression that the jews had a supporting network that would praise each other’s posts; or else, if it was one person (with many aliases) working the board, he would praise his own posts, quite a bit! “You are my hero, John PM!” said one poster. Give me a break!

      And, to be quite honest, I also got the impression that Jobling/PM was quite possibly gay. But, you know, impressions are just that, unsubstantiated rumours are odious. After I read my post, I realized that I had just engaged in ignoble behavior. (Incidentally, the picture of Ian on his website, where he “introduces himself again”, bears an uncanny resemblance, in expression, to Kevin Alfred Strom.)

      That being said, John PM (whoever he really is) was quite a likeable, although zany, character. He once said that he had a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology–I don’t know any schools that offer a Masters in Clinical. That is another reason why I thought he was really Jobling. I was briefly in grad Psyc school and
      no school offered a Masters in Clinical–it is PhD territory. However, my brief foray into that world was more than thirty years ago. Things might have changed.

      My favorite poster, though, was the offbeat Michael C. Scott, who has cooled down likely, so he was probably a sham character, also.

      Since I became jew-savvy, I look for plots within plots, and I don’t think this is paranoid–I think it is prudent.

    32. Topkea Says:

      How many fucking sock puppets and pseudo-WN cunts were there on AR? I think this whole censorship bullshit fucked the message up. The fact that Jared or his ass-sucking cronies screened the posts probably meant that there was plenty of room for the voices HE wanted to be heard to go up. It’s all a debate within a debate: you take Jared’s line to start off with and then, only then and within those limits, you can debate. Thatz the bullshit of AmRen.

    33. Muckraker Says:

      “That being said, John PM (whoever he really is) was quite a likeable, although zany, character. He once said that he had a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology–I don’t know any schools that offer a Masters in Clinical. That is another reason why I thought he was really Jobling. I was briefly in grad Psyc school and
      no school offered a Masters in Clinical–it is PhD territory. However, my brief foray into that world was more than thirty years ago. Things might have changed.”

      Now I know WHO you ARE. You ARE the tormenter of John PM whose running battle with his “imposter” made him look slightly demented. I also recall your challenge to him regarding his credentials. Small world…

      Chemist Michael C. Scott was commendable owing partly to his brutal honesty about his going to prison over amped up silly charges stemming from the altercation with his father.

      Note to Topkea: “Cunts?” That’s the best you can do genius? Go immerse yourself in your porn addiction which has clearly shaped your pathetic views of women.

      Thanks, Bill White, for your edification.

    34. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “It had crossed my mind that John PM was a jew”

      John PM was one of the signers of the “shape up or ship out” letter that was sent to Taylor following the 2006 conference.

      He is jewish.

    35. Topkea Says:

      On the contrary, Muckraker, I am merely reclaiming the old Germanic word “Cunt” for its correct use: the vulva. Women are meant to be childbearers, so they are valuable because they are cunts. Why do you indulge women: do you know how many WHITE ARYAN women elope with niggers out of their own free choice? In a WN world, women should shut up, bear children and serve their MASTER-HUSBAND. Women should keep their mouths shut unless it is to suck my master rod, lick my balls, eat my taint or lick my ass to get me hard enough to have MORE CHILDREN. That is what women EXIST for. Not to be models, teachers or presidents but to safeguard the FUTURE OF THE WHITE ARYAN RACE.

    36. Antagonistes Says:

      Topkea, your diarrhea is abominable.

      Ernest Roehm would shoot you on sight.

      I would just flick you aside like a pestiferous horsefly.

      I will say no more to you, Horsefly.

      I will ignore your buzzing.

      You have been flicked.

    37. Topkea Says:

      Ernest Roehm would shoot you on sight.

      Yeah, ‘cos Ernst was a good, upstanding White Man…why are you mentioning this fat faggot?

    38. Stronza Says:

      Golly, Topkea, if you need a woman to perform all those gross & un-natural acts on you to make you stiff enough to make more babies, well, you sure sound unwell. A healthy man doesn’t need any of that shit and is, indeed, repelled by them. I am a middle-aged woman married to a much older man who has no problems performing at all.

    39. Muckraker Says:

      Topkea: Your language (if that’s what one wants to deem it; clearly fashioned from the high-standards of smut magazines) merely proves my point. Go back to your jew-engineered porn world, quit feigning concern about the plight of Whites, and trying to debase the intelligent, thoughtfull women who post here and WHAT Alex is trying to accomplish by affording us this thoughtful forum.

      And if your inclinations take you in the expected direction for such glaring misogyny and vindictiveness, don’t take out any women or children, but rather do us a favor and direct it at the deserving “elite” traitors.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

    40. Muckraker Says:

      And might I add, you are a disgrace to the White race, and particularly our intelligent White men. You are of absolutely NO benefit to our cause. In fact, you detract from it and provide our enemies ammunition.

    41. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Topkea, if you are indeed White, and not a subversive agitator, this is for you. Since it is in my karmic nature to save, if possible, any White (or even unWhite) person from the power of illusion, I will invest this little talk with quite a bit of emotion, while remaining detached from the results of my actions:

      Topkea, you ILLUSIONED-DRENCHED BABOON’S ASS! You have become enslaved to the illusion of pornography!

      Women are not as they are portrayed in your pornography! Real women wear underwear so they won’t stain their outer garments. Real women have bulges and sags, and cellulite wrinkles. Their underams have unpleasant odors. They have fine hairs on their faces, butts and even on their breasts!

      Did you know that a penis is a clitoris grown big, just as a woman’s nipples are so much bigger than a man’s? Did you know that testicles are ovaries that have descended into a labia that has been sealed together?

      It is all the same parts, in different places, in different sizes!

      Does that mean real women and men are the same? Absolutely not! They are made for different functions, and even a small difference in nature makes for huge differences down the line–look at the small 15 degree tilt in the axis of the earth–it produced the climates and the distinct, different races of man!

      Have you been hurt by women? Is that why you feel the need to degrade them, in your own mind, by pornography? This is going in a somewhat different direction, and could require it’s own exploration. But the first step for you is to recognize that pornography is an illusion, pure and simple.

      The prayer of the rishi: “O God, lead me from the unreal to the Real!”

      These genetic-freak women you look at are illusions, the photos of them are illusions, and the money you spend on them is illusory–but unless you are some highly-evolved spirit, you must play according to the rules of the physical plane, and you will pay the price, and it will be as real as a brick between the eyes!

    42. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      The tilt is 23.5 degrees.

      Topkea, not in Kansas anymore


    43. Ich Bin Laden Says:

      shabbos s. shabazz: “When Dr. Jobling was web master, he issued an edict- ‘Kevin Macdonald is no longer allowed to be discussed on American Renaissance.'”

      So why did AmRen publish a full-length review of MacDonald’s Culture of Critique?

      I’ve posted on the AmRen site several times and have never had any comments relating to Jews censored. The only time I’ve been censored on there was when I posted a comment that was hostile to women.

    44. Ich Bin Laden Says:

      susan: “It’s the one aspect of life at VNN that ruins its credibility and will prevent VNN from ever getting the white female population here it would like.”

      Fuck you.

    45. ein Says:

      Mark Says: “Mr. Taylor has chosen to work within the system, accepting Judeo-Christian society ….His main opposition is against Mongoloid and Negroid people especially”

      Amren is obsessive about Negroes and Mexicans. But not a word against their protectors and enablers [you know who] can be spoken. No connection between them can be made.

      Thus, he condemns the symptoms while ignoring the disease. What kind of a “doctor” is that? Will he heal us? He is a distraction, a red herring, that serves to divert attention away from the REAL, UNDERLYING problem.

      Without the constant sponsorship of the Jews (and their many goy followers) there would be no black/Mexican problem, no immigration problem, no affirmative action problem, no anti-white discrimination problem, no colored crime problem.

    46. ein Says:

      “One thing I have to say for John PM was that …
      I am almost positive that the retired physician who posted as “whiteplight” was likely jewish as well. ” [Muckraker]
      You’ve noticed that too? He is partly so, on the mother’s side. He has stated as much (which could mean that he’s officially a Jew, under Jewish law). And so is John PM. Both come across as very pro-Aryan, but suddenly get strangely defensive when Jews come up. In fact, so are MANY OTHER Amren posters and members (either Jewish or partly Jewish). They claim to be pro-Aryan, pro-Christian, pro-European, but at a certain point, they balk.

      It was stated by one observer at the recent conference, that (based on visual observation) the audience was roughly 20% Jewish. That means that in reality it was at least 40%, maybe 60% Jewish — which would NOT be obvious by observation. Even if it was only 20%, that’s TEN TIMES their percentage in the population! How does that account for such enormous interest? They are doing what they are experts at doing. If you can’t destroy from without (or if it would be too obvious), then infiltrate and control from within.

    47. ein Says:

      One final comment: After just reading Topkea’s obscene rant (against women), I think he is even worse and more destructive to the cause than any Jew (if he isn’t one himself). If he’s not a Jewish troll, then at least he’s pathetically sick, a representative of the worst of us, and I agree with everyone who’s denounced him. We don’t need that.