7 February, 2008

Ukrainian Rector: There’s No Such Thing as Anti-Semitism

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David Duke has a Ph.D in history from MAUP, which is an important university in Eastern Europe:


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  7. 6 Responses to “Ukrainian Rector: There’s No Such Thing as Anti-Semitism”

    1. Booger Says:

      Good for the Ukrainians!They as a people and nation have suffered for decades under the Demonic hand of the Eternal JEW.Beginning with Stalins created “famine”,forcible removal,and GENOCIDE,much overlooked by our jewish-slave press.Edgar Cayce said the greater hope of the world would come form Russia,and specifically said it would not be Communism.The Slavs,mostly are Aryan IMO.It is on this one point that i disagree with the Fuhrer that they are some type of Subhuman.Also KIKE EISENHOWER has the blood of MILLIONS of Ukrainians on his hands as it was his approval that sent MILLIONS of WWII captured Ukrainians to certain death at the hands of the Soviets,when he returned them to Soviet custody(as they demanded).This bloody fact is given NO space in our controlled press.Good for the Ukrainians,at least they have some BALLS when it comes to insidious YID pressure to stop spreding the bad news about fucking JEWS.The TRUTH IS AN ANTI-SEMITE.

    2. Ein Says:

      “The Slavs, mostly are Aryan IMO. It is on this one point that i disagree with the Fuhrer that they are some type of Subhuman.”

      Where did her ever say they are “some type of sub-humans”?
      If so, why did so many of them welcome him and fight for him?
      You can’t believe everything the enemy tells you.

    3. Booger Says:

      In response “Ein” i suggest you refer to the following pages of “Mein Kampf”-15,38,93,95,109,120,129,158,159,and 636.The Fuhrer refers to “Slavization” several times as a linguistic, cultural and racial threat to the Germanic Peoples of the old A-H Empire.The Czechs consider Vienna one of their cities,Hitler states.Look in the index under Slavization.Also,the Germans claimed undue and unjust persecution by both the Czechs and the Poles prior to the war with some justification.He Grudgingly let them fight for him.Himmler was the main architect of this and if Hitler had given his consent,he could have had millions of Slavs fighting for him sooner.As a matter of fact Ukrainians came foward in sufficient numbers to form 2! divisions of Waffen SS troops(1943).Galazien and one other.Galazien was formed in the west Ukraine,and nobly enuff fought to extinction on the the Eastern Front.The inability to recognize their natural allies on the Eastern Front cost Germany the war(among other blunders).Official Nazi Doctrine proclamed Slavs sub-human.Many fine officers fought against this suicidal policy and as the tide of war turned against Germany,it was slowly repealed or ignored out of desparate need for manpower.The main argument against the use of local peoples was that they might somehow want their freedom(imagine that) from or autonomy within the Reich.Remember-Hitler grew up in a multi-cultural,multi-language Empire which he despised as rotten to the core,and overran with Jews in Vienna.He saw no possibilty of them becoming citizens of the Reich,but wasn’t out to liquidate them either.Heydrich showed how very well the Slavs could be good Servants of the Reich.That is why he was assasinated,he was too damn good at his job of carrot and stick.What really worried the allies is that Heydrich was about to be posted to France-to “Go in zehr und clean zat all up”.Brush up on Alfred Rosenberg too.The root word of Slav is “Slave”.

    4. DQ Says:

      Like William Pierce says one has to be very careful when useing the words superior and inferior. Every “race” every “people” has it’s highs and lows. Russia, Ukraine, all of Eastern Europe have had and do have great people. I just read a great article from western voices world news about Dostoyevsky(I need to start reading his works). Hitler said many things and one of them is that the smallest group of people can read and evaluate accordingly, they can pick out what is “true” and what is “false”. The other groups believe everything they read or believe nothing they read. Hitler’s book is no exception, it is mostly for Germans although it can be useful for other people as well(but it is still political propaganda). I think the horror of what the eastern Europeans faced has changed them profoundly and eugeniclly some say for the worst that the “best” Russians were killed, but the “game” is survival the persicution makes stronger. My example is the jews or the people who call themselves jews also known as khazars. The Eastern Europeans are on “our side” their best should join with the best of western Europeans. The Jews, or Khazars, or mongols, or asiatics, or sandniggers, or half-whies, or whaterver you want to call them are a diverse group of people bound together by an idea(just look at a group of them together I saw one of those funny looking, ugly SOBs in a group today that looked like a mulatto). But the “jews” still have common characteristics and so do the people of Europe they have some of our chairacteristics and we have some of theirs but the mud in them is not in us. The European non-jewish people are a diverse group of people who are comming together by an idea and that is White Pride World Wide! When the jews try to kill us, breed us out, and subvert us they are only concentraiting us into a smaller but more potent group on our way to the overman and taking over the universe! The “jews” have lived as outsiders, as minorities or “minorities” of a long time now it is our turn to take in the benefits of multiracialism. The whites who lay with non-whites do not deserve to be white, white pure as snow the light of God that shines down on us and says that we are good but not that others are bad they are just not good.

      -Fucking jews, they’re responsible for all the wars.
      Mel Gibson American hero

    5. Shirley Bassey Says:

      The Ukranian newspapers rock!!! There’s no political correctness in that country!!! I just came back from the Ukraine last week. Every week the paper’s tell the White men to impregnate their women. Why? So in the next generation “our beautiful White women won’t be walking down the streets holding the hands of the niggers like in the States!!!” God Bless the USSR!!! I love it!!!

    6. Jesus Says:

      I hate those jews!
      big small
      fat and tall
      I hate them all

      I hate communists!
      I hate their usery
      I hate their jewry
      I hate their lies
      and shortening of the skies

      I hate jewish “ideas”
      they’re all the same
      but only called by a different name

      If you’re asking my why I the Lord Jesus Christ am spouting hate, then I tell you it’s only a product of my love.