19 February, 2008

VNN ‘Free Talk Live’ Radio Host Found Dead

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“Yankee Jim,” wife found dead in NY: [VNN Forum discussion].

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    1. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Didn’t know the man at all but very sad any time a sincere white activist passes on. According to the forum he was having some issues with his wife which deeply affected him.

      At least he’s in a better place and doesn’t have to watch his people die a slow, agonizing death any longer.

    2. New America Says:

      I am saddened to hear of the death of a man who, like the late Dr. Sam Francis, turned to the Truth when all else was revealed as less than the Truth, and the Truth can be summed up in three words – The White Race – or, for those who prefer verbs to nouns, Fourteen Words.

      I am probably going to offend a few people with what I am about to say, and I am comfortable with that.

      I realize that accepting the Truth about RACE, in general, and the White RACE, in particular, is not unlike religious conversion.

      So much of who you were seems like the crysalis used by the caterpillar: “to a caterpillar, the end of the world; to a butterfly, the beginning.”

      So much of our lives are seen as pale Shadows of what they were supposed to be, what they could have been, if only we had seen the Truth about RACE earlier.

      Relationships that weren’t in harmony with that Purpose, that great RACIAL Becoming, could be left in the past, and we would be freed up to invest our energies into a positive, new life – not an easy life, but one that is well worth it.

      In this regard, think of the examples of Pierce, and Rockwell, who lived noble lives of Holy Aryan Poverty – seen materialistically – to lay the Living Foundation for a much better future for their, and our, Posterity.

      When I had the Quickening that led to my Awakening, family members shunned me, and the woman I was deeply involved with told me she would not have anything to do with a “goddamn racist.”

      That was more than a decade ago.

      I have simplified my life, since then; my nephews are now living with me as the world in which they were raised dies, and their local economy returns to the Nineteenth Century. Thus, part of the Family that so vehemently rejected me – and I’m STILL not invited to Family Reunions – has entrusted the Future of the Family to me, and they read – DAILY – from Covignton’s “A Distant Thunder,” and consciously develop their skills for a new economy, and a new social order.

      The woman I was so deeply involved with called me last week, and was wondering what I was doing these days. A few phone calls, and I learned she was not doing well, at all…

      I have learned this, at the cost of more personal pain than I thought I could bear – if your partners do not support your philosophy in practice, then ask yourself if “Peace at any Price” is worth The Price.

      Oh, and my answer to her, when she asked what I was doing these days?

      “I’m building a homeland for my Family, and a future for my blood kin. What are YOU doing?”

      She suggested we get together, and discuss Old Times…


      My days are numbered, and I am spending every spare minute seeing my nephews have the opportunity to live the life I could only have dreamt of.

      Maybe, if so many of our Brothers had made the decision to put the RACE First, Foremost, Forever, they would all be much happier, and have a sense of spiritual fulfillment that leads to true peace, when they put their head on the pillow at night.

      As for women, well, if they do not share your Dream, all too often, you surrender your sense of Peace, to get a Piece, and then…

      You have no Peace.

      THAT is the highest price to pay, of all.

      More to follow.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. donnachaidh Says:

      “As for women, well, if they do not share your Dream, all too often, you surrender your sense of Peace, to get a Piece, and then…

      You have no Peace.

      THAT is the highest price to pay, of all.”

      Brilliant! The truth is so simple.

    4. Joliet Johnny Says:

      Words can’t describe our loss. We must not forget what Jim brought to the movement and our lives. He will never be replaced. I will step up my efforts in honor of his memory.

    5. roy Says:

      u may not post threads. u may not post threads. u may not post.hey alex….u may not post threads on here.how does it feel?is that how u treat 38 year old white men? WHAT!………..just because I didnt go to college,i’m not good enuff 2 be part of VNN????UR NO BETTER THAN DON BLACK OR DAVID DUKE.THOSE 2 FUCKHEADS ACT AS IF THEYVE BEEN LOBOTIMIZED OR CASTRATED.one more thing…u treat Bud WHITE LIKE SHIT TOO.

    6. jerry luebke Says:

      Lets pay him respect for what he truely was—- a white patroit, who loved his race and put himself out on the frontlines in a professional manner. I will miss him.

    7. Luek Says:

      The untimely and tragic death of “Yankee Jim” was a huge loss for our race. He will be hard to replace.